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"It's really a battle armor!"


"As expected of the squad leader and deputy squad leader!"

"That's right, the first and second place on the young genius list is really extraordinary!"


In the admiration of the students, Yao Xuan and Gu Yue stepped off the stage and returned to the working room of the zero shift team.

"Gu Yue, how do you feel after putting on the battle armor?"

Looking at Gu Yue beside him, Yao Xuan grinned and asked immediately.

"Well, it feels very good. After equipped with the battle armor belt, my spirit power has increased by about 25%, and my control of the elements has also increased by 15%. The combat power has also been greatly improved. Improve it."

Feeling the blessing of Dou Jia to herself, Gu Yue's eyes flashed with joy, and smiled and replied.

"That's good. Next, it's the process of running-in with the battle armor. When you and the battle armor are finished, it will give you even higher blessings. Listening to you, I am also looking forward to mine. This is the first battle armor part."

Listening to Gu Yue's words, Yao Xuan was also looking forward to the catalog, and immediately replied.

"Well, I have already designed your battle armor belt for you. This week, I will be responsible for revising and debugging, and strive to design the most powerful battle armor that suits you best."

After listening to Yao Xuan's words, Gu Yue smiled sweetly, then came to Yao Xuan's face, raised her head slightly, and said with a pretty face facing Yao Xuan, asking for credit.

"Well, my Gu Yue is the best! Next week, I will start to build my own battle armor. For our second battle armor part, we will choose to build the battle armor helmet together. Later, we will build the breast armor. how is it?"

Looking at Gu Yue's movements, Yao Xuan also stretched out his right hand, came to touch his head, gently stroked Gu Yue's silky hair, and then asked.

"Of course there is no problem, it's up to you. After building the battle armor, you must be very tired. Take a rest."

Gu Yue was also very happy to receive Yao Xuan's caress, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, like crescent crescents, which looked very cute. Soon, she suggested to Yao Xuan.

"Thank you for your concern. It really takes my mind and energy to build the battle armor. It's time to take a good rest. It seems that at noon today, I have to sleep well."

After listening to Gu Yue's words, Yao Xuan nodded in sympathy, and then said that to build a battle armor requires full attention, even with Yao Xuan's mental power close to 1,000 points, he feels a little sleepy.

"Well, at noon, I will rest with you."

After listening to Yao Xuan's words, Gu Yue didn't say much, but she held Yao Xuan's hand tightly and said softly.

"Sister Gu Yue, can you take a look at your battle armor?"

At this moment, Xu Xiaoyan rushed out from behind Gu Yue, with small stars shining in his eyes, came to Gu Yue's side with envy, and immediately asked.

"Of course, Xiaoyan, let's appreciate Yao Xuan and my craftsmanship."

After hearing Xu Xiaoyan's words, Gu Yue smiled brightly and immediately replied.

"What a beautiful battle armor! I wish I could have my own battle armor in the future!"

After turning around Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan's eyes became more envy, and he said with longing.

"Don't worry, when you are promoted to the Soul Sect, you can have your own battle armor parts. At that time, you have designed the plan, and I can modify it for you. Then, you can let Yao Xuan build it for you. ."

After hearing Xu Xiaoyan's words, Gu Yue smiled softly and immediately replied.

"Thank you Gu Yue sister, thank you Captain! Then let me practice hard. It is estimated that in one or two years, I will be promoted to the soul sect. When that time comes, I will ask you."

After reaching out to touch Gu Yue's battle armor, Xu Xiaoyan retreated back with hope, and then continued to study his mecha.

"Brother Xuan, when your battle armor is finished next week, let us have a look!"

Knowing that there is a difference between men and women, Xie Xie and Tang Wulin were naturally embarrassed to look at Gu Yue's battle armor, but they could only say to Yao Xuan according to their curiosity.

"Of course, you will be able to see my battle armor next week. In addition, if you can trust me in the future, you can also ask me to build your battle armor. It just so happens that I can also add more training."

After hearing the words of Xie Xie and Tang Wulin, Yao Xuan naturally agreed, and then, together with Gu Yue, began to optimize her battle armor.


In a blink of an eye, it was noon, and Gu Yue's battle armor had been optimized to a certain extent, and the fit with her had improved, while Yao Xuan took Gu Yue to the cafeteria.

As always, the food in the Shrek Academy canteen can be described as plentiful: rich and nutritious spiritual rice, large grilled lobster, tender and juicy grilled steak, golden fried chicken... all kinds of food are dizzying.

On the one hand, Shrek Academy has the most abundant funds. On the other hand, Shrek Academy’s administrators also adhere to the view that “powerful soul masters are edible soul masters”. For this reason, the students in the academy Every meal can enjoy the most luxurious meal.

Looking at the plates of delicious and nutritious delicacies, Yao Xuan naturally feasted on it. After eating the maximum amount of ten servings, he was still willing to leave. Gu Yue also sat beside him, eating with Yao Xuan, from time to time. Also feed for Yao Xuan.

After the Chinese meal, Yao Xuan took Gu Yue's jade hand, took her back to their couple's bedroom, opened the door with the ID card, and immediately stepped through the hallway and walked into the bedroom.

"Huh, I can finally take a good rest. Building a battle armor and engraving the soul guide circle is really exhausting."

Looking at the bed in front of him, Yao Xuan stretched his waist, then sighed.

"Yao Xuanjun, you have worked hard, let's rest together."

After speaking, Gu Yue began to change clothes in the bedroom, while Yao Xuan looked at her with a smile, admiring her exquisite and translucent figure.

In front of Yao Xuan, Gu Yue naturally changed Shrek Academy’s school uniforms into casual clothes in the dormitory. In the process, her perfect figure and the evil in front of her were unobstructed, which was extremely attractive. Yao Xuan was full of praise.

"How do you like it?"

Looking at Yao Xuan's expression, Gu Yue smiled like a flower, and then asked.

"Of course I like it, you are the best, Gu Yue!"

With a compliment, Yao Xuan also put on his shirt in front of Gu Yue, looking at Yao Xuan's body that was as shiny and supple as white jade, but full of muscles and explosive power, Gu Yue also smiled idiotly, and then leaned over, He buried his head in front of Yao Xuan.

"It's time to rest~"

Gently straightening Gu Yue’s hair, Yao Xuan embraced a princess, gently hugged Gu Yue, and gently placed her on the bed. Soon, the two approached and embraced each other, smelling each other’s breath. Into sleep.

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