bullets formed a metal storm, and ruthlessly penetrated the bodies of these people.

   "Enemy attack! Get down!"

The captain of the    team, the tall and strong man, fell to the ground with a fierce man at the moment the gunfire sounded.

   There happened to be a small stone on the ground, which made his chest hurt. He couldn't help but wanted to take a breath of cold air, but seeing the radioactive dust churning up in front of him, he just suffocated his breath.

   Just kidding, although the masks and masks they wear have a certain degree of protection, the particles of radiation dust are very small. If one accidentally inhales some, even if he can survive, he will probably become a waste in the next half of his life.

Of course, he didn’t know how much radioactive dust he had sucked along the way, but people, in order to survive, must still have illusions in his heart, imagining that he has always been safe, and imagining that he is still healthy. Naturally, if you can take one less breath, you can take one less breath.

   The gunshots lasted only ten seconds, and the team with a total of more than ten people was wiped out almost instantly.

   More than half of the people were killed on the spot, only a few people were injured and fell to the ground, wailing.

   The only one who is truly unscathed is the team leader.

   He put his hands on his chest, turned himself over, and then gasped hard.

   He didn't rush to get up, because he knew very well that it would be meaningless to get up now.

   Not to mention that my chest was injured and it was difficult to breathe. It is estimated that my ribs were broken or cracked. Even if he really didn't suffer any injuries, the enemies surrounding them were not vegetarian. At that moment of watching, he at least confirmed the existence of five muzzle flames. He was only one person, facing five guns at the same time, and in such a relatively flat place, that really wouldn’t die. knowledge.

   The best choice is not to resist, and wait to be captured obediently, maybe there is still a possibility of survival.

   Kent and others came up from both sides, and the others went to check on the wounded and dead, but he was the only one who came to the captain with a gun and looked at this guy who was clever enough to escape the catastrophe.

"stand up."

   Kent pointed his gun at the opponent.

   "I can't get up... My breastbone seems to be broken... I'm so embarrassed by this thing..."

   A muffled sound came from under the mask.

   The brawny man picked up a stone with a trembling hand and showed it to Kent.

"stand up."

   Kent did not respond at all, looked at the other person with a cold expression, and his voice was cold without any emotion.

   The brawny fell silent.

   Ten seconds later, he took a deep breath, resisting the severe pain, and got up from the ground. And he was very conscious, throwing the gun on the ground while raising his hands.

   But the sharp pain in his chest made every movement extremely difficult for him, especially the movement of raising his hand, which made him tremble with pain, like a sieve.

   "Go forward, don't try to resist, if you don't want to die."

   "I...I understand..."

   The strong man responded and stepped forward.

   When passing by his companion, he quietly glanced at it.

   Then I sighed in my heart.

   It's over!

   It's all over!

  The people he brought out, except for himself, all the others are lost.

   A landmine directly killed three people and wounded five people. Needless to say, the three who died, and the five who were seriously wounded were basically unable to survive, so they had all been abandoned. The remaining more than ten people continued to move forward, and three more fell behind on the road. They all seem to have minor injuries, but in fact they have a lot of bleeding. They belong to the kind of state that was fine in the last second, but suddenly became unconscious in the next second.

   When I got here, there were only eleven people left.

   After being attacked like this, seven people were killed directly. Excluding him, there are only three living people left.

   And these three living people are also seriously injured.

   But the group of people in ambush did not give them a chance to die, instead they just made up their guns directly.

   But it’s not bad to think about it. At least it’s not painful. I shot a headshot and died cleanly.

   I am most afraid of the situation where I can't die, I want to live but I won't live, a little bit of bloodletting, a little bit of torture, and the kind that hurts people to death, is the most painful.

   was held by Kent with a gun, and the squad leader trembled through the "battlefield" before being led to an iron gate.

   "Go in."

   Kent said coldly.

   Team leader didn't dare to hesitate, and entered the door obediently.

   After entering the door, he realized that this place was actually a chaku, which was quite large, with several cars parked, and a pallet that he had not seen before.

   Before he could react, there was a noise above his head, and then he saw the ceiling flip and a row of sprinklers came out.

   "Take off your clothes and take them off."

   didn't know where the sound came from.

   But the squad leader knew that this was going to clean himself.

   He can understand, after all, he came in from the outside, and his body must be full of radioactive dust. In this case, the ghost would let him go directly into the shelter.

   Don’t wash all these things on your body, don’t expect to leave here.

   Fortunately, at least the nozzle is coming out, not the muzzle.

   He took off his clothes obediently, and checked his chest in the meantime. As expected, the place where the stone had been touched was already black and purple. I can see how the small blood vessels under the skin are broken, and blood has even begun to leak out from that location.

   After taking off his clothes, the sprinkler soon started to spray water.

   He could smell a medicine, but he didn't know what medicine it was.

   The water was a bit cold, and the spray on his body made him tremble, but fortunately, the process lasted for a short while. Soon, the nozzle retracted, and a hot air began to appear in the space, drying his body.

   After the water stains on his body were all gone, the opposite door opened, and a man walked in with a few pieces of clothing.

   Change the clothes. The clothes are clean and soft. They are much more comfortable to wear than the clothes before.

   As for my clothes... I just threw it on the ground, and I didn't even bother to look at it.

   After getting dressed, the man opposite brought another glass of water and two pills.


   I don’t know what medicine it is, but it certainly won’t be poison.

   If the opponent really wants him to die, only one bullet is enough, why bother?

   Team leader is not a fool, he probably understands what the opponent thinks.

   should be to understand the situation of the shelter behind oneself through oneself.

   If you say it yourself, it is a kind of betrayal.

   But he didn't care about this betrayal, and he didn't feel the slightest guilt.

He was forced to come out and die. Where could he have any good ideas? He just wants to live well. As for the people in the original shelter, including the boss above him, and the boss of the boss... who It doesn’t matter if they die, it’s better if they die.


   After half a day, An Kai saw the captured intruder in a specially opened cell in the shelter.

   The use of "intruder" to describe this person is not accurate enough. Because the shelter does not have a ground building group, there is no saying that there is no territory, and the other party did not invade the inside of the shelter, so these people are at most trying to invade the shelter, and there is no actual invasion.

   But An Kai doesn't care about this, no matter who it is, as long as he is hostile or possibly hostile, he will be regarded as an enemy.

And this person, if not surprisingly, should be from the Durut Asylum, but after two serious transactions, these people appeared in front of the asylum along the wheel prints, if they were communicating with each other in good faith. , That ten thousand percent is impossible, no one is a fool, these people appear here for one and only one purpose, and that is to cause harm to the shelter.

   Regardless of whether they simply come here to explore the way, collect intelligence, or attempt to launch an attack further, the final result and purpose are not bad.

The reason for keeping this guy, An Kai only hopes to get more information about Durut’s shelter through this person, give him a bath and take medicine, and even eat a meal, the purpose is only to prevent this person Died too quickly, or carried radiation that contaminated the internal environment of the shelter. Of course Ankai can do nothing and ask Kent to interrogate him directly outside.

   But he considered a question, that is, if the other party knew that he was going to die, would he just break the jar?

  It is possible.

In fact, this information is not so important to be honest. If Ankai really wants to deal with Durut’s shelter, the most likely thing is to stir up conflicts between Herto’s local shelters and let them follow Master’s plan. The dog bites the dog. Although this may cause the death of a group of innocent survivors, Ankai is not the savior and can't control so many people. Besides, with the urine of the local shelters in Herto, there are few good people who can become members of the combat team. Or he used to be a good person, but as the doomsday deepens, he has long since fallen out of the category of a good person.

   Therefore, when a war breaks out between the shelters, the high probability of death is that some members of the combat team, the really poor general survivors, are not qualified to take up weapons if they are not exhausted.

   Therefore, as long as Ankai shelter can intervene at any time, the casualties of ordinary survivors can be controlled to a relatively slight degree.

   As for directly attacking a certain shelter by one's own side... it is impossible.

   An Kai can think clearly.

   If he had this idea before, then after he communicated with Master, this idea would have disappeared long ago.

   is very simple, there are too few people in the shelter.

   His sanctuary is strong in owning the system.

   can make many things that are completely impossible to make in the end times.

For example, food and drugs, such as weapons and ammunition, such as airplanes and tanks... But his members are not Superman, nor the US team. Without the ability to one enemy and one hundred, they will be injured if they are shot. die. Relying on more than a dozen members of the guards to pick a large shelter with hundreds of combatants, it is purely that the old birthday star eats arsenic-looking for death.

   Therefore, to obtain information through captives, it is also important to say that it is important, and it is really not important to say that it is not important.

   It's just one wash, a few pieces of clothing, two medicines, and a meal that is far from being a sumptuous meal, which is nothing to the shelter of today.

   Therefore, based on the idea of ​​obtaining more information, An Kai decided to keep the person in the shelter, and on the surface he was entertained with delicious food and drink, making the other party think that there is still a possibility of survival.

   As long as anyone can live, they don’t want to die, and if they don’t want to die, they will obediently confide in the information they know. This information is not of great use, but there are still some minor uses. At the very least, how to approach the Durut shelter in a safer way, how many specific combatants are in the Durut shelter, and whether there are any heavy weapons? Where are the ordinary survivors kept, etc., this type of information is still useful.


   An Kai sat outside the door of the "prison", holding a tablet in his hand, preparing to record some basic information of the other party.

"My name is Matt and I am 27 years old. I was originally a car repair worker in Herto. I joined the Durut shelter after the zombie mutated. I will tell you everything I know. I know a lot of information. of……"

   However, before An Kai could ask more, the other party snapped and said, telling everything he knew.

   was so proactive that An Kai was quite surprised.

   But although it was unexpected, it was somewhat expected. He "enter" the other party with good food and drink, so that he could tell the other party obediently what he knew.

   An Kai simply stopped recording, but turned on the recording function of the tablet. In fact, there are cameras and radio equipment in this "prison"~www.mtlnovel.com~ He did this just to leave a copy of the information.

   And this man named Matt really knows everything he can talk about, telling everything he knows.

For example, Durut’s shelter actually has three parts, one part is a factory, one part is a villa, and one part is an underground mine. These three places are interconnected. After the zombies mutated, Durut was arrested. Many survivors kept them underground, provided some simple food every day, and then arranged endless work.

   Tunnels were dug out by manpower. After digging the tunnels and digging for ore, they are raising people as livestock.

Matt did not know the exact number of fighters under the Durut Sanctuary, but he knew that Durut had three squadrons, and each squadron had five squadrons, and under each squadron, there were three to five squadrons. The number of people in each team varies. Some squads have a large number of people. For example, the squad he manages has more than 20 people, but a squad like him basically has no combat effectiveness. It depends on a large number of individuals and is often assigned some dangerous tasks.

A truly elite team may only have three to five people, but it’s not Durut’s old guys, or some retired soldiers or policemen. They have strong combat effectiveness and good equipment. Such a squad, don’t look at it, has only three. Up to five people, but to deal with a miscellaneous army like Matt, eliminate two or three teams, that is, the number forty or fifty, just like playing.

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