Outside the small and dilapidated dormitory, there is a corridor that is not very tall and somewhat dark. When you step out of the corridor, you come to the dining room.

Said it is a dining room, in fact, there are only a few shabby, low wooden tables. In the center of each wooden table is a large plate of white steamed buns and eggs. , Nine children of similar age.

In Yao Xuan's eyes, such a breakfast is undoubtedly a bit shabby, but for children, white steamed buns and eggs are relatively luxurious foods, and they are generally only enjoyed during the holidays.

According to Yao Xuan’s memory, in the Hongshan Orphanage, the children’s breakfast in the old days only consisted of biscuits made of coarse wheat and whole grains, which was difficult to digest. Therefore, these children had a little yellowish skin and malnutrition.

"Yao Xuan, why are you so slow today? If you are late because of you, then after coming back, I will fine you on duty for a week!"

At this moment, a middle-aged woman who was about forty years old and had slightly gray hair and looked rather wealthy opened her mouth and asked.

"Aunt Li Mei, because today is Awakening Day, I was a little too excited last night, so..."

Slightly scratching his head, Yao Xuan also replied.

"Yes, today is the day of awakening. It is excusable that you did not sleep well last night. Sit down quickly."

After listening to Yao Xuan's explanation, Li Mei also nodded, not blaming Yao Xuan too much, but signalling Yao Xuan to sit down.

Now, let me tell you about the next process. Everyone must listen carefully. When the time comes to test the spirit and spirit power, don't offend the soul master from the spirit tower... ..."

Seeing that the children were all seated, Li Mei cleared her throat, and then solemnly told the children.

While Li Mei was explaining the next formation and precautions, Yao Xuan's mind moved, and his mind sank into the super **** system in the sea of ​​knowledge.

【Ding! You have gained the system abilities—exploring eyes, strengthening charm, and strengthening savvy, are you open? 】

When Yao Xuan's consciousness entered the super **** system, the system's prompt sound also sounded again.


Hearing the system's prompt tone, Yao Xuan could not wait to meditate in his heart.

Following Yao Xuan's thoughts, a faint warm current rose from his body, flowing rapidly along Yao Xuan's meridians, continuously transforming Yao Xuan's body.

Under the influence of this warm current, Yao Xuan's body began to transform, the markings and scars on the body surface quickly disappeared, and the somewhat thin body quickly became stronger due to malnutrition, and the complexion became white and clear. His temperament also suddenly became handsome, which made people feel good at first sight.

Not only that, as this warm current spreads, there is also a cold current in Yao Xuan's body, rising towards Yao Xuan's sea of ​​knowledge.

These cold currents entered Yao Xuan's Sea of ​​Consciousness and instantly spread to the surroundings, turning into pure spiritual energy, which was absorbed by Yao Xuan's Sea of ​​Consciousness. After the energy was absorbed, Yao Xuan's comprehension quickly improved, and his ability to think and analyze problems was significantly strengthened.

【Ding! You have a chance to draw good luck grade martial arts x1. Do you want to draw? 】

With the successful effect of the two systems of [Enhancing Charm] and [Intensifying Perception], Yao Xuan's temperament and understanding have undergone earth-shaking changes. At this moment, the system prompt sounded again in Yao Xuan's ears. .

"Of course draw!"

Accompanied by Yao Xuan's words, a golden light flashed in his sea of ​​knowledge, and immediately, a golden turntable with nine colors of light and various inscriptions engraved on it suddenly appeared.

"It's amazing! It's a super **** system, it's really extraordinary!"

Looking at the roulette that appeared in the sea of ​​consciousness, on each grid of the turntable, there was a martial arts-class martial arts spirit that looked extremely gorgeous, and Yao Xuan couldn't help but admire.

And just as Yao Xuan admired, the pointer on the roulette also rotated with Yao Xuan's thoughts, and continued to accelerate, and Yao Xuan's eyes followed the rotation of the pointer, and his heartbeat could not help but "boom!" "Speed ​​up, look forward to it.

"...However, if you were not born in a soul master clan, among hundreds of people, there may not be one person who can appear with spirit power along with the spirit. Therefore, if you don't have spirit power, you don't need to be discouraged. If you learn a craft well in the future, you can also live a life of worry-free food and clothing. Okay, let’s have dinner, everyone!"

At this moment, Li Mei also finished all the precautions. Accompanied by the command "It's time to eat", the children grabbed the food in front of them and gobbled them up, but Yao Xuan's consciousness was still focused on the magnificent turntable and high speed. Above the rotating pointer.

Slow, slow, slower!

Under Yao Xuan's expectant gaze, the pointer finally stopped on a square, with a dragon-shaped martial soul, revealing a terrifying aura of looking at the world, the world, and the solemnity of me. Just taking a glance, there will be a wave of chill in my heart, and my body will lose control and tremble.

【Ding! After the extraction is complete, congratulations on obtaining a good fortune-class martial spirit-Ancestral Dragon Martial Spirit! 】

[Introduction to the Ancestral Dragon Martial Spirit: Ancestral Dragon, born in the chaos, adhering to the supreme great fortune, atmospheric fortune, and great cause and effect, it crosses the universe, it is rare to meet the opponent, a drop of blood can crush a planet!

Ancestral Dragon, as the ancestor of Ten Thousand Dragons, even the dragon gods in many myths only got a trace of Ancestral Dragon's blood, and the same is true for the dragon gods in Douluo World.

As for your ancestral dragon martial soul, it is transformed by the ancestral dragon’s spiritual core and inherits the power and will of the ancestral dragon. Therefore, even the dragon **** of the Douluo world is far inferior to being an ancestral dragon in rank. You, the inheritor of Wuhun. 】

[Does it merge? 】

As the pointer stopped, the slightly mechanical and profound sound of the system reverberated in Yao Xuan's sea of ​​consciousness.

"Ancestral Dragon Martial Spirit! This sounds like a very awesome Martial Spirit, and, according to the introduction, even the Dragon God has only a trace of the Ancestral Dragon's blood. It's really against the sky, I'm really making a lot of money!"

Listening to the system's prompt tone, Yao Xuan's eyes couldn't help flashing a scorching color, and his body trembled slightly because of his excitement.

"The system, how long will the process of integration take? Can it move normally during this period? Will there be danger?"

Pay attention to the public account: book friends base camp, pay attention to send cash and coins!

With excitement gleaming in his eyes, Yao Xuan was not overwhelmed by the excitement, but calmly asked in his heart that he didn't want to overturn the boat in the gutter!

[The fusion time takes 20 minutes. 】

【Can move normally during the period. 】

[The process of fusion of martial souls will bring a certain sense of heat, but there will be no danger. 】

Along with Yao Xuan's thoughts, in his ears, the system prompt sounded again, answering Yao Xuan's question.

"I'm going to test Martial Soul soon. Since there is no danger, it is better to merge quickly! Then, system, I choose to start fusing Ancestral Dragon Martial Soul now!"

After receiving a systematic answer, Yao Xuan's eyes also showed a touch of determination, and then replied.

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