This picture has a strange contrast and balance. Tang Nuo is about twenty centimeters shorter than Qin Jue, but he is holding a long knife with a strong sense of presence in his hand, while the tall Qin Jue only uses the dagger to resist her attack. . The clothes of the two still retain the cold and cute "character design" in the online game, but the aura they show at this time is very similar to reality. Through them, it seems that they can see the strong Jiang Rong and the gentle Liao Jingchen.

right. Everyone reacted with hindsight. It had always been these two people.

The staff who are not familiar with the original work always think that "Link of Heart Shadow" is just an adaptation with a novel and ingenious setting, and they regard the main characters as four independent characters in their hearts. However, it is through this contrast between the explicit and the inner that the original work explores a problem:

Is the "I" facing others the "I", or is the "I" when I am alone the real "I"?

Then Liao Jingchen and Jiang Rong gave the answer to the story of their encounter and separation in the "Inner World" - both are inseparable.

Liao Jingchen thought that kindness and courtesy were just an appearance that he had been domesticated by his family and had to maintain. However, after years of acting, "tenderness" had already penetrated his original heart and became his own essence.

Jiang Rong also thought that she was forced to show an independent and strong appearance due to the situation, but after training for a long time, the Jiaojiao daughter in the eyes of her mother has indeed become resolute and strong as she grows up again and again.

We are all multifaceted and we are all constantly changing. Acknowledging and accepting who you are at every moment is the real reconciliation.

This is what the original author expressed between the lines.

After being adapted into a script, these are also traceable. The later in the story, the temperaments and behavior patterns revealed by Jingchen and Rongrong are closer to them in reality.

The only difference is that Jing Chen, who was pierced by the gentle essence several times by Rongrong and dissipated a lot of hostility invisibly, finally chose to close himself and stay in the same place forever with the feeling of dying, while the Rongrong who faced the "God" successfully achieved it. Reconciliation has affirmed his own strength, and no longer denied his inner softness, and has since become a better self.

The two weapons in the open space kept colliding, because it was said in the morning that this was just a rehearsal, so Tang Nuo did not enter the play, and forced Qin Jue in her way.

The crowd of onlookers gradually felt awe, and the object was Tang Nuo.

She was able to fight Qin Jue on a par!

Of course, it's a bit of an exaggeration to say that they are comparable. After all, those with better dynamic eyesight can find that Qin Jue gave Tang Nuo one hand, and it was his right hand.

But this is the case, and when I put Tang Nuo's perspective a little bit, everyone still thinks that I really can't do it.

The movement of "ding ding ding dong" has been ringing for five minutes and has not stopped. Qin Jue can only block the attack, and Tang Nuo attacks repeatedly, his energy is not diminished. This physical strength alone makes people feel inferior, and he knows Tang Dao on the side. The prop masters with the specific weight were even more astonished.

"As expected of a professional..." someone muttered.

Tang Nuo, who firmly occupies the focus of everyone's attention, played quite beautifully, but her strength was fierce, and her movements were mostly open and close, and she looked strangely cute when combined with her cute outfit and appearance, like a A brightly-colored candy with delicate packaging suddenly pulled out four bright and bright guillotine knives from the back of the candy wrapper, leaving everyone stunned.


The back of the dagger collided with the blade of the Tang Dao, Tang Nuo quickly withdrew his hand, changed the angle and slashed again.

In the end, she was still inexperienced, Qin Jue had figured out her routine in such a short time, and she became more and more handy at parrying.

There is a freeze frame, the circle can be added at any time, physical contact...

Qin Jue was distracted and thought during the sparring.

From the beginning of the drill to the present, her response was mainly to block. On the surface, Tang Nuo kept attacking, but the actual fighting rhythm was in her hands.

After thinking about it, Qin Jue used the dagger to take advantage of the situation when the Tang Dao attacked, deflected the blade, and immediately kicked his legs backwards.

"Ah! Σ(_

Tang Nuo's Tang Dao suddenly let go, and spun in the air into the cushion not far away, causing everyone on the sidelines to take two steps back.

Turning his head to look at the knife, out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Qin Jue seemed to have a flaw. Tang Nuo didn't hesitate, and followed the same method with a side kick, deliberately guiding her Qin Jue to smile under the mask and raise the dagger upwards.

When it was too late, Tang Nuo caught the ownerless dagger and rushed towards Qin Jue.

Qin Jue pretended to be hit by her, fell back, and fell on the cushion.

Tang Nuo then smoothly rode on Qin Jue's waist, and instead he held the dagger hilt with both hands, and charged down for a second before stabbing straight down.

"and many more!!"

The onlookers were almost scared away, and as soon as the words were stopped, Tang Nuo's dagger plunged into the ground!


Nothing happened.

At the critical moment, Qin Jue calmly turned his head to the side and let the dagger plunge into the cushion.

She pushed her rabbit into her arms and patted her back.

"Ugh—" Tang Nuo snorted twice, obviously not losing his mind, and his consciousness was always clear.

She propped herself up from Qin Jue and went to draw the dagger.

I pulled it out, but it didn't come out.

Tang Nuo: (ω)…

Qin Jue rejoiced under the mask: "Is it too hard just now?"

"Wow." Tang Nuo was stunned.

Qin Jue sat up, pulled out the dagger and played a trick, folded the blade back, and then pulled Tang Nuo to stand up.

There were already a lot of people standing near the two of them, all of them rushed up in panic just now, including Tang Nuo's manager and the martial arts instructor.

Sun Guangshan and others who were busy with other jobs also heard the commotion here and seemed to be coming.

"Mr. Wei, take a look at when it's better to add a circle."

Qin Jue took off his mask while speaking, and demonstrated with practical actions that everything just now was no big deal.

The martial arts instructor Wei Jie froze for a moment before saying, "Oh, yes."

"Why are there so many people?" Qin Jue handed the mask to Zhang Ming, and took the "recycled" Tang Dao from him, with a natural expression, as if he was just asking casually, "Everyone, please stand away, we want Take a video."

"Uh, this."

Qin Jue grabbed the head first, the group opened their mouths, but couldn't say anything at this time, so they had to back away embarrassingly.

"Come on, start over, from..."

Qin Jue turned his head to communicate with Tang Nuo.

Even if it is a multi-camera filming, it is rarely a shot to the end, so I usually shoot a few more angles of video during rehearsal to facilitate re-engraving and correction of details.

Tang Nuo participated in the shooting of fighting scenes very early, and has rich experience in this. He is very skilled in slowing down with Qin Jue to demonstrate the martial arts. , such as a circle that has no practical significance but is more beautiful.

The broker stood on the edge of the open space, hesitating to speak.

Of course, the crew also prepared martial arts stand-ins for Tang Nuo, and even hired two, but she didn't expect that one of them was not paying attention, so she went to rehearsal with Qin Jue, and there was no intention of letting the stand-ins go.

How does this work?

What if I get hurt?

And that knife, that dagger just now, how dangerous!

The manager is constantly struggling. Although he is the executive manager of Can Wah Entertainment, he has also worked with many artists and knows a lot about filming on set. In normal times, let alone martial arts dramas, even literary dramas do not require the actors to go to the rehearsal themselves. The actors only need to wait for the director to come to invite someone, then stand for a while, and after the filming starts, they will pass the lines twice. How did you feel that the crew of "Heart Shadow Link" suddenly went off the rails?

(End of this chapter)


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