"Don't worry, after living with Yao Xuan for so long, I have also thought about a lot, a lot, and really felt the existence of "love", which is indeed a beautiful thing. "

"In addition, you are right. Human beings are not an evil race, and I also found that violence and killing are not the means to solve the problem, but peace and tolerance are.

"It's just that, I want to understand all this, but Ditian and Xiong Jun have violent tempers. It may not be so easy for them to change their minds. This is really a headache."

Stretching out her jade hand again, gently touching the silver hair on Na'er's forehead, Gu Yue's eyes were relieved, but there was a touch of helplessness.

"That is, after all, they are different from us. The soul master did cause a lot of psychological damage to them because of hunting soul beasts. However, blind hatred will only cause tragedy, understanding and forgiveness, in order to usher in a happy ending. ."

"Compared with the past, human beings have undergone tremendous changes, but they have not let go of their prejudices. However, with Yao Xuan as a link, I believe they will gradually change their views of humans."

After hearing Gu Yue's worry, Na'er said with comfort.

"Forget it, these things are not so urgent yet, so take your time. But you, do you want to come out and meet Yao Xuan this weekend? At that time, we can agree a place, I will take him over and let you'encounter'. Do you want?"

With a smile, Gu Yue also looked at Na'er with a look of affection, and immediately suggested.

"Don't worry about it. Compared to deliberate encounters, I prefer real fate. Besides, Sister Gu Yue, don't you want to occupy Yao Xuan alone for a while?"

Na'er shook her head when she heard Gu Yue's words, and then asked back.

"All said, I and you are originally one, what does it matter when you come?"

Gu Yue smiled generously. Although she was very possessive of Yao Xuan, it was aimed at outsiders, and Na'er, who had the same origin as her, was naturally not among them.

"From the perspective of a girl, of course there is still a difference, Gu Yue sister, with me, Yao Xuan's concern for you will inevitably decrease. During this time, let me adjust my mentality again, what Yao Xuan said. , I'll leave it to you first, and I won't disturb your two-person world for the time being."

Naer smiled empathetically, then declined.

"thank you."

Gu Yue's face showed gratitude and thanked Naer.

"I should be thankful. According to the bet, you could have swallowed me, but you gave me this opportunity to continue living with Yao Xuan and fall in love with each other, Gu Yue sister, thank you ."

Naer said sincerely.

"It's really nothing. I can't bear to see Yao Xuan feel sad because of losing you. I really fell in love with her."

Hearing Na'er's words, Gu Yue also explained.

"Well, I know. Gu Yue sister, then I will go back first."

After chatting with Gu Yue a few more words, Na'er was about to leave, but Gu Yue stopped her.

"Na'er, don't rush to go. I saw your brother Yao Xuan, don't you leave him a gift? For example... a secret kiss?"

Gu Yue asked with a smile.

"That's right, Gu Yue sister."

After speaking, Na'er quietly came to Yao Xuan's side, looking at Yao Xuan's handsome face to the extreme, with her eyes full of admiration, she bent down and gently kissed Yao Xuan's cheek. After a mouthful, he reluctantly left.


The next day, early morning.

After waking up from his sleep, Yao Xuan naturally did not notice that Na'er had visited last night, but he felt inexplicably refreshed, and the power of blood and spirit was also unusually smooth.

"Good morning, Gu Yue."

He and Gu Yue further solved the knot, Yao Xuan also said good morning to Gu Yue with a smile on his face.

"Morning, Yao Xuan."

After speaking, Gu Yue approached enthusiastically and kissed Yao Xuan twice on the cheek.

Facing such affectionate Gu Yue, Yao Xuan naturally put his arms around her snow-white neck, gave her a kiss, immediately washed up with her, had breakfast, and finally rushed to the classroom.

This day is Saturday, and the students' course is mecha design practice. Each team is assigned to a studio and begins to practice.

For the group of the zero shift team, Yao Xuan and Gu Yue were designing the battle armor according to the plan, while Tang Wulin, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xie Xie were designing the mecha.

Soon, one morning passed, and the content of the practical course was over. Yao Xuan was about to leave the academy to go to the Spirit Passing Pagoda for a weekly trip to the Spirit Ascension Platform, when Yao Xuan's soul communicator rang.

When the Soul Guidance Communicator was connected, the people on the other side of the Communicator would not be anyone else. It was Mu Chen and Mu Xi. They had already arrived at the Blacksmiths Association in Shrek City and invited Yao Xuan to meet.

For Mu Chen and Mu Xi's invitation, Yao Xuan is naturally difficult to refuse. Because of the overall leadership of the cultivation base, Shrek Academy's schoolwork is not stressful for him. It is completely feasible to spend half a day to visit Mu Chen and Mu Xi.


after an hour.

Shrek City Blacksmiths Association.

Compared with the Forging Association in Shrek Academy, Shrek's Forging Association is a completely different organization, and Mu Chen came here as the president of the association.

Here, Yao Xuan also met Mu Xi, as Mu Chen said before, she will be studying in the second year of Shrek Academy.

In addition, Mu Chen also pointed out Yao Xuan's tricks on spiritual forging.

Although Feng Wuyu and Mu Chen are both eighth-level blacksmiths, and Feng Wuyu's cultivation base is stronger, the blacksmiths that Mu Chen accepts have a more formal inheritance. Under his guidance, Yao Xuan understood.

Finally, when Yao Xuan left, Mu Chen even gave Yao Xuan a saint craftsman’s notebook that recorded his soul forging experience, which moved Yao Xuan very much.


After bidding farewell to Mu Chen, Yao Xuan came back to the Spirit Transmission Tower not far away. Of course, he did not go to see Tianfeng Douluo, only relying on his identity token. Go to the Ascension Platform.

After four years, Tianfeng Douluo no longer hides the identity of Yao Xuan's sixth-level spirit transmission tower. Yao Xuan is now regarded as the middle level of the spirit transmission tower. In addition to his appearance, all the staff treat him. Respectfully.

With a thought, Yao Xuan entered the Intermediate Spirit Spreading Pagoda, and immediately began to explore. With the corresponding blessings of the Ancestral Dragon Martial Spirit, Yao Xuan can be described as an incarnation of a **** of killing, killing a soul beast.

As the spirit power of the soul beast is absorbed by the ancestral dragon soul, its cultivation base has been continuously enhanced, and its spiritual intelligence has also slowly increased.

Five hours later, when Yao Xuan left the Spirit Spreading Pagoda, its ancestral dragon soul had evolved to 8,500 years, which was one step closer to breaking through the ten thousand years soul.

Soon, Sunday arrived. In the morning, Yao Xuan and Gu Yue still went to the Spirit Spreading Pagoda together and accepted the instructions of Tianfeng Douluo. In the evening, they returned to the academy and practiced together.

The days that followed quickly passed in this very regular routine, and in a blink of an eye, two weeks passed.

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