Soon, in Yao Xuan's body, only the last two qi and blood vortexes were left, and the entire Long Jingtian's qi and blood circulation route had been completed 99%, only the last step.

Now, in Yao Xuan's perception, there seems to be a diaphragm on his chest, blocking the circulation of Qi and blood. Only by combining the last two Qi and blood vortexes into one can he complete Long Jingtian's activation.

"Then, let's go on. For this kind of integration process, I can be considered experienced."

With a thought in his heart, Yao Xuan urged the power of qi and blood. Immediately, at the position of his chest, the two atmospheric blood vortices began to approach, and then slowly merged together.

In the end, about ten seconds later, they finally turned into the only vortex of energy and blood, spinning at high speed, releasing majestic waves.

With the appearance of this large vortex of qi and blood, the power of qi and blood in Yao Xuan's body skyrocketed several times in an instant, breaking through the original bottleneck and completely completing the operation of Long Jingtian.


A fierce dragon roar resounded through the sky, and the terrifying dragon might explode. A nine-colored dragon shot out, with a majestic and earth-shattering momentum, bursting into the distance, seeming to be able to crush everything.

At this point, Yao Xuan successfully released Long Jingtian from the turbulent world. Of course, Yao Xuan's Long Jingtian was not the original Chilong Jingtian, but his own Ancestral Dragon Jingtian!


Accompanied by a cry of approval from the world, a shield made of spirit power appeared silently, covering the small courtyard in an instant, intercepting the dragon chant, dragon power, and spirit ability itself that the ancestor dragon shook the sky. Let it not affect Poseidon Island.

"Master, I succeeded."

Looking at the turbid world with wide eyes and a surprised face, Yao Xuan also showed excitement and said happily.

"Well, you succeeded! Okay, very good! I said, my Shenlong Nine Types are simply the exercises created for you by nature. I believe that this exercise is in your hands and will never be buried. The prestige."

After listening to Yao Xuan's words, the shocked look on his face gradually faded, and he stroked his beard with a smile, and continued to praise him.

"Thank you, Master, for spreading the Fa. I will definitely promote the prestige of Shenlong Nine Styles for you."

Yao Xuan was not humble, but said confidently.

"Well, I believe you. However, although you used Long Jingtian's trick, you still have two problems:"

"The first one is that the release speed is too slow to meet the requirements of actual combat. In this regard, you need to improve your strength of qi and blood, and practice more. Of course, the process of training Long Jingtian is also considered to be qi and blood for you. Powerful practice can be said to complement each other."

"Secondly, although you have generally completed the training of Long Jingtian, in some details, what you have done is still lacking, and there is a lot of room for improvement, such as..."

Looking at Yao Xuan's confident expression, Zhuo Shi also said cheerfully, and immediately began to give Yao Xuan seriously.

Although Xiaozhi can record the details of Long Jingtian and make Yao Xuan understand it like a slow-motion movie, this effect is still inferior to Zhuo Shi’s own explanation. Following the Zhuo Shi’s words, Yao Xuan feels that he is in favor of Long Jingtian’s trick. The degree of mastery rose rapidly.

"Okay, there are so many details that you need to improve. Practice well, and when you get used to this trick, I will teach you the second trick of Shenlong Nine Types-Dragon Shake."

"In addition, your martial spirit is the Nine Color Dragon, so, the name of this trick is called Color Dragon Shaking the Sky, how about it?"

After half an hour, Zhuo Shi finally finished the explanation and teaching, and then said kindly with his eyes.

"Thank you, Master, for your teaching and bestowing your name!"

Yao Xuan bowed hurriedly after hearing the words of Zhuo Shi, and said immediately.

Of course, at this moment, he was thinking to himself that the name of this colorful dragon shaking the sky is far less loud than the name of Ancestral Dragon shaking the sky, but it is not a big problem to call this name temporarily.

"Wulin, how do you understand my Long Jingtian?"

After teaching Yao Xuan, Zhuo Shi turned to Tang Wulin behind him and asked with a smile.

"Master, I can only complete about 10% of Long Jingtian's reverse training of qi and blood, and I can't move on. In the future, I will definitely work hard!"

Thinking of Yao Xuan's amazing performance and recalling his own progress, Tang Wulin couldn't help but bowed his head in shame, and said in a somewhat embarrassing tone.

"Is there a percentage? The first time you practice, you can complete the reversal of qi and blood, and you can reach the progress of 10%. In fact, it is also very good.

Without Yao Xuan, Tang Wulin's performance would actually be considered a genius, but compared with Yao Xuan, Tang Wulin's performance is not even sparse and ordinary, but the turbid world did not criticize Tang Wulin, and first praised Tang Wu. Lin made a few words, and then said comfortingly:

"Wulin, although you are already excellent, I still want to warn you that people are not the same. There is no need to always compare with others, especially with evildoers like Yao Xuan. For you, beyond My limit is huge progress."

"Thank you, Master, I understand."

While talking, Tang Wulin looked at Yao Xuan with a look of worship, and thought to himself, even though he is a true genius in the eyes of ordinary people, compared with Yao Xuan, he is really like a firefly Light, cannot compete with Haoyue for glory.

In the future, I will still be honest and honest with Brother Xuan's younger brother. In addition, I must improve myself. Even if I am a younger brother, I must also be a useful younger brother that Brother Xuan can admire.

"In the future, I will point you once a month. Normally, if you have any questions about Wulin, you can ask Yao Xuan. I believe he is already qualified to point you to the first level of exercises. Don’t feel embarrassed. ,do you know?"

Immediately, Zhuo Shi continued to say to Tang Wulin.


Tang Wulin nodded vigorously.

"That's fine. I'm afraid you are too proud to ask your peers. It seems that I am worrying too much. Yao Xuan, you also have to answer Wulin's question well, don't hide your personal information, okay?"

Seeing Tang Wulin's attitude, Zhuo Shi nodded in relief, then turned to Yao Xuan and said.

"Don't worry, Wulin is my little... Junior Brother, I will definitely give him advice seriously."

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Yao Xuan nodded vowingly.

"That's good, if that's the case, you can go back. By the way, Yao Xuan, you stay, I have a few words to say."

After speaking, Zhuo Shi issued an order to evict the guests and told Tang Wulin and Wu Changkong to leave first. Only Zhuo Shi and Yao Xuan remained in the small courtyard.

"Yao Xuan, if you are willing to call me Master, I am also happy. However, the title of Master is just fine when we get together in private. If you are outside in public, you still call me Senior, understand? "

Looking at Yao Xuan, Zhuo Shi said seriously.

"I see."

Yao Xuan nodded and agreed.

"Well, it’s good if you know it, it’s good for us. If you call me Master from outside, on the one hand, it’s not conducive to your development in the Spirit Spreading Pagoda. On the other hand, Tianfeng guy might think I’m here. Taking advantage of her will not affect her."

Seeing Yao Xuan's promise, Zhuo Shi explained, and immediately told Yao Xuan to leave, and Yao Xuan naturally left the courtyard according to Yan, and had a round with Tang Wulin and Zhuo Shi outside.

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