At the moment when the first phase of the subway project went through the whole line, An Kai just wanted to shout out loud.

   It's not easy.

   Although the whole construction process is not tiring, and he does not need to dig stones with his own hands, but during this period of time, working day and night, rushing to race against time, still put him under some psychological pressure.

   Now that the subway is running through, the psychological pressure is quickly dissipated, and the next step is to wait for Kent and their infiltration operations to achieve initial results.

The previous calculation time is four months, that is, a two-month training period and a two-month penetration period. However, considering that a base is to be built on the subway side, it is necessary to provide two teams at a critical moment. With some help within his capacity, An Kai took the initiative to reduce the time, from four months to two months, and the workload suddenly doubled. This was the main reason for his sudden increase in pressure.

   Fortunately, now the subway project is finally completed, and this location, if nothing else, should be on the outskirts of Herto.

   is the kind of suburbs, similar to the urban-rural fringe.

Considering the scale of Herto, even in the suburbs, its underground facilities are probably in the unified planning of urban construction, so this issue should be considered a little. It can not be said that shelters are built, and they are built. It's not suitable to build it in the underground facility of Herto, or if a wall appears out of thin air and cut off the original underground facility directly from the middle.

   This requires Ankai to be as careful as possible when building the base, and use more models to explore the way.

The "perspective" brought by the model is irrelevant to the light and darkness. As long as the model is placed down and the location of the model is obstructed, it will be scanned out by the model in a similar scanning method, and depending on the density, a simple block will be performed. Division, so if there happens to be an underground facility overhead, and there happens to be a person, then as long as the model is placed on it, the person can be displayed immediately, which can only be said to be very convenient.

   And what is the advantage of this location in the suburbs?

   One is that it is convenient to transport materials. From now on, this base will be the main industrial base of the shelter.

  All aspects of heavy industrial production, including smelting and refurbishing of metal materials, will also be carried out here.

Then the collection and transportation of raw materials shouldn’t be too troublesome. If they are really located ten kilometers outside the city of Herto... The longer it moves on the ground, the more dangerous it is. In addition, transactions with the natives of Herto should also take this into consideration. It is not good to be too close, as it is easy for the opponent to directly grab their position. Of course, the latter is temporary. As long as the shelter can successfully capture Herto, even if it can only capture part of the survivors, the situation will be quickly reversed, and at least it can have a certain degree of self-protection.

   The second is related to the stability of an underground structure.

In cities like Herto, the underground structure is also very complicated. At the beginning of the construction, the builders had already calculated various load-bearing structural problems. Ankai doesn’t want to risk destroying those load-bearing structures when he builds a shelter underground. If one is not careful, it causes a high-rise building above to collapse, even if it is a shelter built systematically, it may not be able to hold it. , Then the trouble can be big.

   The suburbs are different. In the suburbs, the overall height of the building is not so high, even if it collapses, it is not a big deal.

   In short, this location is not a figure calculated by Ankai. He just knows that Herto is about 100 kilometers away from his shelter, then determines the direction and builds it all the way.

   was able to fall to the outskirts, which was a surprise to him.

  Look at the time, it is already nine o'clock in the evening, and An Kai is not ready to continue.

   The completion of the first phase of the subway project is a matter of celebration. Tomorrow, he will hold a celebration in the shelter to celebrate the completion of the subway line. In fact, the significance of this event is really small. It is not about the event itself, but for the main body of celebration this time, the subway.

   This subway looks exaggerated, but it has nothing to do with the members of the shelter. Apart from their daily work, they do not do other tasks.

   The entire subway design, construction, and connection are all done by Ankai himself.

   Without hard work, everyone may not have enough enthusiasm for the celebration. Of course, if Ankai is willing to give everyone a good meal, then everyone’s enthusiasm must be there.

After all, Ankai organized this event mainly for himself. At the same time, it also waits for others to know about the existence of this subway. At present, there are not many people in the shelter who know about it, except for one at the transit station. In addition to working young people, there are two defense teams. Mary, Bernard and others know that the subway will definitely be used for a long time in the future. Some of the current members of the shelter will also be divided into other bases. , So it is necessary to let them know the existence of the subway in advance.

   Take the train back to the shelter. It is already half past ten. There is still a cook in the kitchen working, mainly washing and soaking beans.

   In addition, the leader An Kai has not eaten dinner yet, so naturally she can't rest.

An Kai's dinner is also very simple, mainly because it is too late. The kang-tou rice is delicious and difficult to digest. He ate a piece of bread casually, drank a bowl of goat's milk, and then ate some fruit. He only ate everything. Just take a few mouthfuls and make sure that you won't wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

   Back to the bedroom, Mary was still reading, An Kai took a brief wash and waited until the time had passed eleven o'clock, when it was close to 11:30, then she turned off the lights and went to bed.

   No words for a night.

   Early the next morning, the kitchen got busy first.

   Today’s banquet, the main content is still eating, and theatrical performances are not considered for the time being. Everyone has no training in normal times, and there is no advance arrangement. In a hasty, there is no good-looking show.

   So we still have to focus on eating, drinking and having fun.

  Entertainment projects are not open at will. After all, it is a rule set by the shelter. Nowadays, there are not many people. It does not matter if it is open, but what if there are more people in the future? Is it because every time you encounter a similar banquet or celebration, you have to open all places arbitrarily? That will inevitably cause all kinds of competitions, and then there will be more quarrels and contradictions, it will not be good.

   So the entertainment items are still locked, but according to different levels, like Kent's level, today is purely free.

And like the small town survivors and Masters (originally two groups, Ankai considered that the latter is more powerful and there is not much time difference between them, so they merged into one group), used today The price of these entertainment items can also be reduced a lot. When there are more people in the future, Ankai may try to build more entertainment rooms, or build a larger event space like a theater, and then sell tickets to accommodate multiple people at one time. As for the content of the movie is relatively old... I can only say that I can't watch it, anyway, he won't force it.

   Of course, this belongs to the future plan. At present, it has only passed through his mind for a while, and has not thought about it.

   Although there is a celebration today, it does not mean that everyone does not have to work. After breakfast, most people go to work. Master and others continue to train, while An Kai stays in the kitchen and prepares today’s dishes.

   Now he basically doesn't do it himself.

   Yes, on the one hand, Emma's understanding of Chinese food was very weak at that time, and she couldn't teach her how to teach. On the other hand, there were few people at the time, so he took a little effort to get everyone's food out.

   can't do this now.

   Not to mention that the number of shelters is gradually increasing, and he is really powerless to get it on his own. It's not a problem to say that it's not a problem to grab the job of the cook girl back and forth. Emma still can't understand some of the skills and preparation methods of Chinese food well, but other cooks can. After all, Emma is still not rich in work experience, and her ability to learn by analogy is relatively poor.

   Another very important reason is that An Kai can’t get started by himself now, and it’s his own "dignity" issue.

   As the so-called "near is not inferior", as a leader, he should have the side of Qingmin, but at the same time, he should also ensure his sense of mystery as much as possible. If there is no sense of mystery at all, the people below may not be respectful to him. This is not to prevent betrayal or something. There is a panel, so there is no need to worry about these people betraying. This is mainly due to the fact that in the future, when the number of shelters increases, if there is no sense of mystery, wouldn't anyone pull him to say this?

   The bigger the shelter, the more things he has to deal with. If he is really involved in all kinds of trivial things, then he will not do anything.

   Or pay attention to it now and ignore it later?

   That's not good either.

   It may not matter to newcomers, but what about old people?

For example, the current newcomers, An Kai and them are still communicating as frequently as Kent and others. When the shelter becomes larger and the newcomers now become old people, if he rashly changes this style, these people Are you not used to it? It is unreasonable to ignore the feelings of others at all. Even if loyalty is not reduced, people are limited by temper and mood. A bad mood or a bad temper will also affect work efficiency and even affect the interior of the shelter. Atmospheric.

   All in all, it’s very complicated to say, but in fact, An Kai’s most attention is still-so many people’s food, he can’t do it!

   So I can only give it to someone else.

The form of    banquet is a buffet, which can accommodate both Chinese and Western dishes.

  The cold dishes are mainly Chinese dishes, and the cold dishes in Western dishes...Anyway, Ankai feels that there are a few types, either vegetable salads, fruit salads, or all kinds of meat.

For    regular dishes, there are both Chinese and Western dishes. Anyway, there are so many ingredients. If the chefs can use these ingredients to make new dishes on the basis of today, he would also welcome them very much.

   The staple food is all kinds of pasta, needless to say.

For    drinks, you don’t need to think about alcohol, and milk can’t be served openly, so soup and soy milk are the main ingredients.

   Soy milk, now in the shelter, it has been accepted by more and more people and has gradually become the mainstream beverage.

The main thing is that the taste itself is good. Adding a little sugar can greatly enhance the flavor. There is no too obvious and persuasive odor. Most people can easily accept it. Moreover, this thing is low in cost and easy to make. simple. Among the beverages made with the same scarce raw materials, apart from goat milk, no other beverage can match the taste of soy milk.

   After all, you only need beans to make soy milk. For soup, you also need a variety of ingredients to match the flavor.

   Liquor is simple, but the problem is that wine requires food. This alone is temporarily difficult to achieve.

   Well, it's not really impossible, but An Kai is now forcibly controlling this, not allowing people in the shelter to drink casually.

Drinking alcohol will inevitably lead to mistakes, and while grain production continues to increase, the transaction volume is also increasing. Even if there is a surplus, but to be honest, whenever you can spend it casually, you can only continue to use it for brewing. Wait.

   But An Kai got a new soup for the shelter, that is, pimple soup.

   The production method is also very simple. It is to mix flour and water into strands, then boil a pot of water, pour the strands of noodles in, stir quickly, and then add various seasonings... This is one way. There is also a pot of green onion, **** and garlic, and then add water to boil the soup. Of course, no matter what method is used tomatoes are generally indispensable, mainly because tomatoes can enhance the flavor and color. If you are not so particular about it, it is natural to change to other materials.

   In short, there are so many dishes, there are more dishes, but the types have not changed much.

There are still some plant seeds in the warehouse that have not been planted. They actually cover most of the food materials that can be seen or used in daily life, but nowadays, in addition to herbs and some necessary vegetables and beans, the shelter is fully producing food. Considering that the number of farmers is limited, and the area that can provide bonuses is also limited, Ankai is not too lazy to get all the vegetables out for the time being.

   There is no need for that either.

  Who would dare to say that the current food tastes bad?

   If anyone has an opinion, it’s simple, just don’t eat it.

   He was hungry for three, four days, four or five days, and he didn’t have any comments to keep.

  All the people who have many problems are people who eat too much. They are really hungry to the point of gnawing on the bark. Where can there be so much nonsense?

   The kitchen ladies were preparing in full swing, An Kai strolled all the way to the first floor of the shelter.

   He wants to go to the training room to exercise, and then go to the study room to see if he is also learning something new... The door of the broadcasting room suddenly opens.

   "There is a signal! There are signals from other shelters!"

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