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Douluo: Opening Sign-in to Ancestral Dragon Spirit

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Novel Summary

Young Yao Xuan, traveled through the Douluo Continent, awakened the Super God System, signed to the Ancestral Dragon Martial Soul at the beginning, and embarked on the road of legend:

Encounter Na’er by chance, capture the heart of Gu Yue, in the spirit tower, apprentice Tianfeng;

Studying in Shrek, going to Star Luo Continent, Soul Master Competition, bravely competing for the first place;

Dragon Valley seizes good fortune, the Sea God Fate Convention, and the sentient people will eventually become family members;

Repeatedly town the abyss, break the conspiracy of the Holy Spirit, the sage of the abyss, the ashes disappear;

Untie Gu Yuena’s heart knot, hold a grand marriage, break the shackles of the gods, reestablish a new order, and create an invincible myth!

p.s. Don’t enter the Tang Sect, don’t lick Tang San, no tragedy, Dzogchen plot

- Description from MTL


Short Title:OSADS
Alternate Title:斗罗之开局签到祖龙武魂
Author:Glare Super Buddha
Weekly Rank:#161
Monthly Rank:#188
All Time Rank:#706
Tags:Academy, Betrayal, Cunning Protagonist, Douluo Dalu, Dragons, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Late Romance, Strong Love Interests, Strong to Stronger, System, Tragic Past, Trap,
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53 Comments on “Douluo: Opening Sign-in to Ancestral Dragon Spirit
  1. I approve this Novel good story so far and relate about tang san he is stuck at Medieval period and does not care about the planet...

  2. I think this novel is one of best fanfiction novel as far story goes our. Mc is strong but creator didn't shows that he over powered etc and finally no HAREM pls creator make more douluo fanfiction novel I love douluo dalu novel

  3. dude i really hope he stays with Gu Yue and Na'er only, like what more could you want but NO in the latest chapter author was hinting that he would not pursue anyone but woman would flock over to him and he would 'never' take a step until Gu Yuena is okay and that thinking just pisses me off

  4. Honestly, this is pretty good compared to some others I have read, the only thing that makes me frown is that MC is constantly antagonizing Tang San calling him a hypocrite when MC himself is also a hypocrite. Like, the MC's hate for Tang San is just too extreme and uncomfortable, mc refused Tang Sect just because Tang San founded it, mc also disdains literally almost everyone in DD1 and even a bit of DD2. Mc calls the Grandmaster a a fool and coward pretending to be wise and pities anyone who is close to Tang San, saying that they have been fooled and manipulated by Tang San. Mc pities Tang Wulin because he thinks that Tang San doesn't love any of his children and only thinks of them as tools. Mc is also going around thinking that Tang San is going to end the Douluo World by draining it by having it fight the Abyss World and after both the abyss and Douluo tire each other out Tang San is gonna take all the energy and stuff for the god realm leaving only a tenth of vitality and energy of the abyss world to the Douluo World as a valuable resource planet. I would understand if the predujuce he has against Tang San is reasonable since there are always protagonist haters in good novels, but now mc and author are just making shit up while ignoring literally half of the truth, like this predujuce is beyond reason and logic because I am very sure mc has read DD1 to DD3 so he should definitely know what's going on if he had read DD2.5 Which should have if he had read DD3. I like this fanfiction but mc just keeps making me pissed off at his brain-dead logic and predujuce.

  5. Agree with you and thats why I dropped this He just cant admit that he envy tangsan If that is a real life, the first thing you will think is avoid tang or hug his tight. Seriously, he is just a nobody from earth while he become arrogant after gaining a system. Although he had a sysyem but he seriously underestimate tangsan too much, a strongest godking who is atrogant son of heaven that even those other protagonist paled compare to tangsan, no matter in wisdom or experience and luck is not something mc can compare. And he was improving did he ever not think that tangsan was the same and if you make an enemy of tangsan then you are the enemy of the whole universe since ds universe is a family belong to tangsan lol. Worst case was that he is narrow minded, and self glory sigh

  6. I myself don't think of Tang San as a very righteous person but he has good morals and works hard for what he gets, the mc of this fanfic is literally spoon-fed power through his bloodline and system, heck the only reason why Gu Yue fell in love with him was that his bloodline (Ancestral Dragon) was superior to hers (Sliver Dragon King) which made him attractive since dragons naturally like strong mates to have strong babies with, he is literally pretending/lying to be the dragon god because that's what Gu Yue thinks he is. And that's not even mentioning how mc just manipulated and took advantage of Na'ers naivety like that was just disgusting to me, let me tell you how he manipulated and took advantage of her naivety. First, he pretended to be a simple little kid to get closer to her, then he bought her toys and chocolates to a 5-year old girl (Na'er had amnesia so she didn't remember about the silver dragon making her have the mind of a 5 yr old) just so he could, in the future make her fall in love with him and have favorability, just imagine how disgusting it is to see a 5-year-old being manipulated and taken advantage of her naivety by a 20 something-year-old grown-ass man, just so he could make her fall in love with him by pretending to be an innocent boy (if that's not a hypocrite then I don't know what is) AND THAT'S! not mentioning his other hypocrite acts like how he says that he will help Tang Wulin (because hypocrite mc thinks TW is an abandoned child) WHILE!!!! he's taking tang Wulins resources, deserved fame, and ALSO KEEPING TW(Tang Wulin) ON A LEASH by making sure TW doesn't break through his blood seals early or normally and thus delaying TW's deserved strength and power while keeping his facade of being a supporting elder brother figure that TW can rely on and ask for help( WHAT THE FUCK MAN?!??! AND HE CALLS TANG SAN A HYPOCRITE!!!)

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