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Douluo: Era of the Dragon Emperor

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When the Golden Dragon encountered the Killing Spear, when the ultimate power encountered the Weapon of Heaven, in the most noble Douluo Palace, Lu Yuan wore a crown on his head and solemnly declared: This world of Wuhun Palace is destined to dominate the mainland!

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Short Title:DEDE
Alternate Title:斗罗之皇龙惊世
Author:The clouds are also popular
Weekly Rank:#94
Monthly Rank:#73
All Time Rank:#175
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Beautiful Female Lead, Bloodlines, Character Development, Clever Protagonist, Douluo Dalu, Dragons, Early Romance, Eye Powers, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Martial Spirits, Master-Disciple Relationship, Skill Creation, Spear Wielder, System,
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44 Comments on “Douluo: Era of the Dragon Emperor
  1. Cara! a Historia ta muito top, o desenvolvimento e excelente, e claro que existem alguns erros nos caps e tal mas isso não afeta a historia de modo nenhum, e para aqueles que dizem que a historia original e muito melhor do que as novels desenvolvidas baseadas em futuros diferentes para o mundo de doulou são um tanto quanto irracionais, pois todos sabemos que a historia original foi escrita focando totalmente no desenvolvimento do protagonista e dos amigos deles deixando de lado todo um mundo inteiro de possibilidades de crescimento tanto das bestas da alma quanto o dos vilões da historia, pois temos que admitir que o final tanto de BiBi dong quanto de Qian Renxue foram bem anti-climaticos e faltou mais desenvolvimento dos personagens. Vale resaltar que esses tipos de novels são bem melhoras que a original pois o personagem e mais racional do que "tang san" e respeita tanto as besta da alma e os humanos e fica mais forte para o crescimento de ambos, ja que como sabemos, mesmo o a esposa de tang san da historia original sendo uma besta da alma ela e totalmente desligada de sua propria especia e não a ajuda quando a historia se desenvolve anos depois e os mesmos correm risco de extinção.

  2. I have only read till 67 so far it's good but if you don't fucking like the main characters and wan't to fuck them over just don't write a fanfiction about doulo dalou choose something else you like the main characters in usually people like to read fan-fictions for system powers and changing the protagonists misfortunes it doesn't matter if you take their limelight or act as an older brother or a part of their team but don't just screw the main characters because you're horny and wan't to chase skirts talking about removing the ice and fire to help the wuhun is just straight bullshit if you feel pity about Bibi dong you can choose both worlds because tang-san the author has suffered so much in his life he doesn't just screw his wife for nothing she had cancer every ordeal they passed with represents their life it's so beautiful and meaningful you just ruined a story this is by far the worst fan ficton for soul land I have ever seen that is to he fair for people who like the main characters and have read the rest of soul land and understand the misery tang-san and his family have suffered.

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