"No—Is—Is it—"

   Standing in front of the window, An Kai looked at the street scene outside, her face filled with confusion.

   He just took a one-hour lunch break. Why did he wake up and the whole world turned into a doomsday appearance?

   The tall buildings outside were tattered, the streets were full of abandoned cars, and some of the shops facing the street were still burning, but in a more distant place, there was a roar of guns and fire from the explosion.

   To say that this is a dream, it would be too real, but to say that this is reality, it would be too illusory.

   What's more, my own room has not changed. A bed, a cabinet, and the familiar sundries all prove that this is a rental house that Ankai has been renting for three years.

   He also wondered if someone had put a display on his window. After all, there are countless spoof videos on the Internet.

   As a result, after he opened the window, he found that there was no screen outside.

   On the contrary, the blasting sound was louder, and the air was filled with the smell of gunpowder smoke.

   Everything he saw was real, he did pass through.

   "What the hell, are you still relocating as a whole now?"

   An Kai is unable to complain.

   He retracted his eyes and took out his phone.

   The phone has power but no signal.

  Also, they are all in another world, and the phone can still have a signal, that's hell.

   checked the house a little bit, and his things are still there.

   Clothes, shoes, laptop, and some snacks and happy water from my own store, but they are well preserved.

   turned around and came to the door of the room.

   was about to push the door, but found that a line of small print suddenly appeared in front of her.

   [Metal handle, 91% durability. Building materials, detachable. 】



what is this? System?

   Although he has not yet fully accepted the fact that he may have crossed, as an old bookworm who has been reading for many years, he is no stranger to the system.

   An Kai once imagined how good it would be if there was a wealth system on his body suddenly one day. It doesn't matter if he walks on tasks with his breathing and heartbeat, as long as he gives money.

   It is a pity that the wealth system did not wait, but it waited for an inexplicable crossing and such an unknown system.

   But anyway, with the system, An Kai's heart is a little more settled.

   looked around, and the system really helped him "identify" many things.

   [Cloth sheets, 89% durability, 13% dirty. Living materials, detachable and combustible. 】

   [Double-door wooden cabinet, durability 77%, 15% dirty. The building materials are removable and combustible. 】

  【Plastic bottle, durability 82%, dirty degree 3%. Multi-purpose material, can be smelted. 】

   [Wooden floor, durability 66%, dirty degree 34%. The building materials are removable and combustible. 】

   It seems that the materials are also divided into categories.

   And it also has durability and dirtiness. In other words, what the **** is the 13% dirtiness of my bed sheets? I obviously only washed it a week ago?

   But now is not the time to delve into these things, An Kai feels that the most important thing for him now is to understand his situation first.

   The short observation before, allowed him to conclude that the world is restless.

   Either war is breaking out or it is at the end of the day, but no matter which one it is, it is definitely not a good thing.

  War Needless to say, An Kai has never been in contact with war, nor has he ever thought that he will be in contact with war. He is at a loss about the term "war", and has such a trace of fear.

   And what if it is the end? That might be even more troublesome.

   There are too many novels, games, and film and television works about the doomsday on the earth. There are nuclear war doomsday, climate mutation doomsday, alien invasion doomsday, and the most commonplace zombie doomsday.

   Any one is more terrifying than a simple war.

   The difficulty of living is much higher than the former.

   If you can choose, Ankai certainly hopes that he can return to the earth, but I am afraid this is an unattainable dream.

   Then what he hopes now is that war is breaking out in this world, so that as an ordinary person, he might be able to live a little easier.

   Before going out, An Kai went to the bathroom to check the water source. Fortunately, there was still water.

   opened the door, and there was a long corridor outside.

   The house that Ankai rented was originally at the very end of the apartment, and there was a window on the left hand side after coming out.

   Now after he opened the door, he was in the center of the apartment. There were corridors on the left and right sides, each of which was about the same length as the corridor of the apartment before crossing.

   In other words, he has doubled the space on his left hand out of thin air.

   Now the length of this apartment building is twice as long as the original one.

   "Let's look for it first."

   On the street, An Kai dare not.

   It was messy at first sight, he didn't want to die under stray bullets.

   This apartment is so big, it’s good to find out if there are any neighbors.

   Unfortunately, An Kai knocked on the doors of several rooms without any response.

   If you think about it carefully, you can understand that if it is him, whether it is war or doom, there will always be a precursor before it breaks out. If there is a chance to escape here, it is estimated that no one will be willing to stay in this place and wait for death.

   is a traverser like oneself, only when he traverses inexplicably, will he appear in such a position stupidly.

   "Since there is no one, then I'm not welcome."

   An Kai rubbed his hands, randomly picked a room, suddenly raised his foot, and kicked the door in front of him open.

   As expected, there was no one inside.

   Trash was thrown all over the floor, and tables, chairs and benches also fell to the ground.

   An Kai moved some numb soles, walked in, looked around, all kinds of information began to come into view.

   Then he started leaning over to collect various materials.

   In just a few minutes, he has already thought clearly.

   didn't dare to say that it was exhaustive, but he felt that his plan should be no big problem.

   First of all, suppose that war is breaking out in this world, and the place where guns roar in the distance is the battlefield. Now the past is no different than seeking death. The best option is to wait for the end of the war to find humanitarian channels for help and to obtain asylum as innocent people. Of course, this is the most perfect route. In fact, An Kai doesn't think this road will go smoothly.

  Second, if the sound of guns in the distance is not the scene of a war, but the battle between humans and certain terrorist creatures in the apocalyptic world, of course this can also be said to be a war.

  If this is the case, he is still looking for death in the past, and he may encounter monsters along the way. Leaving the apartment is a more dangerous choice.

   After all, there are still enough rooms and various materials. If you use them well, you can greatly improve your survival rate.

   Regardless of the situation, survival is the most important thing.

   If you want to survive, you must have all kinds of supplies.

  When he was on the earth, he was an old survival game player, and he naturally knew the three elements of survival.

   water, weapons, and shelter.

   The refuge is tentatively set as my own residence, there is nothing to say about this.

   There are still some food and water in my room, but it certainly won’t last long.

   As for weapons, this is not easy to solve. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

  A stick is also a weapon, and a sniper rifle is still a weapon. If possible, of course everyone wants to get a powerful weapon.

   But if I want to return, it is still a big question whether I can get it.

   But anyway, I will collect some of what I have now. Maybe it's useful?

   There are many waste papers on the ground, An Kai glances over.

   [Old newspapers, living materials, burnable. 】

  【Magazine, life material, burnable. 】

   [Broken cardboard box, durability 62%. Living materials can be burned. Materials needed for repair: waste paper*5. Click Repair. 】

Huh? Can this cardboard box be repaired?

   Then why don’t the things in my room have any repair options? It’s obviously not very durable. Is it because there is no material on hand?

   Ankai did not immediately choose to repair the cardboard box.

   Storage boxes are of course useful, but it’s not impossible to throw the supplies directly on the ground.

   These old newspapers must have some information about the world. His first task now is to figure out what is going on here.

   And the newspaper will not disappear after reading it. You can take it to repair the cardboard box after reading it.

   Thinking this way, An Kai stacked the old newspapers and magazines and put them in the tattered cardboard box, almost filling the box. He picked up the cardboard box that was about to be completely torn down, ran back to his room, and put it on the ground. Then without stopping, he ran back to the room where he kicked the door open again.

   The search for materials is very fast, and the ghost knows if there is any danger in this apartment.

   It is better to seize the time to find as many things as you need while there is no danger.

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