The summer night in Zhongzhou City this year is not too hot. This is a bit abnormal for the solar term. The wind on the roof of the building at 2 in the middle of the night is still slightly cold; Di Ping is sitting on the roof with his back against the edge of the building. The guardrail looked up at the stars, not knowing what to think.

Today’s night sky is particularly clear. Not only can you see a crescent moon slanting in the sky, you can also see the stars twinkle in the distant sky; Di Ping has not known how many years he hasn’t looked up at the starry sky quietly in this way, remembering that he liked most when he was a child in the countryside. The thing is to look at the night sky and count the stars in the sky, when countless stars flicker in the starry sky.

Under the guidance of the adults, he knew that it was the Big Dipper, that it was the Altair and the Vega, and the fascinating mythology. Every time Di Ping thought it was the happiest moment.

People are growing slowly, and their desires are becoming more and more difficult to satisfy. These years of rushing for survival and for the sake of life are afraid to stop and rest, afraid that once they stop, they will not have the courage to move forward; a quiet night like this, quiet It is rare to watch the starry sky quietly.

Watching the stars twinkling in the sky in this way, Di Ping's tears slowly flowed down. He thought of his father and mother at home. He hadn't gone home to see them for two years.

"What have you been doing all these years?"

He slapped himself fiercely. At this moment, he felt that he was really a bastard. His parents did everything for him and let him leave the countryside and came to the big city, but he was obsessed with the prosperity of the city, forgetting his parents’ expectations and expectations. The warmth of family affection.

Di Ping's heart was very painful, really painful, and it was a little hard for him to breathe. He remembered every time his father called for him to go home and reunite, but he disappointed him again and again.

Di Ping was originally a rural child and his family was not wealthy. He was one of the few children in the village who went to college. His relatives had high expectations of him, and he did not let his family down. The college has always been excellent, and he can do it every year. He took a lot of prizes and went back, and he worked very hard during college. Even the tuition fee was never taken from home, and he could still send some home. His parents were always proud to talk about their children with others.

It’s just that all this started to change when he fell in love with a girl. Two years in college, he met a girl, Su Xiao, who was a very beautiful and spiritual girl. They fell in love and couldn’t help themselves. Beautiful men and beautiful women are always enviable, and the relationship between the two is very good. Di Ping thinks that he has found true love and will definitely go with this girl in this life, but things are often not as good as they are.

When Su Xiao's family found him, he knew that his idea was too simple.

The Su family is a well-known family in Zhongzhou, and Su Xiao is a very favored girl in the family. It is impossible for the family to let her marriage be allowed; Su Xiao’s family found Di Ping and let him see the difference between the two families, and hope him Able to leave obediently.

We know how young people in love can easily compromise. Su Xiao also resisted strongly, and her family loved her very much, so Di Ping was able to stay in Zhongzhou City for two years after graduation to have his own house, car, and own business. And the company must reach the tens of millions level before they are allowed to communicate.

Di Pingmeng now, but he also realized the energy of Su Xiao’s family. If he disagrees, not only will he leave school, but he will also be unable to move. At the same time, in order to protect love, he has to agree, and Su Xiao is also The family was sent out of the country, and the two were not allowed to meet again if the goal was not reached.

So Di Ping started his own business while studying in his junior year. After graduation, he never returned home. He stayed in Zhongzhou City and worked hard for three years; and he was really good. In two years he not only had his own company but also It has also reached the tens of millions level, the deposit has also reached 7 figures, and even bought a large house. I carefully decorated it and hoped to become the love of him and Su Xiao. He is full of longing for the future of the two .

Often days do not follow people's wishes. He bet everything, his abilities and determination, but he didn't bet against people's hearts.

In the two years from junior year to graduation, the connection between his hard work and Su Xiao sometimes failed. He thought Su Xiao would understand him, but he didn’t know that children from families like Su Xiao would never worry about money. Can't understand the hardship of working hard in a city market with nothing.

And for a young and beautiful girl like Su Xiao, can there be fewer people after it?

Su Xiao, who has been abroad for less than a year, has already talked about marriage with a big family prince in Kyoto, and the two families are similar, which is more conducive to the development of family power; and the kid Di Ping has been forgotten. I still remember this bet that year.

When Di Ping reappeared at the Su family, the Su family were all in a daze before thinking about it. The Su family did not embarrass Di Ping too much, but they also told him the truth. Su Xiao and Li Zeping, the son of the Li family in Kyoto, were ready to get married; Di Ping was hit hard at the time, and he was blinded for a while; he didn't believe it would be like this, he called Su Xiao as if he was crazy, and when he gained the truth from Su Xiao's bingbing tone, he fainted on the spot.

Although the Su family do not look down on Di Ping, they still appreciate his infatuation. It was a joke. No one really took it seriously. Who would think that this guy has really reached it in two years. One can imagine the hardship; Su family Arrange for a maid to take Di Ping to the hospital and leave after paying the money.

When Di Ping woke up from the hospital without eating or speaking for two days, he was discharged from the hospital and he came to the home of the Love Nest, where he had been fighting for three years. He saw everything in this room and felt that it was really kind of Irony; so he bought a few bottles and ran to the top of the building, begging to get drunk.

In the past few years, how much he has eaten and suffered how many sins, how much he can't bear, how many sins and ugliness he has seen; in these two days, he has actually figured out that he has only had a belief to support him in the past few years, otherwise he would have been early He fell down, and when the problem appeared, it was not that he could not understand.

Some friends have said about him over the years, but he was still in his own dream and refused to wake up. When the dream really woke up, he realized how fragile his so-called never-changing love is; How ridiculous, he won himself but lost himself.

Di Ping touched the tears on his face and laughed at himself, realizing that he was only truly mature until today. It is no wonder that men who have not experienced love are immature men.

"Go home tomorrow!" Di Ping sipped his beer, then threw the wine behind him, and said calmly to himself.

In the distant starry sky, stars twinkling illuminate Di Ping’s face, the starry sky is infinitely stretched away, the Milky Way has been slowly rotating like a whirlpool for hundreds of millions of years, the endless starry morning is so charming and fascinating. .

It’s just that today, in this endless starry sky, a black figure that looks like a human is suddenly standing next to the small meteorite belt. This is an Asian face, with a yellow skin and black head, with clear brows and a bookish look. He stood quietly in the void with his eyes on The divine light flickered, staring closely at the time zone, frowning and thinking.

"Haha... I get it!"

Suddenly the middle-aged man frowned and laughed.

"Who is such a masterpiece who actually set up such a large interstellar array in this galaxy, even I can't make such an array."

The middle-aged man's complexion changed and his voice became a little excited.

"Okay! This big array is really amazing!" The middle-aged man said excitedly while watching, "Yes, that's it, good! So it can be like this"

"Well, let me untie this big formation, and see what the setter is hiding?" The middle-aged man suddenly said for a long time after seeing it.

I saw the middle-aged man stroked his hands, streamers flying out of his hands, flying into the void, and then, holding the tactics in both hands, drew out a series of complicated handprints, and a series of energy shot from his palm to the starry sky; and the entire galaxy Suddenly fluctuating, countless streams of light flashed in the void, brilliance flowing.

"Boom..." There was a sudden shock in the silent void, and the large array opened with this sound.

Suddenly, energy rushed into the Milky Way galaxy from the void, and the energy rushed into the various planets like a torrent, and quickly rushed toward the middle area.

"Broken! This is a great array of energy confinement." The middle-aged man suddenly annoyed and said, "Who set up this to block the cosmic energy, prevent it from entering the galaxy, and prevent biological evolution. It's a big deal!"

"It's broken, it can't be repaired?" the middle-aged man said anxiously.

"It seems that my level is not up to the level of setting up such a large array. It can be destroyed and cannot be reset." The middle-aged man was a little regretful.

"Ah! There is also a planet of intelligent creatures here? Or a human species, so the mutation will be extremely violent under the impact of energy, and the human race on this planet is afraid it will be difficult to survive!" The middle-aged man suddenly patted his forehead. "Oh! I broke the matter. Once I left, I'm afraid it will affect my Dao cultivation practice. Besides, it's my human race, I will try my best!" Then the middle-aged man whispered to himself softly. Tao.

"The Three Thousand Avenues lacks one. All creatures have a way out. I will leave a way for it! This chaotic treasure has been won for three thousand years. I have not studied it thoroughly. Send it to Yuer! I hope someone can solve it and keep it. This world is a ray of life!" The middle-aged man thought for a while as if he had made a decision. He stretched out his hand, and a dark ball appeared in his palm. He frowned in pain, and finally gritted his teeth and threw it away. The figure flashed and disappeared into the endless interstellar space out of thin air, but the black sphere turned into a streamer and flew straight towards a blue planet.

This person actually crossed the interstellar body and used teleport in the endless star field. How powerful is this strength, but no one has witnessed all of this. Human beings still regard the earth as the center of the universe. It is the only one. Then you can imagine that there is such a thing in the universe. A strong presence.

Di Ping was looking up at the starry sky, and suddenly saw a star in the distant starry sky suddenly lit up, and then felt the earth quake, like an earthquake, the cars in the community followed one by one with alarms. Up.

If you find from space, the whole earth is shaking, everyone feels the shaking, everyone thinks it is an earthquake, I believe that soon the world's earthquake sites should be busy.

"Is it an earthquake?" Di Ping was startled, and suddenly stood up to go downstairs.

At this time, a gust of wind blew, like a spring breeze, with a sweet smell in the wind, Di Ping quickly took a few deep breaths, "It smells good!"

Immediately afterwards, Di Ping felt a shock on his body, it seemed that something was being opened, and the heavy object on his body was removed, feeling relaxed all over.

"Isn't it really going to be an earthquake?" Di Ping was a little puzzled. It didn't feel like. The earth just shook, and then there was no response. The cars that called the police fell silent again.

"Damn, what's that?" Just as Di Ping retracted the body that was sticking out of the roof guardrail, he saw a light in the night sky flying straight in his direction.

"Meteor? I'm really sad!" Di Ping said that only this thought flashed, and the shining meteor instantly hit him. Di Ping only felt that his eyes were black and he had no consciousness.

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