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As a low-leveled alchemist with white skin and good looks, Gu Fan is greedy for life and fears death. She only wants to earn some small money.

Transmigrating to Earth where monsters are everywhere, Gu Fan quickly went to the human base and continued to sell medicine for a living.

Her medicines are high quality and inexpensive, and all major forces want to pull her in to join the group.

Gu Fan was somewhat worried and didn’t know which one to pick.

Lu Ya: Pack up your things and follow me to City C tomorrow.

Gu Fan: Can I not go?

Lu Ya: No.

After so many times, the entire Jiangnan base understood that Gu Fan was the woman of Young Marshal Lu Ya. Love is hard to part with; you take it wherever you go.

Gu Fan: No, no, no, he just wants my medicine!

Stationed on the front line of the battlefield, S-class Young Marshal & greedy for money and afraid of death, Aunt Salted Fish.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:DSSF
Alternate Title:末世炖咸鱼
Weekly Rank:#448
Monthly Rank:#278
All Time Rank:#6279
Tags:Alchemy, Apocalypse, Beautiful Female Lead, Black Belly, Cultivation, Fast Cultivation, Female Protagonist, First-time Intercourse, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Monsters, Pretend Lovers, Transported to Another World, Weak to Strong,
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  1. Aku menemukan ada sampai 5 chapter fanwai, tapi tidak bisa dibaca disitusnya....mungkin berbayar....@mtl bisakah anda menambahkan chapternya

  2. This was a nice story until the last chapter/fanwai. The first 68 chapters are a 4/5 stars imo. The final chapter/fanwai is a 2/5 star rating. The twist revealed there is absolutely terrible. I know people will not listen but I emphatically recommend reading up to Chapter 68 and ignoring Chapter 69 (the fanwai).

  3. I'm looking for a story where the male protagonist crosses over. Everyone must be in the tower. There are some agencies that can issue When going out, there must be no fear, or the supernatural beings will come. There is a secret The protagonist has no fear.

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