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Douluo: Hang Up and Become a God

3.8 (46 reviews)
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Novel Summary

Cross the Douluo Continent and become the grandson of old Jack.

With the hang-up panel in his body, Hu Jiu’s arrogance doubled.

“Tang San, I’m sorry, Xiao Wu belongs to me, don’t think about it.”

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Short Title:DHUBG
Alternate Title:斗罗之挂机成神
Author:Rock blossom
Weekly Rank:#309
Monthly Rank:#318
All Time Rank:#627
Tags:Douluo Dalu, Early Romance, Fanfiction, Harem, Male Protagonist, System,
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71 Comments on “Douluo: Hang Up and Become a God
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  1. Aunque el final fue apresurado y algo malo, lo recomiendo, le doy un 4*/5*. Estaba chetado pero no tanto, había enemigos pero el no buscaba problemas, y en el caso de romance debido a las circunstancias fue se quedo con las 3, eso si salvo Xiao Wu, el resto poco protagonismo tuvieron.

  2. Just Finished reading the book. Neither a bad one nor an impressive one but overall it has got a positive vibe to it. the pace is decent and somewhat on the faster side and a its ok to pass your time

  3. Hu Jiu said, "Brother, thank you, you are right, to like is to like, I was wrong. The big deal is that I will get a clone, one will marry Xiao Wu, the other will marry Zhuqing. One person, one person, no one is jealous. " If this happens then this is fck up. Why not just marry both of them why create a clone? Fcking coward

  4. Also he already have Xiao wu but is still thinking of other women and he can't even resist the charm of the slave he bought. I don't like this kind of mc

  5. As someone who read the whole novel, I shall now share my expirience. During my younger years ( 1 week ago) I was trying to find a novel that will excite me. Then I decided, why not fanfiction? Then, why not soul land? So i found this. I was skeptical at first because of the rating but still read it. I realized that unlike other soul land fanfic that i had read, this fanfic does not abuse tang san(soul land mc). It was something new, cause all the soul land fanfic that i had read so far has been abusing Tang San. I decided then to read the whole novel. Then the first 100 or 200 chapter, there was no harem. There was only one girl. I was like “WOW, its good”. (Btw i read harem and non harem novel.) in the later chapter though, it became a harem maybe because of the editor or author or author’s fans, cause He posted something about deciing whether to put a harem or not. But still i finished the novel. The conclusion that i got is, dont read the comment section, it will spoil the novel for you. Ps. Im not pro at english

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