After figuring out the general situation of Herto, I have to say that An Kai is relieved a lot.

   At least he already knows that Durut's strength is only moderate among the five shelters in Herto.

   At the moment when most shelters—regardless of their size—cannot produce their own food, Durut, who first looted the large local granary in Herto, is actually a target of criticism.

   One him, one Gerante, they are all targets of other shelters, who will rush to bite them if they have a chance. No way, who made them too fat.

   Needless to say, Durut, grabbing so much food was a recognized goal from the beginning. Had it not been for someone under his hand to have a gun, and other shelters now had food to eat, I am afraid that there would have been a fight between the parties. On the other side of Gerante, because of his original status as a big landlord, he has saved a huge amount of grain reserves in his grain production year after year. You should know that he is not only a landlord, but also one of Herto's largest grain merchants, so he may not have as much grain in his hand as Durut, but it is definitely a lot.

And compared to the Durut Sanctuary, the Gerant Sanctuary is located in a more remote location. It is located in a small col. The surrounding area has already been built like an iron barrel by it. As long as it is not forced to be impossible, I am afraid that no one Willing to trouble him easily.

   Apart from these two shelters, other shelters are now gradually moving towards food shortages.

   Farman is probably the most serious.

   Master analyzed this way.

"She has the most people and the most complicated staff composition. This woman is very skilled. In these days, she can make shelters like cults and brainwash people into religious fanatics. It’s really amazing. But because there are too many people, she certainly has the largest area, but the food is definitely not enough to eat. Even if it can barely maintain at this stage, no matter how enthusiastic people are, they still have to eat, so Farman may be the best breakthrough."

"What about the rest?"

   An Kai asked.

   "Otto and Nan Lawson are not much better.

I have been in contact with Otto many times, and I can say that I know him very well. He is a talent and has some vision, but after all, he is just a gang leader, limited by his social class and vision, and the food in his hand is also Not too much. However, this guy has a drug production line in his hand, which can produce a lot of illegal drugs. Farman can brainwash people into lunatics, and it is estimated that he has traded with Otto.

The two are actually in a hidden state of alliance. Although it is a very unreliable and loose state, it has to be said that there are still some threats, and considering that both of them are short of food, I want to provoke them. The contradiction between the two is unlikely. "

   Master frowned and thought.

   "Probably the best situation is the alliance between Otto and Farman, to attack Durut or Gerant, and then find a way to involve the other party."

   "Then what about Nan Lawson you were talking about?"

   An Kai asked.

   "It's difficult."

   Master shook his head.

"Although Nan Lawson is also one of the five large shelters, he is not the same as the other four shelters. His personal charm is very bad, and there is no loyalty to those who follow him. It's an alliance of interests. If there were not many people and Nan Lawson had good medical skills, it would be difficult to create the scale it is today.

   In fact, before I left Herto, the battle between Nan Lawson’s shelter and the small surrounding shelters never stopped. They are not only full of internal conflicts, but also various conflicts with the outside world, so in fact, Nan Lawson can be left alone. Even if the four large shelters in the north break his head, it is estimated that he has no time to intervene. But on the other hand, it should be impossible to involve him.

Although this guy has a very poor character, he has many cleverness and he is particularly good at escaping his life. Several small shelters have joined forces to attack him before, causing the deaths and injuries of Nan Lawson’s people. Escaped, and it didn't take long for a large number of subordinates to be assembled and returned to Nancheng.

Of course, that was the situation before the nuclear bomb exploded. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer battles on the surface of Herto. Everyone mainly focuses on avoiding radiation, so even if the North City is really scorched, it is estimated that this guy It will certainly not emerge. So Ann, if your goal is to unify the entire Herto, then this Nan Lawson is definitely your biggest obstacle.

   Even when necessary, it may require a strong attack. "

   Master said in a deep voice.

To be honest, after Ankai heard the information of the five major shelters in Herto before, he regarded every large shelter as an imaginary enemy, Durut, Otto, Faman, Gerant...every one was taken out. , Are the existence that the current Ankai shelter is completely irresistible, only this Nan Lawson, maybe there is such a chance that it can be defeated only by his own shelter. But he never expected that after a lap, this Nan Lawson might become his biggest resistance to annexing Herto.

"In addition, those small shelters are also very troublesome...Although they lack food and their lives are threatened at any time, please believe that there are many careerists in these people. Even if they have nowhere to go, these careerists are very likely. They will fight to the death, and the small shelters themselves are weak. They have long been accustomed to moving in various underground facilities. Even I cannot understand all the underground facilities in Herto, so once our people officially enter the city In Alto's case, it is very likely that these people will be shot.

These small shelters alone are not a big deal, but there are too many shelters. Just a few blocks around my original shelter, there are no less than ten small shelters. All of them are like demons. It’s the same. I’m so hungry that I’m only skinny and crazy. I can really kill people for a piece of bread. There are even several shelters that have been cannibalized... So I suggest that if you want to eat the whole For Herto, it's best to start with North City first.

   provoked the contradiction between the four shelters, let them kill each other, when we can enter the arena, quickly defeat them one by one. After integrating the resources of the North City, and then plotting the South City, this is the most appropriate and safest way I can think of. "

   Master said solemnly.

   An Kai kept nodding when he heard the words.

   Strategies or something, he is also at the level of a novice. He once defeated two big gangs in the river bank area and relied on the power of the system. He himself is really not a person who is good at arranging troops and playing tricks, so he doesn't have that cell.

   Master is not exactly a talent in this area, but he is a police chief after all, and he must be somewhat better than Ankai.

   And as a person from Herto, he has a better understanding of the situation in Herto. With such a plan, Ankai can't find any shortcomings anyway.

   "Then it's so decided, and Herto's strategy plan is to follow Master's idea."

  Since I don’t have a better way, I can simply delegate power.

  An Kai still trusts Master very much. After all, the loyalty on Master's personal panel is not a joke.


   After arranging future plans for Herto, Ankai devoted all his time to the construction of the subway.

   If they follow the original plan, they will begin to infiltrate Herto in at most two months.

  The main person to penetrate is naturally Master, but Kent and Philip will also go, and both teams will be dispatched by then.

  The Master team is responsible for responding and making suggestions, while the Kent and Philip teams are responsible for the main infiltration work. Because they are outsiders, there is no need to worry about being recognized by the natives of Herto. As long as it doesn't sneak into Durut's shelter and Master's original shelter directly. Moreover, the Master Team is not doing nothing. In the Master Team, in addition to the big bulb of Master, other people can also join in the action.

   Their main target is actually the Otto Sanctuary.

   In addition, if you can find the person who was in charge of trading with Kent and the others in the Durut Sanctuary, and kill him, in fact, the Durut Sanctuary can also be infiltrated latently.

   Gerante Sanctuary is completely closed, except for occasional foreign transactions, it is almost closed, so outsiders can't get in.

   It's a bit scary to tell the truth in Farman. Although there are systematic power and loyalty data bars, Ankai is very sure that the so-called brainwashing will not affect them. But if you are not afraid of 10,000, you are afraid of it. What if?

   This situation has to be guarded.

   In short, after arranging future plans, Ankai will speed up the construction of the subway.

According to the two-month preparation period and the maximum two-month penetration period, this means that Ankai must complete at least 80 kilometers of subway schedule in the next four months, which is equivalent to every two months. Ten kilometers, an average of 0.7 kilometers per day. The length of a standard tunnel is ten meters, 700 meters is 70 sections. On average, one section takes two to three minutes. So just to make the tunnel, it takes several hours a day to complete. This does not count the laying of railroad tracks, power supply equipment, and so on.

   Also, other issues must be considered, such as whether the tunnel needs to change direction if it accidentally encounters groundwater.

   For another example, if there are special circumstances in the shelter, Ankai may occasionally fail to carry out construction.

In addition, it is useless to get through the subway alone. His plan is to build a shelter under Herto, which is larger than the current shelter, and will even use Herto’s underground shelter as the main body of the shelter in the future...Of course. This was the previous plan. Later, after determining the situation on Ai Lan Tower, he decided to include Ai Lan Tower in his underground shelter plan. At that time, the original shelter located at the center of the two sides, I am afraid Still have to exist as the main body of the shelter.

   Of course, these things have not been completely fixed yet, and it is uncertain whether they will change in the future, but it is certain that no matter where the main shelter will be placed in the future, the scale of the shelter under Herto will not be small.

   If today's shelter is an agricultural, food and livestock center, and the transfer station is a vehicle weapon center, then Herto will be the industrial center of the shelter in the future.

   Various metal resources on the ground and coal resources are enough for Ankai to build a qualified industrial center.

   Therefore, the underground facilities that will be needed will definitely not be small.

   Even if you don’t talk about getting it in one step, at least it has to be about the same initial scale, which means that his time on the construction of the subway will be even shorter.

For this reason, Ankai did not dare to waste any more time, and began to soak in the tunnel all day long, constantly pushing the tunnel forward, and at the same time laying the rails and the power grid all the way through. At the same time, considering the power consumption of the power grid itself, he The power supply device was also transferred from the main shelter to the transfer station. Although the distance between the two parties is only about 20 kilometers, for the continuously moving subway project, if the electricity is supplied from the transfer station, it will undoubtedly save a lot of unnecessary energy consumption. .

   Just like that, two months passed in a flash.

In the past two months, the transaction has continued, and the planting area of ​​the shelter has been expanded and expanded. Now the entire second floor is already a plantation house. The monthly grain output is large, and it is also supplied for self-consumption. The two shelters in Herto, and the large-scale shelter trading in Ailanta, were barely available. In fact, Ankai can completely reduce the transaction amount. Anyway, he is a grain producer, so he has the final say.

   But when he thought of letting the counterparties, especially the survivors of Ailanta, develop the habit of relying on himself, he could only grit his teeth and expand the planting area.

The result is naturally good. Constantly trading and constantly gathering a large amount of materials, especially the chemical raw materials of Ailan Tower, greatly increase the inventory of Ankai Refuge. The direct impact is that the types of items that can be manufactured have increased. As for Herto, the deal with Durut is mainly to paralyze the other side.

   The Durut Shelter, which lost twenty combatants, did not show any abnormality, as if the twenty people lost were not theirs.

   The Kent Phillips team and the Master team have been training hard in these two months. They not only exercise daily in the training room to improve their physical fitness, but also learn all kinds of knowledge that they have not mastered before in the study room. If you want to infiltrate Herto’s large shelter, it’s always good to have more skills. In addition, the shooting range has become one of the main areas of activity for the two teams, especially those of the Masters. Although they are all policemen, they have few opportunities to use guns on weekdays. Their shooting ability is better than that of ordinary people. Stronger, but also limited, otherwise they would not lose multiple comrades in a hurry when Master was raided.

   It can only be said that these young people still have a long way to go, and their shooting ability urgently needs to be improved.

   Fortunately, there are bullets in the shelter. An Kai just used a large number of bullets to forcibly increase the shooting level of these people.

As for An Kai, after two months of overtime work, he finally extended the length of the subway to a hundred kilometers when there were still three days left in two months. At this time, he happened to be in the suburb of Herto. As long as you dig upwards, you will soon be able to dig the outer underground facilities of Herto. The first phase of the subway project is finally completed!

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