It didn't take long for Sun Guangshan to ask what the agent was thinking.

"Substitute?" Tang Nuo shook his head firmly, "I can! I promise he will act well!"

This "he" naturally refers to Qin Jue.

Sun Guangshan is both delighted and has a headache. Of course it is good for an actor who can play in person, but the stand-in is also to prevent the actor from making mistakes. If Tang Nuo is really injured or even loses his appearance for a while, it goes without saying that it will delay the progress of the crew and affect the actors. The commercial value is the most deadly.

"Mr. Tang Nuo, why don't we just take close-ups..." Sun Guangshan tried to persuade him.

Tang Nuo frowned: "Why? We've already pulled the hook."

The agent felt a humming pain in his brain, so he leaned over and said, "For safety! If you are injured—"

"The shooting hasn't even started yet, how do you know it will be unsafe?" Tang Nuo's attitude did not change, there was no dissatisfaction but doubts.

The agent was in a hurry: "It will be too late when you know!"

"It's weird." Tang Nuo was at a loss, "I was worried that something bad would happen, so I didn't do it? Is this what it should be?"


Qin Jue's cough interrupted the unilateral dispute: "Everyone is ready, the set time is precious, let's start quickly."

The agent met her gaze, did not dare to speak any more, and retreated to the side with dodging eyes.

Forget it, forget it, the big deal will be more marketing and filming.

He thought angrily, seeing that Sun Guangshan couldn't beat Tang Nuo, he also called to all departments to pay attention to the final inspection and confirmation, and was ready to start filming.

Shi Meng took advantage of this time to quickly walk over, help Qin Jue take care of the mask and broken hair, and quickly left the performance area.


Sun Guangshan raised his horn.

He glanced at Qin Jue, who had already put on a mask, with a complicated expression, and muttered in his heart: This Qin Jue is also strange, I have never seen an actor who took the initiative to show his face...

Could it be that his eyes are very good, but his overall expression management is not good, so he covered it up? shouldn't be...

The staff made ok gestures one after another not far away, Sun Guangshan no longer bothered about this detail, and started the countdown.

Inside, Tang Nuo raised his face and looked at Qin Jue a few meters away. Even after a somewhat boring rehearsal, her state did not diminish at all. At this moment, her body was full of exuberant vitality, and her eyes were burning with excitement. She didn't even need a vague description like "seems", it was true. On the ground, there is full confidence and certainty about what will happen next.

This is not because I firmly believe that I can be foolproof, but I have made up my mind that even if I fail hundreds of thousands of times in the middle, I will definitely fulfill my promise at all costs.

A flash of nostalgia flashed in Qin Jue's heart.

It flashed so fast that the pain associated with it seemed negligible.


Sun Guangshan gave an order, and the field recorder hit the board in front of the camera and evacuated. The next second, Tang Nuo's temperament changed suddenly, the excitement and expectation on his palm-sized face disappeared, replaced by the nervousness that belonged to the furry.

Sun Guangshan didn't shoot the fight scene first, the first shot was a single-person counter-attack, and then switched to an over-the-shoulder counter-attack. In human terms, it was to take a close-up shot of Qin Jue's mask first, then turn it around and record her shoulders and Tang Nuo's face opposite her into the frame from behind Qin Jue's side.

In this way, with the expression on Tang Nuo's face, it can create a strong sense of substitution, allowing the audience to experience the sense of oppression emanating from Jing Chen and the feeling of trying to keep calm in the fluffy and uneasy mood.


This kind of scene of two people looking at each other or talking goes by very quickly. Sun Guangshan has filmed too many similar scenes. He doesn't need to check the monitor and he knows it, and immediately announces: "Very good, this—"

Before he could say the word "passed", Tang Nuo suddenly turned his head.

"Do it all over again!" she shouted.

Sun Guangshan was unexpected: "What?"

"I didn't act enough just now, let's do it again!" Tang Nuo repeated clearly.

Sun Guangshan was stunned, and the director of photography next to him was also stunned.

They didn't think there was any problem with Tang Nuo's performance. To put it in a bad way, her micro-expression control was much better than that of most star actors, and it was a level that directors on the domestic market would be delighted to see.

"Uh, Teacher Tang Nuo..."

"I said to do it again! The one just now was not the best!"

Different from the wayward feeling of a child before, Tang Nuo showed the stubbornness and toughness of an extremely adult. The agent wanted to step forward to dissuade him, but was forced to stop by her staring eyes.


Sun Guangshan looked at Qin Jue with a somewhat bewildered look, and Qin Jue nodded, indicating that he was fine.

"Cough! Then, another one!" Sun Guangshan raised his horn.

The area around the performance area was busy again. Qin Jue bent the corners of his mouth under the mask. The situation in front of him was a bit ironic. At the same time, he kept improving. Sun Guangshan would use Tai Chi to decline her proposal, but he couldn't do anything about the strong international actress Tang Nuo. , in the final analysis, it is the so-called "circle rules".

However, no matter who he listens to, it is good to make the quality of the work higher.

Tutu's grasp of her own state is beyond common sense. She said that if she is not the best, it means that her performance this time is definitely not 100%, even if it has reached 99.98%, it is not the best or not.

Sun Guangshan issued an order again, Qin Jue gathered his emotions and quickly immersed himself in the role.

In the face of Tang Nuo who went all out, of course she had to do her best.

An ordinary internal and external reverse shot took six consecutive shots before finally making Tang Nuo satisfied.

Sun Guangshan was calculating the remaining time in his heart, and his forehead was slightly sweating.

This actress... is she really not pranking people?

In the first three scenes, Sun Guangshan can still see a slight difference. Indeed, as Tang Nuo said, she is not good enough. Her acting skills and state are improving with each new shot, but when the fourth shot is still not enough , Sun Guangshan was very puzzled.

With his eyesight, he couldn't tell the difference between Article 4 and Article 6 that was finally passed.

But if you can't tell the difference, you can't tell the difference... Just follow her.

Tang Nuo had a great background, and Sun Guangshan knew that he couldn't afford to offend him.

He cleared his throat with some difficulty, and organized the studio crew to prepare for the next shot.

The shooting of a fight scene is not continuous. Sun Guangshan played a snack machine and brought forward the fragmented dialogue and close-up shots, thinking that this might make Tang Nuo give up his plan to go into the martial arts scene in person, but it turned out like this, Her acting energy is getting stronger and stronger, as if she has entered a state of extreme excitement, no one can persuade her.

After laboriously finishing another shot, Sun Guangshan's hand holding the horn trembled slightly.

Many times he thought it was completely okay, but Tang Nuo insisted on saying "no, come again".

God knows what the standards in this little aunt's heart are.

As the executive director, Sun Guangshan couldn't control it at all. What was even more frustrating was that Qin Jue, who played opposite Tang Nuo, didn't have any displeasure at all. Sun Guangshan felt that both of them were crazy.

It's just a show, so what?

If Fang Youwen or Qu Nan were sitting in front of the monitor watching Tang Nuo play, and watching her and Qin Jue play play, they would definitely be happy.

But Sun Guangshan doesn't know this. He has been ups and downs in various domestic film and television drama studios for too long, and he had forgotten why he was in this industry a long time ago. He just wanted to pretend to be a grandson for a few more years and become the chief director. , and then pull in investment, find actors, enjoy some "welfare" delivered to the door, shoot a hot commercial film, and jump to the upper class since then, and live a very nourishing life every day.

"Come again!" Tang Nuo's voice sounded again. UU Reading

Sun Guangshan held back a breath of anger. He could feel that the nearby staff were also surrounded by resentment, but he still said that, no one can afford to provoke international actresses.

Don't look at Tang Nuo's agent with a sad expression next to him, but there is a real conflict. Maybe he will come to the rescue. "Dedicated actors strictly require themselves to be opposed by the director. The current state of the shooting of "Heart Shadow Link" is thought-provoking!" At that time, Tang Nuo was connected with Canhua Entertainment, and "Link of Heart Shadow" was produced by Canhua Entertainment. As soon as the company shot, the public opinion was easily reversed, and it also helped the drama and Tang Nuo to reverse a wave of popularity, only him The executive director was caught out and beaten, and he had to take a black cauldron on his back.

Can't be bothered, can't be bothered, bear it...

Sun Guangshan squeezed out the empty mineral water bottle and smiled again, Tang Nuo said what it was.

Filming continues.


(End of this chapter)


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