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In the wasteland era, the four large circular high walls isolated the world of humans and alien species, and they are also called the doomsday circle.

Lu Luo came into this world unexpectedly. When the sudden crisis made him feel a little bit at a loss, this reminder appeared in his sight:

[You are weak and suffocating. Although you have awakened the S-02- Devourer and S-04-Melger, there is actually no use for eggs.
Now the only one who can really help you out of the crisis and take you to the pinnacle of life is the Sequence S-11 Observer. ]

[The above evaluation comes from the noble S-Class Sequence-11: Observer’s pertinent analysis. ]

Lu Luo: “This evaluation is so pertinent!”

[S-02-The Devourer]

Swallowing all energy matter, providing all energy foundation, and even swallowing other sequences, is the foundation of powerful strength.

[S-04-The Fusion]

Wraith Blade-Synthesis plan: Zhang Zhe’s pocket watch + 3 hairs of the Sleeping Witch + deformed hand bones + 249 energy points + 1 gram of dark spirit stone.


Situation 1: That girl rushed towards you, is there such a good thing? Isn’t it just a hug? I think she must be crazy.

Situation 2: The noble S-level sequence observer doesn’t want to answer your question, you are too dishonest, so let’s add some first.

Situation 3: A woman will only affect the speed at which you draw your sword. The ultimate goal to become stronger is to stay away from women!

The high walls of human civilization, the deformed and deformed alien species, and the powerful sequence of human talents, everything is just a corner of this world.

When the doomsday circle rotates, the disc in Lu Luo’s mind also rotates.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:DC
Alternate Title:末日圆环
Author:Ye Ying Lian Ji
Weekly Rank:#3708
Monthly Rank:#2844
All Time Rank:#3498
Tags:Ability Steal, Alchemy, Apocalypse, Body Tempering, Crafting, Cultivation, Monster Girls, Orphans, Post-apocalyptic, Reincarnated in Another World, System, Transmigration, Transplanted Memories,
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  1. I've spent so many brain cells forcing myself to read this crap for whatever reason. The power leveling and everything surrounding it is needlessly wordy and convoluted. They keep selling mystery but its just bad story telling.

  2. Yes, the next few chapters are readable but not afterwards. When I searched in google, I found this link to have a much better translation for this book: https://comrademao.com/novel/doomsday-ring/

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