"Children, it’s half past six. It’s time to get up! Today is Awakening Day. I will lead you to Red Mountain College. There, the soul master from the Spirit Tower will test your martial soul and soul power for you. Hurry up and don’t delay!"

In his sleep, a slightly sharp and rapid female voice awakened Yao Xuan.

"Awakening Day, Spirit Spreading Pagoda, Soul Master, Martial Soul, Soul Power? Aren't these all the content of the novel? Is anyone playing pranks with me?"

Some reluctantly opened his eyes, Yao Xuan also shook his head in a dazed manner, then looked around, a look of surprise suddenly appeared in his eyes.

"He, where is this? And, how did my body become like this! Could it be that...I actually crossed?"

Looking at the unfamiliar surroundings, this is no longer a spacious and bright bedroom, but a slightly dark and crowded dormitory. There are ten double beds in a space of less than 30 square meters, and the air is filled with one. A faint musty smell.

Seeing all this, Yao Xuan's eyes were more surprised, and he thought to himself. Then, his eyes turned away from his body inadvertently, and an incredible expression suddenly appeared on his face.

Yes, compared to the 1.8-meter figure in his memory, Yao Xuan discovered that his current body has shrunk a lot, resembling a six- or seven-year-old boy, combined with the weird words just heard, except for crossing, There seems to be no second reason to explain all this.

At the time when Yao Xuan was extremely surprised and doubtful, a stream of memories flooded his mind continuously, and as these memories flooded in, the expression on his face became more and more exciting. .

"Oh my God, I actually crossed, and crossed to Douluo Continent!"

Continually integrating the memories he had just acquired, Yao Xuan also gradually understood his situation-yes, this is no longer the earth, but the legend has no magic, no fighting spirit, no martial arts, and belongs to the magical spirit and soul power. Douluo continent with spirit skills!

However, this was not the Douluo Continent during the Spirit Hall period. According to the memory he had obtained, it was 20,000 years since Tang Sancheng ascended. The original Heaven Dou Empire and Xingluo Empire were defeated and expelled from Douluo. Luo mainland, born out of the Sun-Moon Empire, occupies a dominant position.

In this era:

Artificial souls, battle armors, mechas, and soul guidance technology shine, and human strength has reached its peak;

The soul beast is in danger, but the silver dragon king Gu Yuena was born and transformed into the human world;

The Holy Spirit opened the channel of the abyss plane, and the abyss sage awakened, and the abyss plane was about to invade;

——Yes, here is the Douluo Continent that is extremely passionate and belongs to the period of the Dragon King Legend!

In addition, he also knew the identity of this body.

Coincidentally, the original name of this body was also Yao Xuan. His parents were killed in an accident, and he spent five years in the "Hongshan Orphanage" in Aolai City until Yao Xuan from the earth crossed over. .

"It's amazing! Unexpectedly, I would have such an opportunity, it is incredible! Unexpectedly, I will also become a member of the army of traversers!"

"However, traversing is traversing. What if my martial soul is not good or I don't have innate soul power? I shouldn't be so unlucky, am I?

"Well, it shouldn't. It seems that those who pass through can get golden fingers. Besides, I still have the blessing of ‘Parents’ sacrifice to the sky, boundless mana’, so it’s not so miserable."

"That's how it is said, but when will my cheat be credited?"

Just when Yao Xuan was still immersed in the shock of crossing and began to think about it, a wonderful voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

【Ding! The super **** system is activated successfully, is it bound? 】

"Oh, Super God System?"

Listening to the prompt sound that suddenly appeared in his ear, Yao Xuan's eyes also showed a pleasant surprise,-the speed of the golden finger arriving at the account is really too fast!

"Of course bound!"

Yao Xuan is not a conspiracy theorist. Since he has the opportunity to get it, does he have a reason not to? Therefore, he also silently chose to bind in his heart.

【Ding! Start binding...]

[30, 29, 28.....5, 4, 3, 2, 1]

[Bind successfully! 】

Following Yao Xuan's thoughts, the prompt sound rang again in Yao Xuan's ears. At the same time, a magical air flow poured into Yao Xuan's sea of ​​knowledge and body, and began to transform his body. , The process of binding the super **** system.

【Ding! Supershen system binding is completed, sign in now, you can receive a copy of "Newbie Gift Pack", do you sign in? 】

Thirty seconds passed in a flash, and the binding was over. Yao Xuan only felt that there was something more in the sea of ​​consciousness. At the same time, the system's prompt sounded again.

"Sign in!"

Listening to the system prompt, Yao Xuan also said without hesitation.

【Ding! The sign-in is successful, congratulations on getting a newbie gift package, the rewards are as follows:]

[Cash Red Packet] You can get cash by reading books! Follow WeChat. Public account [Book Friends Base Camp], cash/point currency waiting for you!

[System Ability-Detecting Eye: This is a powerful ability that can help you detect the attributes of the target and return it in the form of data (the stronger your mental power, the stronger the detection power) (the stronger the enemy's strength , The less data returned by the detection eye)]

[System Ability-Strengthen Charm: Your appearance has been improved, reaching the standard of one in a million. In addition, your temperament and aura have also been improved. Seeing your intelligent creatures will involuntarily develop a good impression on you, and are more likely to help you and even become your friend]

[System Ability-Strengthen your comprehension: Your comprehension has been greatly strengthened, even those Extreme Douluo, their comprehension in childhood is nothing but this, whether it is the cultivation of soul power, the control of soul skills or knowledge Comprehend, you have reached a realm of understanding, and you can draw inferences about it]

[Good Fortune Grade Martial Soul Extraction Opportunity x1: Gives you a chance to draw a Fortune Grade Martial Soul, which can be bound immediately after extraction, greatly changing your talent and physique, and helping you to become a strong person]

Following Yao Xuan’s words, the sign-in success prompt sounded in his sea of ​​knowledge. At the same time, a transparent prompt box engraved with countless gorgeous patterns also appeared in front of Yao Xuan’s eyes, showing the novice spree. Give him the reward.

"Such a generous reward is worthy of a super **** system. It is really amazing! There is also a good fortune-level martial arts. This good fortune-level martial arts is much more powerful than any god-level martial arts. It's amazing!"

Looking at the reward in front of him, Yao Xuan's eyes couldn't help but flash with an extremely surprised expression, and he felt a little dry.

"Yao Xuan, what are you still waiting for in bed? Get out of bed and wash, the other children are waiting for you!"

Just when Yao Xuan was immersed in joy, the female voice came again.

"I see, Aunt Li Mei."

Quickly agreed, Yao Xuan also folded the quilt according to the rules of the orphanage in his memory, changed his clothes, rinsed his mouth and washed his face, and then walked out.

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