After two weeks, Yao Xuan and Gu Yue’s cultivation bases naturally remained unchanged at levels 43 and 41, but Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan’s spirit power increased by one level each, reaching levels 37 and 34. level.

As for Tang Wulin, even though he opened the second seal of the Golden Dragon King bloodline, his cultivation speed is still not as fast as other spirit masters in Shrek Academy, but he is not far from breaking through level 32.

Returning to Yao Xuan, although his spirit power has not improved, Yao Xuan has made a breakthrough in the Ancestral Dragon bloodline.

Yao Xuan has accumulated more than 160,000 golden evolution points because of the successful completion of the first level of spiritual forging, breaking through the sixth level of forging masters, and being ranked first on the list of young talents.

For this golden evolution point, Yao Xuan still invested all of the Ancestral Dragon bloodline, adding his own Ancestral Dragon bloodline to 38.1%, which is further from breaking through the fourth qi and blood circulation, and also further strengthened the strength of Di Tian and Zi Ji. Promote.

Not only that, by now, Yao Xuan is only 1.9% of the final progress from fully condensing the fourth qi and blood circulation. However, this 1.9% progress is not easy to achieve, which means up to 181,000 golden evolution points. It takes a lot of time to rely on the accumulation of cultivation and the power of belief.

For this, Yao Xuan was not in a hurry. Before heading to the Star Luo Continent to participate in the high-level soul master competition there, Yao Xuan was 100% sure that he could break the Ancestral Dragon's bloodline through the fourth threshold, and this was enough.

Regardless of the progress of the cultivation base, today is Saturday again, and the students will carry out a routine mecha design course, and according to the plan, Yao Xuan is going to build her battle armor belt for Gu Yue on this day.

Two weeks ago, Gu Yue had completed the preliminary design of the two-person battle armor belt components, and after another two weeks, Gu Yue also completely completed the layout of multiple soul guide circles and resolved their mutual interference. Problem, the design of the belt parts of the battle armor was completely completed.

With the strength of a fifth-level mecha designer, Gu Yue wanted to design a battle armor with one word, naturally it was very easy, and the one-word battle armor she designed was also the strongest batch of one-word battle armor. The subsequent upgrade issues can be described as thoughtful and impeccable.

As for Yao Xuan, during this period, he also entered the simulated battle space every two days to conduct simulation exercises of battle armor manufacturing in order to improve his own battle armor manufacturing ability.

With the experience of a level 5 mecha maker, Yao Xuan has a strong foundation in the manufacture of battle armor. Coupled with continuous simulation training and Xiaozhi's guidance, Yao Xuan has made rapid progress in the manufacture of battle armor. The success rate of armor has reached 100%, and the quality is also high.

"Then, let's get started."

After reviewing the process of Gu Yue's battle armor creation in his mind, Yao Xuan took a deep breath and said to Gu Yue who was beside him.

"Well, Yao Xuan, come on!"

Hearing Yao Xuan's words, Gu Yue took out the prototype of the battle armor belt made of spirit-forged devil silver that she had nurtured for two weeks, handed it to Yao Xuan, and immediately encouraged him.

"Well, with these words of yours, I will definitely succeed once!"

After speaking, Yao Xuan placed the prototype of the battle armor belt on the workbench in front of him, and immediately closed his eyes, drained all the distracting thoughts in his heart, and united the spirit, energy and spirit on the prototype of the battle armor belt in front of him. .

Like metal manufacturing, the process of making a battle armor must be done in one go. The core array of the design must be completely engraved. It cannot be done multiple times, and there must be no pauses or errors.

Even the smallest flaws could cause problems with the entire Soul Guidance Magic Array. In that case, the entire manufacturing process would fall short, and it would have to be done all over again, causing huge losses.

Because of this, a battle armor maker requires a soul master to have extremely high skills, soul power, mental power, consciousness and comprehension, and moreover requires long-term training. If it is not for the super **** system, Yao Xuan may take several years to achieve Level 5 mecha maker level.

At this time, as Yao Xuan's spirit and spirit became one, Yao Xuan's aura seemed to be completely integrated with the surrounding environment, and he truly entered a state of harmony between man and nature, and his aura rose steadily.

When Yao Xuan's momentum reached its peak, Yao Xuan's eyes suddenly opened. In the next moment, dragon scales appeared on Yao Xuan's body, and the **** of his right hand directly turned into a dragon claw.

There was a burst of light in his eyes, Yao Xuan stepped forward, his whole body condensed into one body, his right claw directly touched the prototype of the battle armor belt and painted it on it.

Every time Yao Xuan moves, Yao Xuan's right claw will leave a gleaming trace on the prototype of the battle armor belt. Although the prototype of Gu Yue's battle armor belt was made of spirit forged alloy magic silver, in front of Yao Xuan, they were like plasticine, engraved with special soul guide inscriptions.

A series of soul guide inscriptions appeared on the prototype of the battle armor belt, and exuded a bright brilliance, and immediately merged with the spirit forging magic silver, and made it more and more powerful.

In such inscriptions again and again, time flies by, ten minutes, twenty minutes...two hours!

After two hours of continuous inscriptions, the soul guide inscriptions on the rudiment of the battle armor belt have changed from the original scattered to dense, different soul guide inscriptions are connected with each other, generating special resonance, forming a soul guide array.

Compared with the moment when the battle armor manufacturing just started, the momentum of the prototype of this battle armor belt has increased more than ten times. It exudes a bright brilliance, the aura of life becomes more and more dense, and it continues to arouse the surrounding elements.

At this moment, Yao Xuan can deeply feel its breathing and growth. The process of making battle armor is actually the process of further stimulating the spirituality and vitality of the forged metal. There is no doubt that Yao Xuan is close to success at this time.

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After two hours of full-scale mecha manufacturing, the prototype of the battle armor belt in front of Yao Xuan has been completed by more than 90%. This speed is amazing. You must know that the general mecha manufacturer makes a battle armor component at least Five hours, especially the core component of the belt, takes more time.

However, considering Yao Xuan's spirit power, vitality, and spirit power far surpassing his peers, such a fast battle armor manufacturing speed is also normal. Yao Xuan is not an ordinary soul master, but a real evildoer. .

Not only that, although the spirit power was activated for two consecutive times, in addition to the consumption of the spirit power, Yao Xuan's vitality and soul power have always maintained their peak state. Because of this, Yao Xuan has always been at the peak of the battle armor. Peak state.

In this case, the battle armor made by Yao Xuan is naturally better than ordinary battle armor. In addition, this piece of spirit-forged magic silver was originally forged by Yao Xuan. When he forged the soul-guided magic circle, the soul-guided inscription can also be used. Perfect resonance with spiritual forging metal to achieve the best fusion effect.