"why did you leave?"

A crowd of people looked at the huge ship that had gone away, and suddenly all of them looked puzzled. You look at me, and I see what you don’t know for a while.

Manger also stared at the warship that was going away, with doubts flashing in his eyes. Is this huge ship just to take Monet away?

Boom boom boom...

And at this moment, suddenly the dozens of Rong Yuan powerhouses who were overwhelming Garan City slowly rushed into the void and disappeared. My terrifying pressure also disappeared like a billowing cloud.

"Go, really go!"

Everyone moved, they were taken aback first, and then ecstasy burst into their eyes.


A silhouette flew out, shooting out like a rainbow light, and swept toward the Garan City spacecraft's stop airport, and the people behind also reacted, rising one by one, rushing to the stop airport.

At this time, they just wanted to leave, far away from this Galan Star, Galan Star was too terrifying, they didn't want to stay.

"Why would you let them go, how could you not destroy the Neil family?"

Xiao Mu looked at this scene, his face suddenly changed, and he roared in a low voice.

Xuan Ye said with solemn eyes:

"It shouldn't be! When are these people so kind!"

Hermai's eyes flickered and said:

"Don't worry, just watch the changes!"

The four of them stopped talking again and looked at the screen again, and at this moment, a bow spacecraft rushed into the sky and flew towards Starship Harbor.

These spaceships are very fast, and they have already rushed into the starry sky within a few dozen breaths, and the eyes of all people are filled with joy, and finally escaped.


And in the next instant, a roar sounded, and a series of attacks shot out from the starry sky, instantly destroying more than a dozen bow spaceships, exploding clusters of brilliant fireworks in the starry sky.

"Oh my God!"

The spacecraft that was rushing into the starry sky crazily was as if being held up, and instantly turned one by one and flew towards the planet again. The speed of the past was faster than the past.

"Sure enough, it's not that simple, the entire planet has been blocked, and no one can leave!"

Upon seeing this scene, Xuan Ye said with a triumphant smile on his face.

The faces of Xiao Mu and several people looked a little better, and the drama was obviously still being staged according to their calculations, and they would see the Neil family disappear in ashes.

However, a trace of doubt appeared on the faces of the four of them and said:

"What do you think those people did with Moned? Where are they going?"

"I think I know they are going there!"

At this moment, Hermai suddenly opened the watch with a smile and shot a picture for everyone to see. He pointed to the line above and said:

"Look, this direction is where the Million Mile Glacier is located. The last battle took place there. The opponent is probably going to the Million Mile Glacier!"

The four raised their heads and looked at each other, their eyes moved intentionally, but then they all shook their heads again. They wanted to take a look, but they didn't have the guts.

Moned stood in the hall, his expression was tense, and he half-leaned on the throne, looking at Moned lightly, and said lightly:

"Do you know the lord of the magical soldiers, Monet!"

When Monet heard this, his body trembled, and he slowly raised his head to look at the lazy young man on the throne. He was shocked. At this time, he finally knew what this man came from. It may be the same as the real Jiechang before.

He strengthened his mind, nodded and said:


Lie asked again:

"Do you know what his identity is?"

Moned shook his head and said:

"I don't know, I only know that as soon as he appears, he will use a seventh-order magic weapon, which is called the master of the magic weapon!"

No comment, he looked at Monet and said:

"Do you know his origin!"

Monet shook his head and said:

"My lord, I really don't know this!"

Naolie's eyes sank and said:

"Do you know the consequences of lying in front of me!"

Moned gritted his teeth and shook his head:

"I really don't know!"

A gloom flashed in the long and narrow eyes of Zhu Lie, and he was about to search for the soul, when Barronson reported:

"Master, it's already here!"

Moned glanced out, his eyes shrank suddenly, and he turned out to be a land of glaciers millions of miles in front of him, and the remains of the ice phoenix below was lying on the ground.

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