"There is a signal! There are signals from other shelters!"

   Lola's voice suddenly sounded from the horn of the shelter.

   Lola is Anton’s daughter, one of the survivors of the small town. She joined the shelter with Anton and others before, but she was in a coma for a while because of her weakness, and then officially joined after she became sober.

   Her skill is piano and she has certain educational ability, so the course she is now in charge of is music class. See clearly, it's a music lesson, not a piano lesson.

  In terms of music theory, Laura also has a certain level, so it is more appropriate to teach music knowledge. But music lessons can only be regarded as hobby classes in the shelter at present, with an average of only one session in five days, so when there is no class, she will also go to the broadcast room to help. In fact, there are no full-time personnel waiting in the broadcasting room today.

It’s mainly about broadcasting. It’s important to say that it’s really important, but most shelters cannot be used, so if you want to find other survivors by broadcasting, it’s really too difficult, especially now that it’s still a nuclear bomb. This is even more difficult in the later era.

   Therefore, although An Kai hopes to be connected with other shelters in the broadcasting system... But there is one thing to say, to what extent he can do it, he has no idea at all.

   And over time, he has gradually given up the idea of ​​communicating with other people through broadcasting.

   Because the possibility is really getting lower and lower.

   When the nuclear explosion just happened, the broadcasting system was completely unusable. If it were not for the dense steel bars in the walls of his shelter, he estimated that all the electronic equipment would have to be protected. Even he, who has the system, hangs like this, let alone the others. It is extremely difficult to survive. They want to protect a whole set of broadcasting equipment, and have the ability to live to the present, and also broadcast broadcasting... Is there such a person? It is estimated that there will be, and those large shelters should have such capabilities.

   But there are probably not many people who can do it.

   After all, considering the main types of broadcasting, in this era, almost all are restricted.

  The most common one is ground waves, which are electric waves that propagate along the surface of the planet. During the propagation process, the electric wave is absorbed by the ground, so the propagation distance is not far. The higher the frequency, the greater the ground absorption, so when shortwave and ultrashort waves propagate along the ground, the distance is relatively close, generally no more than 100 kilometers, while the medium wave propagation distance is relatively long. The advantage is that it is less affected by the climate, the signal is stable, and the communication reliability is high.

   The second type is the electric wave propagated by the reflection of the ionosphere in the atmosphere, called sky waves, or ionospheric reflection waves. The transmitted radio waves are reflected by the ionosphere more than 70-80 kilometers from the ground to the receiving location, and their propagation distance is relatively long, generally more than 1,000 kilometers. The disadvantage is that it is greatly affected by the ionospheric climate and the propagation signal is very unstable. The short-wave frequency band is the best frequency band for sky-wave propagation. The short-wave single-sideband radio stations equipped by fishing vessels are equipment that uses sky-wave propagation for long-distance communication.

   The third type is a space linear wave, a radio wave that propagates in a straight line from the launching site to the receiving site in space, also known as the linear wave or line-of-sight wave. The propagation distance is the line-of-sight range, which is only tens of kilometers. The walkie-talkies and radars equipped with fishing vessels are all equipment that uses space wave propagation to communicate.

   These three broadcasting methods have almost all been greatly affected in this era of radioactive dust all over the sky.

To be honest, An Kai doesn’t know what kind of band can be used to transmit information smoothly in this situation. Anyway, the broadcasting equipment he made with the system can accept almost all types of band signals, so he is still running. The broadcast system is completely in the mentality of having a shot. Anyway, the machine is there, it is nothing more than a bit of electricity, and he has long been hopeful about whether it can really receive the signal.

   However, he received a signal today, and An Kai's whole person was taken aback for a while before he suddenly reacted.

   Without a word, he rushed out of the cafeteria and ran all the way to the broadcasting room on the first floor.

   Mary was already waiting here at this time.

   "Are you sure the signal?"

   An Kai asked, strode into the broadcasting room.

   It was Lola who was sitting in the broadcasting room. She had stood up at this time, and saw An Kai enter the door, and immediately handed him the headset in her hand.

   "OK, the signal direction is more than 120 kilometers to the southwest..."


   An Kai stretched out his hand while talking.

  Mary immediately escaped a provincial map and laid it out in front of An Kai.

   "One hundred and twenty kilometers..."

   Ankai flicked his finger on the map and quickly locked the approximate signal location.

   "Jetton City, a county-level city, a tourist city..."

   At the same time, there was a prickling sound in my ears, and a somewhat vague sound came out again.

   "This is... a shelter... request... assistance... we... shortfall... can't hold on... please... help..."

   The voice is intermittent.

   Obviously, the external environment has a great influence on the broadcast signal.

   This is because the broadcasting system of Ankai shelter is powerful enough to catch these signals. If it is replaced with other shelters, even if there is a broadcasting system, it will not catch the signal in all likelihood. Or even if you can catch it, you can't hear the sound inside.

   While listening to the sound in the earphones, An Kai also looked at the display of the broadcaster.

   There is a radar chart above, the direction of the locked signal source is southwest, and the approximate distance of the signal has been marked on it.

   He doesn't know whether the broadcast system in reality has similar capabilities, or whether professional equipment that captures broadcast signals has similar capabilities. Anyway, the broadcast system provided by the system has this ability, which greatly facilitates Ankai.

Of course, the signal direction is not a big problem, but if the distance...can't be sure that it is exactly 120 kilometers, it may be farther or closer, but if you look in this direction, as long as the other party can continue to release the broadcast signal, then You can definitely find it. It's just that Ankai has a little doubt, why hasn't anyone been broadcasting for so long before? Why hasn't a broadcast signal appeared until now?

   If it is said that after the nuclear bomb has washed the ground, everyone has been trying to avoid the radiation dust for a long time, he can understand.

   Before the nuclear bomb can wash the ground? Why has no one ever sent a broadcast signal?

   An Kai can’t figure it out, so he is a little hesitant now. It’s this so-called distress signal. Is it a trap to fall to the ground?

   Will someone deliberately choose such a time to release such a broadcast, attract some kind people to rescue, and then take the opportunity to sneak attack or something... Isn't it impossible!

  Moreover, the current plan of the shelter is very full, and Herto's strategy is right in front of him. To be honest, An Kai is powerless even if he has the intention.

   He took off his headphones.

   "Continue to capture the signal, keep paying attention, and record the time and related information, including all the distress content, but do not make any response."

   An Kai decided to wait and see for a while.

   If the other party disappears without a trace during this period of time, it can only mean that the other party's life is not good. He is responsible for the entire shelter. It is impossible to send someone there because of such a distress signal. Whether it is a trap or a real call for help, Ankai must first ensure that his plan does not go wrong before he has the heart to consider saving others. If there is still information coming from the other side after the end of Herto’s Raiders, the shelter that will be expanded again at that time can send some people over to take a look.

   When the strategy is over, the number of people in the shelter will surely usher in an explosive growth. Even if some people are lost, it will not be too distressing. For now, forget it.

"okay, I get it."

  Lola nodded, put on the earphones, and sat back again.

   An Kai put away the map and walked back with Mary.

   On the way, Mary raised her doubts. An Kai briefly said her reason. Mary thought about it and said nothing more.

   Since An Kai already has her own ideas, Mary will of course give her full support.

   As for other people... he doesn't need to explain. In fact, he doesn't even need to explain Mary. Who makes him the leader?

   came to the elevator door, and the two separated temporarily.

  Mary went to the control center, and now the control center was moved to the first floor by Ankai. At the moment when the main gates were all sealed, the safety factor on the first floor was still very high. The location of the control center is closer to the central axis of the mountain, and the surrounding rock layers are thicker. Even if someone bombards them with missiles, it is difficult to affect the control center.

   And An Kai took the elevator, returned to the restaurant, and continued to check the dishes for today's celebration banquet.

  Because it is a buffet, dishes that are too soupy are not suitable.

An Kai did not interfere too much with western food. After all, although he is a junior chef, when he acquires the skills, he prefers Chinese food rather than Western food. In addition, he doesn't really understand the taste of the locals. I've been getting along for a while, but I've left it to the chef to discuss and discuss the western food arrangements. Including Emma, ​​there are a total of two half-cookers, of which Emma is considered half. Discussions between them are much more convenient than forced arrangements on Ankai's side.

   Ankai is only responsible for Chinese dishes.

   Hot dishes, he thought for a while and decided to get four dishes out.

   Fried meatballs, stir-fried vegetables, braised tofu, and a braised pork.

   cold dishes are even simpler. Three dishes of tofu with scallions, cold gluten, and elbow with soy sauce are enough.

   Of course, the whole celebration banquet can’t consist of just a few dishes. The remaining part will be solved by the two half-cooking ladies. Anyway, they know better what the shelters like to eat, so An Kai doesn’t need to worry too much.

  He appeared in the kitchen today. In addition to determining the menu, the most important thing is to be responsible for the production of several dishes.

   Among them, the fried meatballs, he made tofu meatballs, which tasted delicious. In fact, the main ingredients are tofu and pork suet.

   Boiled tofu is so hard to watch, you can leave it to be watched after the initial steps are completed. The braised pork is a little bit more complicated. The main reason is that if it is not done well, it may not be delicious. This Ankai has to be used personally.

The elbow in sauce was made a few days ago. When An Kai felt that his subway was about to succeed, he took the time to prepare the elbow one night and put it in the cold storage. Now he only needs to take it out and cut it into slices. .

   Of all these dishes, the most troublesome thing is actually the cold gluten.

   The process of making gluten is actually not complicated.

   For a junior chef, making gluten is no more difficult than noodles.

   Ankai first pours enough flour into a stainless steel bowl, adds 60% water equivalent to the weight of the flour, and then 1% salt equivalent to the water. After mixing well, it can easily be processed into a strong sticky dough.

   Let the dough stand for one hour. Because the temperature in the shelter has recently been relatively high, he felt that the rest time was shortened a bit, mainly to prevent the dough from becoming sour. Another point to note here is that the amount of water should not be too much, so that the protein will not be dispersed in the water before it can be bonded, which will bring difficulties to the operation and also affect the gluten extraction rate.

   After the dough woke up enough, An Kai took the dough out of the basin with skill, put it on a rough cage cloth and began to pour water, while washing it while washing it.

   This step is the most important step for making gluten.

   When kneading and washing, the starch flows away with the water, and the protein that remains in the cage and sticks together is the wet gluten.

   The more washing times, the lower the starch inclusion rate in the gluten, the higher the protein content, and the better the quality.

   Generally speaking, it is almost enough to wash three to five times.

  The water used to wash the flour can't be wasted either. Ankai uses a large clean container to collect all the water.

   These water contains a lot of starch, simple precipitation can obtain wheat starch, stir-fry and soup, etc. need to use the peak to thicken.

   Let’s talk about gluten. The moisture content of wet gluten is 38% and protein is about 60%. The surface is smooth, elastic and tough. If you continue to make at this time, there are two options. One of them is oily gluten, which is made into a ball with your hands and fried in a hot oil pan until golden brown and taken out; or put the washed gluten into a boiling water pan and boil for 80 minutes until cooked, UU read www.uukanshu. com is "water gluten".

The nutritional content of gluten, especially the protein content, is higher than that of lean pork, chicken, eggs and most soy products. It is a high-protein, low-fat, low-sugar, and low-calorie food. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements. , Is one of the traditional cuisine.

   But An Kai remembers that he had read some articles on the Internet before crossing. Some said that gluten contained high calories, and some said that the area contained acrolein.

   There are also some articles saying that certain foods are not suitable for eating with gluten. Such as spinach, bamboo shoots, amaranth, etc., because it contains high oxalic acid, and gluten cannot be eaten with foods high in oxalic acid. The reason is that gluten contains high calcium. Calcium and oxalic acid can produce insoluble or incompatible calcium oxalate, which affects calcium. absorb.

   Anyway, I have everything, but An Kai wants to say that it’s not good to eat too much.

   Drinking too much water is poisoned, eating too much food and getting fat, eating too much sugar and diabetes, no matter what you have to master.

   Gluten is not a hassle to make. It is more of a technique. He intends to teach this technique to add a small variety to the shelter’s diet. Anyway, as long as it is not a meal, he uses gluten as a staple food, and if he eats one occasionally, he thinks it is not a big problem.

   Time soon arrived in the afternoon, and the working people gradually got off work and gathered in the cafeteria.

   Celebration dinner, about to begin!

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