Jialan Star has been quite lively recently. Since the Ice Emperor became a half-step catastrophe, the status of the Neil family has soared in the Dias star field.

Although the Ice Emperor followed Di Ping, this not only did not affect it, but also pushed up the reputation of the Neil family.

It is also a supreme honor to be able to follow Di Ping. Didn't you see that the strong men of the Jinfeng clan and the Tianlong clan became the little followers of Master Di?

It is such a glorious thing to follow the real Jiebian as a follower. If Di Ping is willing to release a spot, I am afraid that even Rongyuan Dzogchen will have to break his head and grab it.

Therefore, not only did no one look down upon the Neil family because of this, they were even more optimistic. The major forces kept coming and going, most of them came to build relationships. Even the royal family bowed their heads and sent a contemporary princess to a child of Neil family Match marriage.

Today is the day when the marriage ceremony is held, and the forces that have heard the wind have come one after another. The in and out of the Galan Star battleship are very lively, most of them are here to give gifts, and even the Star Sky Harbor is about to be blocked for a while.

Monet was very happy. He liked this feeling very much. It seemed that the Ice Phoenix family of the Dias Star Territory in Weizhen had returned.

Since the last generation of Rongyuan Great Perfection powerhouse Messini Shouyuan approached, went to the endless sea of ​​stars, never came back, only the ice emperor was left to support, the Neil family has been going downhill ever since.

And now, it seems that the Neal family is about to re-develop and become more and more popular!

"Patriarch Mo, congratulations, now we are married to the royal family and are united strongly. In the future, the Neil family will surely flourish and become stronger and stronger!"

Outside the banquet hall, a second-rate Dongji sect lord Yunshan smiled at Monet and congratulated him.

With a smile floating on Moned's face, he slightly clasped his fists in return:

"Sect Master Yun is polite. It is a shame that the family's children have worked for an ordinary marriage and the Sect Master is really ashamed, please hurry up, and Mo Mou will respect Sect Master Yun a cup later!"

"Good talk!"

Sect Master Yun clasped his fists and walked into the banquet hall. His eyes lit up and he saw a few acquaintances, and he hurried forward to meet him:

"Brother Li, Brother Bolai, and Brother Fang Ru, you all came early!"

The three of them smiled and clasped their fists when they saw him:

"Yo! Isn't this Brother Yun! I didn't expect you to come too?"

Yun Zongfang glanced around, then lowered his voice:

"I don't want to come either, but dare not to come!"

Brother Bolai also sighed slightly when he heard the words, lowered his voice and said:

"No! Don't you dare to come! Now that the status is unusual, we can't offend it, I'm afraid that Dias will also have the surname Neal soon, and we have to keep alive too!"

Brother Li suddenly changed his expression and whispered:

"Hush! Be quiet, don't want to die!"

The expressions of the four of them all changed, and then they hurriedly talked haha, turning aside the topic and chatting, not mentioning this one.

And this scene happened in many corners, not everyone is willing to come to the hot post, but it won't work, now the Neil family is very powerful.

Since the last incident, the Neal family's power has expanded rapidly, and many casual repair experts have come to vote.

The Neil family has made two half-step tribulations, and they are inextricably linked with the real tribulations. The news is flying all over the sky, and those people don't want to be touched.

Even some second-rate forces secretly come to take refuge, just hoping to rely on the Neil family tree to enjoy the coolness. If there is a chance to get a few words from the tribulation real person, then won't it be frightening!

The Neil family was previously known as the first power of Dias because of the existence of the ice emperor, because the ice emperor has the strongest strength, but in terms of comprehensive strength, it can only be ranked second among the seven forces.

The number one deserved to be the royal family, whether it is the strong or the number of military warships.

In recent years, the Valeo family and the Payne family have been taking the second place. They have been suppressing the Neil family, and even the royal family. It can be said that the Neil family is already in danger, so many second-rate forces are also watching. The limelight was wrong, and they turned around and got close to other forces.

But now, the Neal family has risen again, these forces have no choice but to come back to kneel and lick again, it is strange that these people can feel comfortable in their hearts.

Moned didn't care about this. He felt that the Neal family was about to prosper in his own hands, and he was greeting guests at the entrance of the banquet hall with a smile on his face.


At this moment, there was a sudden blast of thunder, and everyone looked up at the sky, only to see a fire dragon rushing into the atmosphere, rushing towards the inside of the planet, and a huge power has already rolled in.

"this is......."

Moned looked at the sky in horror, and a strong bad feeling rose from his heart, as if something big was about to happen.

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