“So this thing is equivalent to a detector that detects people related to sheep within a radius of 100 meters...or it’s not a person, but it must be a guy who coughs.”

 Xue Ye repeated in her mouth while spreading her palm, and a smooth purple onion appeared on it.

 He looked up at the crowd and suddenly found that many people started coughing.

Xue Ye suddenly felt strange. He walked off the stage with the onions and walked into the crowd. Coughs were heard one after another. Some people didn't even know why they were coughing, and their expressions were a bit shocked.

To Xue Ye’s surprise, Gu Rong was also in the coughing queue.

 “Why are you coughing? Are you related to sheep?”

Gu Rong shook his head in confusion. Xue Ye, who was holding an onion, approached him. He coughed even more violently. He couldn't even speak clearly. He coughed for a while after saying a word.

 Lin Yi: “Maybe he is born in the year of Sheep.”


Lin Yi: "I should have said before that there is such a thing as the zodiac in other planes. Although it does not exist here, this reward covers the zodiac, and the year of Gu Rong's birth should belong to the Sheep in the setting. Year."

 "Original, cough...come, cough...such as, cough...here."

 Gu Rong's face turned red due to coughing, and she quickly pushed Xue Ye to stay away from him.

Xue Ye was about to walk away, but as if something suddenly occurred to him, he came back with a strange smile on his lips: "By the way, has your Steel Dragon recovered well?"


  Xue Ye: "If I am a concept **** to you, all your methods should be useless to me..."

 “What does your Majesty want to do?”

 “Use your other martial spirit to attack me.”

  …Okay, let’s put this thing away first.”

  Gu Rong pointed at the onion in Xue Ye’s hand.

 After the latter complied, Gu Rong immediately activated his second martial spirit—air.

The most common and most effective attack method of air martial arts is to put the opponent in a vacuum environment, and Xue Ye, as a normal person who needs to breathe, will definitely be affected.

Of course, the premise is that he is still a normal person to Gu Rong at this moment...

 Gurong who uses the air martial spirit and Gurong who uses the steel dragon have completely different temperaments. At this time, he gives people a light and ethereal feeling, which is the opposite extreme of his temperament in the steel dragon state.

Gu Rong raised his hand. The moment he cast the spell, everyone felt that the air had become thicker, and the thick air was still moving towards the surroundings, but...

Xue Ye didn't seem to be affected at all, and a confident smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, as if the person in the vacuum was not him, but Gu Rong!

As expected, Gu Rong, who was still casting the spell, suddenly floated, and the panic on his face didn't seem to be caused by him.

Xue Ye seemed to feel the fun. He put down his original plan to attack Gu Rong, and instead took a step back with a smile: "I suddenly understood what the Concept God is. I won't attack you next, so you can continue to attack me." Attack, no matter how capable you are, anyone who has just coughed can attack me."

As soon as he finished speaking, a large number of people related to "sheep" suddenly walked out of the crowd. The number was so large that Lin Yi was a little surprised.

Gu Rong had just recovered from the shock of floating. He took the lead in sending out a wave of air cannons, aiming at Xue Ye's chest.


This air cannon penetrated Xue Ye's chest, blasting a big **** hole in his chest.

The sudden scene stunned the others who were preparing to attack for a moment, but soon, the **** hole suddenly had flesh and blood sticking together, and it returned to normal again. Gu Rong was dumbfounded and blinked quickly: "Your Majesty, when did you have such abnormal healing ability?"

Xue Ye: "It's not healing ability. You can understand that your attack is invalid, because I am a **** to you now."

Soon, a gua sha master with a martial soul wielding a long knife rushed forward. Xue Ye did not dodge and allowed the opponent to chop at his neck.


Blood spattered and a head fell straight down.

But there was a smile on the fallen head, and it was firmly caught by Xue Ye's hands. The knife master was so frightened that he sat down on the ground.

Xue Ye threw his head down, and a pair of hands grew under his neck. The fingers of both hands moved on the ground, dragging his head to the side of the Gua Sha master, and a strange smile appeared at the corner of his mouth again.

 “Ah!! How come you can’t die even if you cut off your head?!”

The gua sha master was scared away and also frightened many onlookers.

 This is a bit like the Seventy-Two Changes... Lin Yi narrowed his eyes.

Soon, the frightened crowd started to attack one after another, but the head that fell on the ground on Xue Ye quickly grew in size. He opened his huge mouth like a cave, swallowed countless skills flying towards him, and then made an unknown sound with a gurgling sound. Where did you swallow it?

  Everyone was dumbfounded. Xue Ye’s huge and terrifying head just stood on the ground, with two upright palms under his neck.

Those two terrifying eyes rolled around, and then looked straight down at the crowd related to the "sheep". The people they saw took a step back in unison.

 “I’ll come again!”

At this moment, Gu Rong seemed not to believe in evil. He was suspended in mid-air, his arms spread out, and a large amount of air flow gathered on his chest.

 An air bomb with even more violent energy was launched by him, smashing Xue Ye's huge head into a puddle of flesh and blood, like an exploding watermelon.

 But what happened next made everyone’s eyes widen again.

These exploding flesh and blood actually dispersed into dozens of parts, and the flesh and blood of each part surged upward, gradually condensing into the appearance of a villain, and each villain became a miniature version of Xue Ye.

How come this concept of God has a strong flavor of Cthulhu... Lin Yi couldn't help complaining in his heart.

Every villain Xue Ye smiled and said in unison: "For others, my current performance is an illusion at best, but for you, every scene you see is real and comes from My supreme magic.”

Gu Rong's lips trembled and he said, "Your Majesty, will your attack only be effective on us?"

Xue Ye: "Indeed, I can't even use these spells to destroy the environment, I can only use them on you."

 After saying that, all the villains suddenly pointed at Gu Rong. The next moment, Gu Rong's whole body suddenly split into two halves from the middle. He screamed in pain, and his flesh and blood, internal organs and bones were clearly visible.

 The two halves of the ancient banyan tree fell to the ground and soon became silent.

 Chen Xin: "Your Majesty!"

Xue Ye smiled: "Yes, I have indeed killed him now, but as a concept god, I can also resurrect him now."

As soon as he finished speaking, the ancient banyan tree that was divided into two parts stood up from the ground again, and the two halves merged into one. All the blood returned to the original path, and it turned into a frightened ancient banyan tree again.


 (End of this chapter)

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