The sky roared, and the giant ship rushed towards Garan City, as if a huge meteorite was about to fall in Garan City.

Everyone in the city panicked. Many people wanted to escape, but the city of refuge was already sealed, and they could only watch the meteorite fall.

Many people even started to cry, and for a while, a strong atmosphere of sorrow condensed over the entire Garan City, like a dark cloud about to rain.

However, immediately everyone found that Bai was worried, the speed of the giant ship entering the sky over Garan City quickly slowed down, and the flame quickly dissipated.

The huge and incomparably huge ship showed its true body, like a giant starry sky beast with a trace of firework and slowly stopped over the city of Garan, covering the sky and the sun. The entire sky was dark, and the terrifying aura overwhelmed the world. .

In front of the huge ship, the hideous beast head is like a living beast, exuding a terrifying aura, violent and cruel, the weak and the weak are already shivering, the strange beasts cultivated in the city have been scared and lying on the ground, there are many mouths Foam, twitching limbs.

At this time, the people who were going to watch the Neil family jokes couldn't laugh anymore, and their faces changed horribly, and they almost fell to their knees. They regretted it very much at this time.

It's all right now. The excitement may not be possible. I am afraid that I will lose my life. It is useless to regret it. No one dares to move the position casually, and can only wait with trembling.

After all, Moned was the patriarch and quickly calmed himself down. He was also a bachelor. He was helped by Manger. He stepped forward, glaring at the huge ship and shouted:

"Xuan Ye, Mu Wan, you came out, is it because you made a ghost, want to destroy my Neil family, you think about the consequences, once the ancestor returns, you will bear the anger of her old man!"

At this time, the four of Xuan Ye were watching the screen, and what was playing was the scene at this time.

When the four of them heard Moned's roar, their eyes flashed coldly, while Xiao Mu let out a cold snort, his expression flashing with disdain.


Suddenly the starry sky shook, and a huge pressure fell. The entire starry sky seemed to sink and became stagnant in an instant. Everyone was empty in their hearts and almost fell to their knees. Both Moned and Manger were sinking talents. Stand firm.

At this moment, a huge phantom appeared in the starry sky, as if the gods in the sky were looking down on the world. A pair of eyes were cold and merciless. The sea disappeared and the sun and moon reincarnate, as if endless years were flowing in it.

"You are Moned!"

The phantom's gaze fell on Monet and spoke, the magnificent voice was like the voice of the heavens and the earth, vast and sacred, making people involuntarily surrender.

Moned was in the extreme realm of Rongyuan. He naturally saw that the aura emitted by this phantom was far stronger than the aura of Rongyuan Dzogchen. It seemed to be similar to the aura from Di Ping, extremely terrifying, as if it could be destroyed. Heaven is over.

He knew in his heart that this was definitely not the work of the four major forces. If they could not find such a strong one, he was afraid that he had misunderstood.

Monet suppressed the doubts in his heart and hurriedly stepped forward and respectfully saluted:

"I have seen the lord, it is Moned who is next!"

The phantom's eyes flashed, Hong said:

"Very well, come with me!"

As he said, he grabbed one of his big hands towards Moned. Moned was shocked. He wanted to hide but didn't dare to move. That big hand enveloped the sky, as if to grab the entire square.

Manger's eye pupils breathed fire and wanted to resist, but he desperately found that he could not move. Under that big hand, he had difficulty even standing, and his veins were all over his body, but he could not stand up. The pressure was too strong. The same as the mountain.


The big hand rolled over, Moned was caught by the big hand, the phantom disappeared instantly, and Moned also disappeared.


The big hand disappeared, and Manger was finally able to move. He watched the phantom grasping Moned and disappeared and shouted anxiously.


The huge ship turned suddenly, the powerful power spewed, and the speed of the warship quickly increased and headed away.

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