The latest website: Qin Jue took a cursory look, and immediately matched the number with the previous and previous plots in his mind, and had some doubts:

"Isn't this what episode seven is about?"

"Ah? Ah yes." Sun Guangshan reacted for a while before realizing that Qin Jue was right at all, and was slightly startled.

This Qin could he be so familiar with the script?

That is to say, Qin Jue didn't hear Sun Guangshan's thoughts. If he heard it, he would definitely ask back in surprise: "Isn't it natural that the actor is familiar with the script, why should you be surprised?"

However, Sun Guangshan's shock is justifiable. Because the original script of "Heart Shadow Link" also has episodes, but they are all divided in general, not the actual number of episodes broadcast. After the introduction of the national 211 policy, in order to facilitate the filming and broadcasting, the script was re-produced in a new version separated by the number of episodes to be broadcast.

Since the content of the old and new scripts is the same, very few actors will specifically read the new version. To put it more exaggeratedly, it is the norm for actors to see what is filmed that day, otherwise there will not be so many shootings. But still can't remember the lines.

In just one day of starting up, Qin Jue has already surprised Sun Guangshan many times, so many times that he is afraid that he can't count on one hand.

Should I be immunized as soon as possible...

Sun Guangshan reorganized his thoughts and opened his mouth to explain Qin Jue's confusion.

Listening and listening, Qin Jue and Tang Nuo both said "oh".

Although this difficult plot scheduled to be filmed this week is a feature film that will only appear in the seventh episode, since the crew has to step up time to make the opening song video, and the opening song covers the entire play, we must first make a rough version. , put it into the title as a hint of the plot, and hang the audience's appetite.

Of course, if the "rough version" is of high quality, it can be used directly as a feature film, and then you only need to add a few other shots, which will save the crew trouble and money, which is a good thing.

Qin Jue glanced at Tang Nuo: "Are you filming?"

Tang Nuo said firmly: "Shoot!"

Qin Jue looked at Sun Guangshan again: "I'm fine."

Sun Guangshan nodded happily. He didn't hold out much hope, but as Qin Jue said, the big deal is trial and error, otherwise there will be nothing to do in the remaining hours of the day. If you finish work early, you may be considered by the chief director as "group B filming is perfunctory and not serious", in short No matter how good or bad it is, you can kill time.

Over there, Sun Guangshan took someone to prepare for the next game, while Qin Jue found a place to sit down and review the script.

She was especially impressed with episodes seven and eight. "Heart Shadow Link" is said to have a total of twelve episodes, and the online game part only accounts for two-thirds. In other words, Qin Jue and Tang Nuo finished filming the eighth episode. In the game, Jingchen and Rongrong have already ushered in their ending.

The plot that Sun Guangshan just specified was in the seventh episode, and it was the battle between the two before Jing Chen left Rongrong. Qin Jue remembered that when she read the script for the first time, she didn't find out where this passage corresponds to the original work, but only later found out that it was the screenwriter who changed the motives of the male and female protagonists.

In the original work, Jing Chen and Rong Rong went to find the only "God" in the "Inner World" who was said to be able to fulfill wishes and gain powerful power.

At the same time, Liao Jingchen in reality was pressured by his family to the point of mental breakdown. Liao's father, who vaguely found that his youngest son was in love, investigated all the information in a gentle and kind way. While respecting Liao Jingchen's choice, he showed The concept is "Of course the person who married into the Liao family must be perfect. If she is not perfect, we can 'help' her to become the most perfect one".

At that time, Liao Jingchen was already convinced that Rongrong and Jiang Rong were the same person. He knew her temperament, her pride, and her ambition, so he would never tolerate another bird in the cage.

He is no longer free, but she still has infinite possibilities.

She thought he was a thick and reliable shadow of the soul, but she didn't know that the tail of his shadow was deeply rooted in the mire, and once it got close, it would even drag her into a hypocritical and suffocating dark abyss.

Time to leave.

Jing Chen originally wanted to have Rongrong beside him forever to be a healing character who was cared for and also cared for him, but now the situation is different, he has been convinced that there is only one person who can face "God" in the end, and he knows how to wait At that time, Rongrong 100% will take the initiative to give this opportunity to himself.

Therefore, in "Inner World", Jing Chen started training furry's combat power very early in advance. With the ruthless heart before farewell, he dedicated all his experience and guidance to the girl he cherished, making her stronger in the "inner world", so strong that she could walk alone on the road in the future, even without him, she could guarantee her Safety.

Just one last step away from meeting "God", Jing Chen carried the sleepy Rongrong to the **** cherry tree and kissed her on the lips.

Then completely left the "world".

Since then, Liao Jingchen's heart has dissipated and disintegrated, and he has no real self anymore. In reality, he stuffed cotton stuffing full of figurines into his body, brain and soul, becoming the perfect puppet of his father.

The seventh episode of the drama version of "Heart Shadow Link" should have corresponded to the content of Jingchen's cultivation of furry combat power, paving the way for the farewell of the eighth episode.

But perhaps considering "whether it's too embarrassing to say goodbye to life and death by playing an online game", the heroine Jiang Rong was the one who drew this scene in the script.

If he had to say it, Qin Jue also felt that under the setting of online games, Liao Jingchen, a male college student, left the legendary equipment to his girlfriend who was dating online and then sold out his account and retired. You have to become stronger", "I will train you from now on to avoid being bullied yourself"... Thinking that this is just an online game, it is inevitable that you will feel too serious, and the perception is very complicated.

The deeper Liao Jingchen's feelings are, the more grassy the audience will see it. There is a sense of sight of "this guy is too addicted to the Internet" and "what about a game?

Therefore, the content of this paragraph must be revised.

The only thing that is speechless is that this version revised by the screenwriter is not very good.

Qin Jue has read Tang Nuo's script. In her script, the background of this episode is that Jiang Rong in reality gradually equates Jingchen and Liao Jingchen. She heard that he will appear in the school's stage play. , playing the male lead, so I also desperately strived for the heroine's position and approached him.

Then the screenwriter said that the stage play requires a lot of physical strength and reaction speed, so Jiang Rong pestered Jing Chen in the holographic online game and asked him to help her train.

Not only that, there is a small addition to this paragraph, to the effect that "actually, it doesn't matter what the reason is, it's just that Rongrong wants to act like a spoiled child and wants to get along with Jingchen more." The tone of the supplement is quite brisk, as if I feel like I have written some wonderful sweet pet plot.

Qin Jue, who saw this paragraph at the time: Huh?

High blood pressure.

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