Everyone in the hall also heard the movement and rushed out one after another. When they saw the huge fire dragon in the sky, they were all shocked.

"That...that's a battleship, how did the battleship enter the planet!"

Sect Master Yun stared in shock and asked.

Needless to say, all the strong guys on the scene can see that this is a giant dragon. It is obviously a huge ship with a huge bow, rushing into the atmosphere at a super high speed.

Of course Moned had noticed it a long time ago, and at the same time he was disturbed, but he was angry and shouted:

"Manger, how did you do it, please find out why the transport ship was put into the planet, and who allowed it!"

At this time, he still regarded it as a bow transport ship, because warships weren’t really that big, and only transport ships could reach this scale.

At this moment, a figure shot from a distance and fell heavily in front of Moned. It was not who Elder Manger was, but at this time Elder Manger was sweaty, his face was pale, and his eyes flashed. Panicking.

Everyone felt that something was wrong, and Elder Mange was now an eighth-level Rongyuan strong. It must have been a big deal to be so panicked. Many people were shocked, but many people were joyful. They were happy. Unlucky to see the Neil family.

Seeing the expression on Manger's face, Moned suddenly felt a sigh, and asked:

"Manger, what's the matter?"

Manger swallowed his saliva, looked at Monet and said:

"Starship Port should have fallen!"


Moned's face changed drastically and screamed.

After all, Moned was the leader of the family, and he still had some qualitative characteristics. He forced himself to calm down and watched Manger say:

"What's the matter, who is it, that side force!"

Manger sweated, shook his head and said:

"I don't know, Starship Port has lost contact, and the fleet has also lost contact. I don't know what the situation is now!"

When Monet heard this, there were a million people in his heart that didn't believe it, and he said angrily:

"How is this possible, Starship Port has the strongest defense system, and with Zaifeng sitting in the battlefield, can the Tangtang Rongyuan Intermediate Powerhouse not even react at all?"

Speaking of his divine consciousness moving, the huge divine consciousness stretched towards the starship port in the starry sky, but just approaching the starship port, a huge will burst out of the starship port and instantly shattered his will.


Moned suddenly spouted blood, and the whole person fell backward and withdrew a few steps. Fortunately, Manger moved quickly to support him, otherwise he would have to fall.

"This... what's going on?"

When all the people saw this scene, their expressions were shocked, and there was horror in their eyes. They also felt the will just now, it was terrible, only the will above Rongyuan Great Perfection.

Moned's face was pale, and his eyes were amazed:

"Starship Port is indeed occupied!"


At this time, the city's defense system screamed sharply. Among the bases, a huge starry sky cannon was lifted into the air, the cannon began to charge, and the barrels of the guns pointed directly at the giant dragon ship in the sky.

Boom boom boom...

At this moment, suddenly sword gangs exploded, slashing on the giant cannons of the base, the giant cannons that were being charged were cut to pieces in an instant, making a huge explosion, and masses of explosions rushed into the sky like mushroom clouds.

"It's over!"

When Moned saw this scene, his eyes were desperate.

This last hope is gone. The Super Star Cannon is the last air defense force against the satellite ball. Once it is destroyed, it can't help the giant ship in the sky.

The twelve giant cannons of Jialan City were instantly destroyed. The powerful protective shields could only withstand the attacks of Rongyuan high-ranking experts, so only twelve Rongyuan high-ranking experts shot at the same time, so a force of only four Only big families can come out.

"Four big families!"

Moned slapped his chest, and another blood spurted out, with hatred flashing in his eyes, he suddenly grabbed Manger and said:

"Mange, you leave immediately. The outstanding children in the clan who have not yet returned will be handed over to you. Take them to find the ancestors. We must let the ancestors be the masters of us! Kill the four forces!"

Tears suddenly flashed in Mange's eyes. He squinted his head and said solemnly:

"Patriarch, rest assured, I will complete the task!"


But at this moment, the starry sky shook, and dozens of large aura figures appeared around Garan City, a terrifying will enveloped Garan City, and the giant city of thousands of miles trembled under the pressure of a dozen powerful men.

Moned's face suddenly paled, his eyes desperate and said:

"It's over, it's too late!"

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