Doomsday I Have a Super Survival System

An Kai wakes up and travels to the doomsday world. Zombies are rampant here, there is a nuclear explosion crisis, and in the near future, there will be a weather crisis. As a young man in society, An Kai does not have any survival skills, but he has a super survival system that c.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 222 Restructuring-4 major departments Chapter 221 Heavier burden Chapter 220 Make food again-gluten!

Chapter 219 A little celebration Chapter 218 Penetration plan & 2 months later Chapter 217 5 shelters in Herto Chapter 216 Captives and intelligence Chapter 215 Delusion and ambush Chapter 214 Bad people and landmines Chapter 213 Modified guide Chapter 212 Durut of Herto Chapter 211 Missiles and missile wells [4,000 characters]

Chapter 210 Detailed description of the transfer station Chapter 209 The greatest danger of the end Chapter 208 The first opening of the subway

Chapter 207 Information and Network Engineer-Leni Chapter 206 New plan Chapter 205 Mighty Master Chapter 204 Emotional breakdown, request to join! Chapter 203 Simple treatment Chapter 202 Master's experience and tragedy Chapter 201 2 messages Chapter 200 Share, ready to trade again Chapter 199 Keep a cat

Chapter 198 Ready to have a small pet Chapter 197 The new batch of grain is ripe Chapter 196 Anton's emotion Chapter 195 nature Chapter 194 Mary Chapter 193 Leisure time playing games Chapter 192 The layout after another adjustment Chapter 191 Life is trivial Chapter 190 Enthusiastic response Chapter 189 First taste of soy products Chapter 188 Beans and legumes are officially added to the recipe Chapter 187 A more fulfilling diet

Chapter 186 Batch manufacturing & change of eating habits Chapter 185 Train selection Chapter 184 Difficult and simple job Chapter 183 Ready to lay the rails Chapter 182 The situation of Ailanta Chapter 181 Bernard's 3 points summary Chapter 180 Ailanta's advantages and transaction requests Chapter 179 Alien survivor Chapter 178 On track Chapter 177 working arrangement Chapter 176 Banquets, food, high-value animals Chapter 175 An Kai has no bottom

Chapter 174 The quality of the newcomers is very good Chapter 173 Accidentally found Chapter 172 Newcomer loyalty Chapter 171 Ruthlessness and Potion of Fake Death Chapter 170 Healed all the staff and started to talk Chapter 169 Anton's family and emergency treatment Chapter 168 All staff in a coma Chapter 167 Some questions Chapter 166 New survivor Chapter 165 Someone wants to join Chapter 164 Enriching the transfer station Chapter 163 Simple and complex training plan

Chapter 162 Add a new person to Philip (haha) Chapter 161 What is a fighting genius? Chapter 160 Want to learn fighting skills Chapter 159 Forgotten system function Chapter 158 It's time to have a headache again Chapter 157 Vehicle production "base" Chapter 156 Transfer station Chapter 155 Just bear with it for a while Chapter 154 emergency Chapter 153 Start digging a tunnel Chapter 152 The beginning of the crazy expansion Chapter 151 Philip's pride

Chapter 150 trade Chapter 149 misfortune Chapter 148 Growth ambition Chapter 147 New survivor Chapter 146 Energy problem Chapter 145 I have a showdown! Chapter 144 Ready to trade, Curry’s advice Chapter 143 The problem of breeding Chapter 142 Expand the scale of planting Chapter 141 Human ambitions...heh! Chapter 140 Hill Climbing Machine Chapter 139 Test drive: Isn't this an automatic transmission?

Chapter 138 Power caravan Chapter 137 This is for me to trouble myself Chapter 136 Metro construction plan Chapter 135 Layout adjustment Chapter 134 Daily (2) Chapter 133 Daily (1) Chapter 132 Frame and "suppression" Chapter 131 Argument and doubt Chapter 130 Transaction ratio, new life is born Chapter 129 Herto survivor's trade request Chapter 128 Power Caravan Chapter 127 Engineer Level 5, Target Rotorcraft

Chapter 126 Transform the generator and re-supply Chapter 125 Outskirts of Herto Chapter 124 Coal and sun flower Chapter 123 Unlucky and lucky Chapter 122 Resource distribution, target north Chapter 121 Xin Hang Chapter 120 2nd mine Chapter 119 Reasons for development and risk Chapter 118 The future route, forcibly arranged Chapter 117 Get rid of Chapter 116 In hot pursuit, invulnerable Chapter 115 Titan 1

Chapter 114 Shelter on the tip of the tongue Chapter 113 Animals have also had a good harvest: 1,000 catties of fresh meat get! Chapter 112 Great harvest of plants, tears in the eyes Chapter 111 Strengthen defense, Ankai's requirements for others Chapter 110 Ready to upgrade the shelter Chapter 109 Equipment development direction Chapter 108 Successful return ~ Heatstroke, so uncomfortable Chapter 107 Harvest Chapter 106 Helpless facts Chapter 105 Small piercing bomb Chapter 104 2 mutated giant zombies, here comes!

Chapter 103 Zombie blocking the way Chapter 102 Modifications and plug-ins Chapter 101 Change strategy Chapter 100 Killing pig vegetables and mutant zombies Chapter 99 The birth of a new life Chapter 98 Drilling and aluminum ore Chapter 97 Underground facility Chapter 96 Phase 2 of the construction project Chapter 95 Games are not just games Chapter 94 Stable life, play time Chapter 93 End of the first exploration trip Chapter 92 Little Chef Emma

Chapter 91 "Talking" Chapter 90 Lack of harvest Chapter 89 Survivor in the warehouse Chapter 88 Back to the river bank Chapter 87 Plan to go out Chapter 86 Ration crisis Chapter 85 respect Chapter 84 Nuclear explosion is coming, a new era opens Chapter 83 ? Observatory and rocket, the nuclear explosion finally arrived Chapter 82 Job and skill match Chapter 81 Sustainable development of shelters Chapter 80 Extermination, suicide, cloud

Chapter 79 Chase and ambush Chapter 78 Good skills, choice of traps Chapter 77 Worries and persuasion Chapter 76 Kent's experience Chapter 75 Simpson to vote Chapter 74 Small water purifier Chapter 73 Retaliation is suspended and construction is underway Chapter 72 Kill 1 first without leaving alive Chapter 71 Is there a man behind the scenes? Chapter 70 Temporarily settled, Curry joined Chapter 69 Seriously injured and dying Chapter 68 Shelter planning, pharmaceutical factory crisis

Chapter 67 Shift, preparation and training room Chapter 66 Silent night Chapter 65 Make [room] and perspective function Chapter 64 Nuclear winter is coming, and the system is actively upgraded! Chapter 63 Final broadcast Chapter 62 Chef and birthday Chapter 61 New situation Chapter 60 Explosion feast Chapter 59 Shock, help the lizards! Chapter 58 1 small transaction Chapter 57 Special forces Chapter 56 Carter's request, start action

Chapter 55 Surveillance and motorcycle Chapter 54 A big gift for the wild dog help Chapter 53 Alliance invitation Chapter 52 Planting box and sun lamp Chapter 51 Brown 1 family Chapter 50 Lizard Gang's plan Chapter 49 Senior Meeting of the Wild Dog Gang Chapter 48 News of mutant zombies Chapter 47 Archery Master-Philip Chapter 46 Worthless Chapter 45 Advanced tools and aliens Chapter 44 Evacuated bar

Chapter 43 Invitation failed Chapter 42 Target Engineer Level 4 Chapter 41 They give too much Chapter 40 【Sniper】Return to help Chapter 39 the whole story Chapter 38 Dog hiding among wolves Chapter 37 Finally found the generator Chapter 36 Take turns shooting Chapter 35 A good harvest, set off again Chapter 34 Mary Bull Beer! ! ! Chapter 33 The virgin land-south of the riparian zone Chapter 32 Mary's disdain, new search direction

Chapter 31 Re-blooming beauty, comprehensive auxiliary development system Chapter 30 Mary joins, the membership system is open! Chapter 29 send invitation Chapter 28 Meet old friends Chapter 27 Goodbye Mary, an epic smasher Chapter 26 Proceed to Kelian Building Chapter 25 Get rid of the burden and return to the apartment Chapter 24 Survivor Curry, 2 big gangs go to war ~ XXIII. Sewing Machine Chapter Oil Refinery and Chemical Station Chapter 22 3 big gangs in the riverside area Chapter 21 Finally got the first BUFF Chapter 20 Go to the riverside area

Chapter 19 Simpson 1 Chapter 18 This is an opponent Chapter 17 A few small goals Chapter 16 The first thing you do when you go out is to go home... Chapter 15 Crazy home building! Crazy upgrade! Chapter 14 Various creations! Chapter 13 Engineer level two, comprehensive improvement! Chapter 12 The army fails, purgatory descends; the wooden wall closes the road and escalates again Chapter 11 What does it mean that the plan cannot keep up with the changes? Chapter 10 The first peaceful exchange with local survivors Chapter 9 Is this a treasure map? Chapter 8 Business district

Chapter 7 The preparation is complete! Chapter 6 Ready to go out Chapter 5 People still have to rely on themselves Chapter 4 future plan Chapter 3 Kill the zombies for the first time, and the system is officially launched! Chapter 2 Repair and strengthen Chapter 1 There is a system across the apocalypse

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