A big city like Herto is extremely complicated, whether it is before the end or after the end.

   Just as An Kai once knew, a university dormitory with only six people can have seven to nine WeChat groups. What does this show? Explains the complexity of people's hearts and the complexity of social relations.

   Society is simple, but the people in the society and the various relationships created by these people are complicated so that the best minds in the world can hardly sort out thoroughly.

  Herto is the same.

   As a big city with a population of tens of millions, there are all kinds of people in it.

  Police, soldiers, politicians, businessmen, teachers, professors, doctors, clerks... until the ruffians, gangsters, criminals, as long as you can think of, there are everywhere.

   Before the end, politicians are in charge of the government, and businessmen are influencing politicians. Together with gangsters, the gangsters hide in the dark side of the city and may turn into criminals at any time.

   But after the end, these relationships have changed. Rich and powerful businessmen and politicians have set up large shelters one after another. They rob resources, save weapons, feed thugs and young brothers, and become armed groups one after another, in this land that has almost become ruins. It continued the various struggles before the end of the day. It's just that the goal of their struggle has changed from money and power to various survival resources.

   A little **** named Matt told everything he knew, the most detailed of which was all kinds of information about Durut’s shelter.

   Of course, limited by his own status and abilities, the information he can provide is still not comprehensive, and it can even be said that there are many missing.

   But I have to say that even the severely missing information is of great value to An Kai and others.

   Matt whispered, from the clear speech at the beginning, to the intermittent later, seeing that he had already said everything he could say.

   Behind him, a door suddenly opened on the wall that was originally seamless.

   Kent and Master quickly walked in. When Matt was too late to react, Master cut his hands back and tied them to death with handcuffs. Kent buttoned a mask on Matt's face, and within a few seconds, Matt rolled his eyes and passed out into a coma.

   "Take it away."

   An Kai waved his hand, got up and left the temporary prison.

   This room is located next to the training area on the first floor. It was newly built for interrogation and prisoners.

   But Ankai Sanctuary currently does not require captives, especially those from this kind of punks. He didn’t even check the other party’s attributes. If he wanted to check the attributes directly, he had to invite the other person to join the shelter, but if he invited him and confirmed that the other party’s loyalty was high, how would he deal with it at that time? Woolen cloth? Not only did his "invitation" become bullshit, but seeing that high loyalty might be wasted in vain, I guess he would feel it a pity.

   So since it is expected that it will be troublesome, it is better to deal with the other party directly, there is no hidden danger, who made this person want to attack the shelter before?

   Even Kent and Master felt that An Kai's decision was extremely correct.

   Leaving the prison, An Kai returned to his room. The door behind the prison is a small road leading directly to the garage, which is equivalent to crossing the original passage. Kent and Master will take that Matt to a place where no one is left, execute the shooting, and remove a potential small hidden danger for the shelter.

   And An Kai, sitting behind his desk, began to ponder the situation in Durut's shelter.

There are currently more than 700 members of the Durut Sanctuary, of which there are about 300 combatants. Of course, this is a rough figure, and it is the total number. There is a large part of it, and it can even be said that it exceeds the average person. They are all scumbags just like Matt. Fighting on the street can be done, bullying and bullying the weak can be done, but they do not have the professional combat literacy.

   Among the remaining four hundred people, one hundred are working in the factory. There are three production lines in the factory in Durut.

   One can process food, of course, the processing ability is not strong.

   One is his old business, manufacturing gearboxes, but after being remodeled, it has now been transformed into a firearms production line. Of course, no sophisticated weapons can be produced. Only small pistols, spray guns, and some simple and very solid firearms can be made. But at the end of this year, it is not easy for anyone to set up a weapon production line.

   The third line is the bullet production line. Herto is absolutely indispensable for the various materials needed for bullet production. Don't mention it, Durut also has a three-hundred-man mining team.

   These three hundred people are the three hundred people who Matt said before.

   is basically caught and tricked by Durut, and only provides the minimum food and water needed for daily life. Of course, daily mining operations are calculated in this "minimum need".

   If people do work, it’s certainly impossible to do it hungry. Just looking at whether they can eat enough, in fact, Durut can still feed the miners, but these people consume a lot of energy while eating, so on the whole, they are still slightly hungry. And they didn't have weapons or any protective equipment. Not to mention that they couldn't escape. Even if they escaped, they would die outside in the end.

And this mine alone has contained 50 elite fighters under Durut, plus the protection of factories and villas, it can be said that Durut can send out activities at ordinary times, that is, garbage squads like Matt. .

   Is there combat power? Yes, but they are scumbags, and because they don't have any real combat literacy, they will step on landmines unpreparedly.

   As for Durut’s villa, Matt has never been there. He just knows a rough location and some simple information.

In the case of   , it is located in a villa area to the northwest of Herto. It's just that this villa area has been completely occupied by Durut and transformed into a small fortress.

   Its location, if nothing else, should be in the middle of the factory and the mine, monitoring both directions at the same time.

For more information, Matt doesn’t know. When he was the closest to the villa, he was only scheduled to carry out a patrol mission on the periphery for a period of time. From a distance, only a high wall could be seen, and behind the high wall there was What, he doesn't know.

   In short, based on this information, it can be seen that this Durut's subordinate is still very effective.

   They have guns, bullets, and a large number of combatants, and they are elite, which is in line with some of the information provided by Master.

At the same time, we can be sure that directly attacking Durut’s shelter is definitely the most stupid act. It is a better choice to stir up conflicts between him and other local shelters in Herto. As for other shelters, Master I also know some things over there. Herto, centered on the nuclear crater in its city center, is surrounded by five large shelters.

   Among them, the Durut Sanctuary is located in the northwest direction.

If you turn in a clockwise direction, there is a large sanctuary in the north. Its leader is Otto. He is the largest gang leader in Herto, and more than half of the industries in Herto’s underground world belong to this person. , He seems to have a bit of a collision with Durut, but in fact, as far as the underground forces are concerned, Durut really doesn't even deserve to give the opponent shoes, the gap is so big.

There are two large shelters in the northeast. Its leader is Gerant, Herto’s largest farmer. Before the end of the day, there is not completely arable land around the land, but it is more terrifying than Herto. Consumption, the total amount of surrounding land and grain production, are completely unable to be self-sufficient. But there is still arable land, and the area is not small, but more than 90% of the land belongs to this person. Moreover, this person's shelter was located more than ten kilometers outside the city. It was a small plain in a mountain col. It was Gerante's nest before the end, and now it has been built into a fortress a long time ago.

   is also in this direction. Inside the city, there is a large shelter. Its leader is called Faman, who is a woman. It is also a member of the city council of Herto before the end.

"But don't underestimate this woman. This woman has great political skills, and she basically started from scratch. After the end of the day, she was the first to stand up and organize rescuers, so she has the largest population. It is said that There can be two to three thousand people."

   Master worried that An Kai would look down on this woman, so he couldn't help but reminded him.

"She is very good at doing superficial work. I have contacted the people in her shelter several times. It should be the most barren shelter among all the large shelters, but the mental state of those people is worse than everyone else. The shelters must be strong—of course not as good as ours—the people there have a pathological belief in Faman, almost treating her as a god, and never resisting her orders, so Faman let them die. Some of them will be willing to commit suicide. This woman may be our biggest obstacle when we conquer Herto."

   Master said with a solemn expression.

   An Kai was a little careless at first, but after hearing it, he had to get serious.

   There is nothing wrong with the religious belief itself. Religious belief is also a personal pursuit. Some people are sufficiently religious, and some are not so religious. These are nothing. But only religious fanaticism is truly terrifying. It is the kind that can completely brainwash a person and let him do what he does. If Faman, this woman, could really achieve this level, it would indeed be terrifying. Because as long as she gave an order, she could easily form a death squad. If nothing else, just holding a dynamite bag and playing blew, it would be able to frighten everyone else.

   Ankai is instinctively unwilling to believe that there will be such people in Herto. He hopes that Master's information is wrong.

   But think about it carefully...

   In fact, the possibility is very high, or if you really are the kind of person with strength and skill, in this age, playing this set of tricks is simply not too easy.

   In the era of great religious development, it is either the era of ignorance and ignorance of the people, or the era of deep suffering.

   This era belongs to the latter.

The whole outside world was ruined. Everyone could only linger in shelters one by one. When people were so hungry that they couldn’t eat the soil, Faman appeared, with food, with a smile, with warmth... With a little trick, it's not too easy to control these survivors.

   This kind of person is actually worse than Durut.

   If Durut raised people as slaves, then this Farman raised people as pigs and sheep. People can completely lose their normal thinking ability, and only know how to hum or bleat, which can definitely be called madness.

   "So she is also the strongest among the several shelters in Herto."

   Master continued to explain.

"Actually, there were conflicts between Herto’s shelters. For example, Durut and Otto didn’t deal with each other, and they were also very upset with Gerante. Oh, I haven’t finished the introduction yet. Well, there is the last large shelter in the southeast direction. The leader is Nan, Nan Lawson. This man was originally a doctor, but his character is extremely poor. His shelter has almost two to three hundred people. But because he is the only large shelter in the south of Herto, there are conflicts with many small shelters around him, and there is little communication with other large shelters on weekdays. The main thing is to compete with those small shelters. The surrounding chassis.

   But including him, Durut, Odor, and Gerante, the four shelters of them, are all on guard against Farman. As far as I know, these four large shelters, on the surface, do not have much contact with Farman's shelter ~www.mtlnovel.com~Of course this is unlikely, but if you ask if there is anything between them Deeper exchanges or transactions, I think it is impossible. The woman Faman is too terrible, and the people under her hands are too crazy. No one wants to have trouble with a fool, because once a fool becomes mad, he really dares to kill her. "

   When Master said here, there was a trace of fear on his face.

   An Kai asked.

  Master answered briefly.

It turned out that he had seen a suicide attack by Faman's men. It was really desperate, his eyes widened, and words like "Queen, Goddess" were yelled in his mouth, and then he rushed into the crowd with his own life. , Directly destroyed a small team of a dozen people. The scene was full of flesh and blood, and it was extremely tragic. It was at that time that Master was frightened by Faman's control of the people's mind. From then on, he never dared to take people around the Faman shelter.

   After all, being caught by other shelters is a hard life at best.

   and being caught by the madman on Farman’s side, he either turned into a madman, or was blown to death. It was unacceptable to whoever replaced it.

   An Kai felt the same about this, so apart from anything else, Farman alone made him completely extinguish the idea of ​​attacking Herto. Not to mention the people around him. Even if the number of people is increased tenfold and one hundredfold, he will not be stupid enough to go into conflict with such a sanctuary full of lunatics. It is best to leave such a glorious and difficult task to He. The other four men in Alto were fine.

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