A few minutes later.

College canteen.

Yao Xuan and Gu Yue were sitting at a certain dining table, eating dinner and chatting.

"By the way, Gu Yue, do you know that today, I met a very special person."

Looking at Gu Yue in front of him, Yao Xuan hesitated for a long time, finally made up his mind and spoke.

Compared to the original historical line, Gu Yue's attitude towards herself and humans has undergone earth-shaking changes because of the existence of the Ancestral Dragon Martial Spirit.

The disagreement between Gu Yue and Naer was originally about the attitude towards Yao Xuan and human beings. Now that this contradiction has been resolved, their disagreement has been resolved, and there is no contradiction ~www.mtlnovel.com~Welfare] Pay attention to the public... No. [Book Friends Base Camp], read books every day and get cash/points!

Because of this, Yao Xuan still intends to tell Gu Yue the news of seeing Naer, to see her attitude.

"Oh, who is that special person?"

After listening to Yao Xuan's words, Gu Yue was also curious about the question.

"Remember what I told you before, I have a god-sister, Na'er, when I was young, she left me because of some changes, but today, I seem to see her in Haishen Lake."

Looking at Gu Yue, Yao Xuan said with joy.

"That's it. Congratulations. I said, you will meet her sooner or later."

Hearing what Yao Xuan said, Gu Yue also smiled slightly, her tone also full of joy.

It seemed that the contradiction between Gu Yue and Naer had indeed resolved.

"Yao Xuan, I have something I want to tell you. You may find it hard to believe, but you should listen to me first, okay?"

After getting Gu Yue's reply, Yao Xuan's boulder was half down. At this moment, Gu Yueque also hesitated for a moment, and then spoke.

"Okay, Yue'er."

After listening to Gu Yue's words, Yao Xuan nodded, thinking to himself, is it possible that Gu Yue is ready to confess?

"Then I will start. I want to tell you the fact that Naer and I are actually one person, or two personalities of one person..."

"In the past, because of different attitudes towards you, she split, and Naer and I appeared. Moreover, at the beginning, the personality I represented did not love you, and Naer was the one who loved you. Partial personality."

"Before, I didn’t tell you. I came to Donghai College because of a bet. The content of that bet is whether I will fall in love with you. It turns out that I still fall in love with you, and Naer. same."

After considering her tone, Gu Yue slowly said.

"This is indeed a magical news, but no matter what, I will always love you, Yue'er."

Hearing Gu Yue's words, Yao Xuan nodded, and then kissed Gu Yue lightly.

"Thank you for your understanding. Otherwise, Na'er loves you and loves you as much as I do. This kind of love is not only the love between relatives, but the love of boy and girl friends. Don’t let her love, like Love her as much as I do, okay?"

Gu Yue smiled sweetly after receiving Yao Xuan's kiss, and immediately asked again.

"Of course there is no problem, but don't you mind these?"

After listening to Gu Yue's words, Yao Xuan's heart was also secretly happy, but he asked.

"Of course I don't mind, I didn't explain it to you just now. Gu Yue and I were originally two personalities of the same person, but because of a special encounter, they controlled two bodies."

"So, your love for Naer is no different from loving me. On the contrary, if you fail her love, I will be very unhappy."

Caressing Yao Xuan's handsome cheek, Gu Yue said with a smile.

"That's good. Actually, I have always liked Naer. Moreover, although I only saw Naer's background, I found that I fell in love with her as well. Believe me, I will not let her down. Love."

Hearing Gu Yue’s words, Yao Xuan was also relieved, and immediately replied, so it seems that the grievances between Gu Yue and Na'er have been completely put down. This is really great for him. news.

However, Yao Xuan is still a little bit worried about what to do if Gu Yue and Naer need to merge, but after inquiring about the Super God System, Xiao Zhi gave a solution:

As long as the spirit power and the Ancestral Dragon bloodline are continuously improved, enough golden evolution points are obtained, and the super **** system is constantly unlocked, it is completely possible to protect Na'er and Gu Yue while ensuring the appearance of Gu Yuena.

At this point, the big stone in Yao Xuan's heart has completely landed, and Gu Yue, Na'er, and Gu Yuena can all be preserved. This is undoubtedly the best result, and depending on Gu Yue's attitude, this matter is completely feasible.

However, in order for Gu Yuena to appear, most of them have to make Gu Yue and Naer confess their identity as soul beasts. Even if they have love for Yao Xuan, they may not tell the truth so early, but this is already Not a big problem.

On the other hand, knowing that Yao Xuan also likes Na'er, Gu Yue is also relieved. Although there was a certain disagreement with Na'er about Yao Xuan at first, since she learned about Yao Xuan’s bloodline and threw away racial prejudice, it’s true After falling in love with Yao Xuan, Gu Yue also hoped that Naer could get Yao Xuan's love and be truly happy.

Now, she has got Yao Xuan’s thoughts about Naer, and she is naturally happy for Naer. In any case, although Naer and she are two personalities, they are still one in the end, especially in the interpretation of After Yao Xuan's disagreement.

All in all, after this seemingly insignificant conversation, Yao Xuan and Gu Yue both further let go of the burden in their hearts and became affectionate with each other a lot.

While chatting, Yao Xuan and Gu Yue also had a meal, and then they were the daily fellow practitioners and sleep together.


late at night.

Yao Xuan had fallen asleep, and at this moment, a silver light door opened in Yao Xuan and Gu Yue’s couple’s bedroom, and a petite silver-haired figure walked out of the light door. It was what Yao Xuan met in the afternoon and he thought. Nian's sister Naer.

"Sister Gu Yue, are all what you said just now true?"

Looking at Yao Xuan who was sleeping in front of him, Na'er's lovely purple eyes showed expectation and joy, and asked again. Of course, when she was talking to Gu Yue, a faint film enveloped them to avoid disturbing them. To the sleeping Yao Xuan.

"Of course it is true, sister Naer. I have truly fallen in love with Yao Xuan. Now, I am willing to accept your existence, and he also likes you, not only treats you as a younger sister."

Gu Yue's eyes showed affection, rubbing Naer's Zhen head, and then said.

"Great, sister Na'er, but if we don't merge, will it harm your origin? After all..."

With a hesitant look on her face, Na'er struggled for a while and finally said.

"I have a very good solution. Yao Xuan has already obtained the approval of the Dragon God Tablet. If we can find the Dragon God mark again, we can completely merge with each other, but create two independent bodies for Gu Yuena to reproduce. At the same time we retain our personality."

Gu Yue explained with a smile.

"That's great! By the way, sister Gu Yue, did you tell Yao Xuan, our true identity?"

At this moment, Na'er rolled her eyes again, and then asked with some worry.

"Not yet, but I asked Yao Xuan about the attitude of spirit beasts. He does not reject spirit beasts. He believes that spirit beasts should live in harmony with humans and accept the love between humans and spirit beasts."

Gu Yue explained with a smile.


After listening to Gu Yue's words, the worry in her eyes disappeared, and she nodded happily.