If the "Heart Shadow Link" crew can have a script reading session, this kind of fragment that is neither optimal nor reasonable can at least have an opportunity for public discussion. Unfortunately, the fact is that there is no such condition, and the actors can only find a way. .

It is obvious that problems related to the overall quality of the work should be brought out alone, and the main creators of the crew and the participating actors should work together to correct them, but in the end, it depends on the "selfishness" and "private goods" of the actors to maintain the due level as much as possible, which is a bit ironic. .

Qin Jue turned the page silently and listened to Sun Guangshan's meaning. The only thing that was going to be filmed in a while was the fight scene, and there was very little dialogue. The main purpose of her reading the script was to locate her emotions.

Even if they are filming and broadcasting, the crew will not be honest enough to follow the sequence of each episode from beginning to end. This is too rigid and inefficient. Therefore, we focus on filming scenes with different timelines in appropriate scenes. Finishing is a very common thing, and that's the case with Qin Jue and Tang Nuo now.

Of course, this approach is conducive to the director's overall planning and saves the cost of the crew, but for the actors, it has the disadvantage of being emotionally disconnected and difficult to enter the play, and it is also a time to test their character understanding and acting skills.

Qin Jue fell into a brief tangle.

If he thought about it in the direction of the original book, Jing Chen was undoubtedly in a very heavy mood at this time. The countdown to parting was like a death scythe on the ground in his mind, and it rang again and again. He wanted to make Rongrong stronger as soon as possible, so he had to treat her harshly, but at this time Jing Chen was no longer as irritable as when he first met, and he couldn't bear to be **** Rongrong, so he felt tormented while doing things.

However, based on the development of the script, because the "training" was proposed by Rongrong, Jingchen's mood was more soft and helpless. One of the two people has decided to retire and end this online relationship, but the other party has shown love and attachment to the game and each other, so Jing Chen's mental journey tends to be "Okay, since you want to, then. I'll accompany you to the end of the journey."

The mood is very different... Qin Jue pondered.

She seems to be in between the options of word games. Following the original book is a real drill, and following the adaptation is half serious and half flirtatious in the game. The two lines are roughly the same, but the details are vastly different.

In the end, Qin Jue recalled Ruan Ziyan's teaching and decided to act more smoothly.

Whether it is the original work or the script, Jing Chen at this time has two elements of "forbearance" and "heavyness", and it is not wrong to express these.

As for the rest, Qin Jue took a breath and planned to leave it to the on-the-spot reaction.

Opponents play, only with opponents can a play be made, and Tang Nuo's performance is also one of the important variables.

Jing Chen's commonly used combat equipment in the game has always been this set, while Rong Rong is gradually changing guns and guns, requiring Tang Nuo to re-dress and make up. Not long after Qin Jue put down the script, the martial arts instructor came over and expressed her willingness to practice first, and she got up and walked to an open space.

After the two passed a few tricks, Qin Jue euphemistically said, "You may be able to let go a little more."

Wu Zhi simulates Tang Nuo's role. I don't know if it is because of height and strength. The moves are simple, and the force is soft. Those who don't know think that Jingchen and Rongrong are doing the so-called flickering swordsmanship.

"Cough. This, Mr. Qin." Wu Zhi also euphemistically said, "The physical quality of an actress is placed here, and it is two yards from martial arts group performances..."

Qin Jue: "But I fought her before."

Wu Zhi: "…"

Wu Zhi: "Uh, um, ah this."

Qin Jue: "Otherwise, tell me what effect Director Sun wants."

"... Really?" The martial arts instructor's expression indicated that he was worried about Tang Nuo.

"If she hits her head, she'll beat me harder." Qin Jue smiled, "That kid has a lot of energy."

The martial arts instructor didn't hesitate any more. Qin Jue had eyes for how good Qin Jue was in fighting, and he didn't think the actor would talk nonsense, so he gave Qin Jue an overview of the director's arrangements and his own design ideas.

Listening and listening, Qin Jue had an idea in his heart.

"Let me sum it up, have physical contact, circles, freeze frames, and leave room for close-ups, right?" she said.

The martial arts instructor nodded and added: "So what, physical contact is best to be intimate, the director asked."

Qin Jue: "...OK."

She quickly drew the draft of selling dog meat with a sheep's head in her head, and when Tang Nuo left the dressing table, she greeted her to the side for rehearsal.

"How do you want to fight!" Tang Nuo's eyes were sparkling, excited.

She put on a sweet and lovely jumpsuit, with a fake two-piece upper body, shorts on the bottom, and a skirt that stretched to the ankle behind her. The lace and lace open bosom coats are actually fixed together, with legs and short boots exposed on the front, and flying hem on the side and back, which is not only convenient for play activities, will not run out, but also has a visual beauty.

Qin Jue quickly glanced at Tang Nuo's clothes. It was very good. Although the makeup of the crew was a hundred and eight thousand miles away from the original, it was still reliable.

Then, she opened the buckle on the belt, and the Tang knife came out of its sheath.

"Can you use it?" Qin Jue danced a knife, stopped and held the handle of the knife with his backhand, and sent it forward slightly.

"I have learned it!" Tang Nuo was not at all timid, and reached out to take the Tang Dao.

Have you studied? Qin Jue was slightly startled, then smiled, guessing who the teacher was.

"Okay, use this to attack me." She threw the scabbard to Zhang Ming, and the moment she retracted her hand, she pulled out the dagger on her waist, twisted her wrist and swung it down, and the blade shot out immediately.

Qin Jue put on the black goat mask with the other hand, which was her last stubbornness to follow the original work.

After all, in the original novel, Jingchen and Rongrong had a heavy and romantic kiss scene when they fought against each other.

As parting is approaching, even in the "inner world" Jing Chen doesn't want Rongrong to see his face any more, so he finds an excuse to face him with a ghost mask during training. Rongrong, however, was excited and proud because he had completed the rigorous training exceptionally well. She smirked on his lips, ignoring Jing Chen's deep eyes.

After the adaptation, it may be because of Tang Nuo's age, or because the proportion of sugar is transferred to Luo Ling and Li Jingyu's realistic campus clip, this kiss scene was all cut off, and Jing Chen returned to the paragraph where he kissed the furry eyelid When it was moved to the final farewell under the blood cherry tree, the screenwriter's struggle could be vaguely seen through the text of the script.

The space where the two rehearsed was filled with sports cushions. Tang Nuo returned to Longguo as an international film queen and was accepted by Canhua Entertainment for a lot of short-term endorsements. Since Jin was expensive, Sun Guangshan did not allow Qin Jue to get in the way as he did in the morning. The cushions are removed.

"Can this work?" Someone bit his ear with the martial arts instructor.

"Teacher Qin said to try it out first." The martial arts instructor lowered his voice.

"No Gavia?" the man said again, "Just... that one doesn't add?"

"Why bother with so much." The voice of the martial arts instructor was still low, "People say so, which round will we dictate."

The man who was whispering to him stopped talking, his expression was a bit grinning, mainly because he always felt that he was going to witness an accident later, and he didn't know whether to eat melons on the front line or stay away from the battlefield in time.

In the open space, Qin Jue held the dagger behind his hands and held the dagger in his left hand, as if he was releasing water.

About two meters across from her, Tang Nuo held the knife in one hand and held it firmly, but both the posture and expression were very cute, UU reading www. uukanshu.com Even though everyone knew that Tang Dao and dagger were all uncut and safe, they couldn't help worrying that Tang Nuo would be cut.

After all, it looks too soft-

Before everyone's thoughts were over, they saw a gorgeous and unusual blurry phantom flashing in front of them.

Almost at the same time, a crisp impact sound entered the eardrum!

The man who had just spoken to the martial arts instructor was full of stunned expressions. He was stunned before he could see the situation on the field clearly.

At that moment, Tang Nuo leaned forward at an unimaginable speed, and a Tang knife slashed Qin Jue diagonally from bottom to top, while the latter stood on the spot and did not move, but the dagger blocked him in the flash of lightning. Before, resisted the blade that glowed with cold light!


When I was writing this chapter, I suddenly realized that Brother Jue's first kiss on screen was still there.

(End of this chapter)


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