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Novel Summary

Connect with dots and build foundations with fort. Returning from the world, Wang Yi knows the ferocity of zombies.

In order to survive in the last days, Wang Yi took his wife and his men, all the way to the north and flee to the end.

In order to live better in the apocalypse, Wang Yixing technology, melts ten thousand steel, builds a doomsday fortress, and resists zombies!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:DF
Alternate Title:末日堡垒
Author:Yi Jia Yi Deng Yu Ji
Weekly Rank:#271
Monthly Rank:#144
All Time Rank:#1084
Tags:Apocalypse, Army Building, Harem, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Post-apocalyptic, Rebirth, Second Chance, Survival, Zombies,

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36 Comments on “Doomsday Fortress
  1. i finish another book and i need to read a book next .... this time novel has status hiatus [early has complete] raw chinese website said novel end but..... author drop

  2. 20+ cap o mas, no a matado mas de 4 a 5 zombies, reencarnado +10 años de experencia, han pasado 3 a 5 dias desde el fin del mundo solo a matado de 4 a 5 zombis, mata un zombi cada 12 hr o a extremo esfuerzo cuando solo son un poco mas fuerte que las personas normales, se la pasa comiendo descansando o entrenando en lugar de ir a matar zambís rapido y subir de nivel de luchador, pero su mentalidad es muy pendeja.

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