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Short, rich, and handsome, Lin Feiran was always the center of attention. But after transferring schools in his second year of high school, he discovered that his limelight was snatched by his Adonis classmate, Gu Kaifeng.

Lin Feiran was very resentful, and he and Gu Kaifeng became archnemesis (one-sidedly). Although the two lived together, they were like strangers.

When Lin Feiran went back home to attend his grandfather’s funeral, he accidentally inherited the Yin-Yang eyes that had been passed down from generation to generation. After gaining the ability to see ghosts, the timid Lin Feiran discovered that his two-person dormitory was actually a sixteen-person (ghost) room. Every day, he was scared to the point of collapsing.

The more aggravating thing is that because of Gu Kaifeng’s innate body constitution, he possessed an abundant amount of Yang energy. Lin Feiran found out that whenever he touched Gu Kaifeng, Gu Kaifeng’s Yang energy could temporarily disable his Yin-Yang eyes. A light touch would disable it for five minutes, a kiss for an hour, and so on…

Lin Feiran had no choice but to throw himself into his archnemesis’s embrace. This complete reversal in attitude to being intimate with Gu Kaifeng persisted every day from morning till night.

When sleeping, he must squeeze in the same bed as Gu Kaifeng. Going to the toilet? He must drag Gu Kaifeng with him. Homework? It must be done hand-in-hand with Gu Kaifeng… He also had to try his best to persuade the teacher to make him Gu Kaifeng’s deskmate. Every day in class, he would rub Gu Kaifeng’s calf with his foot beneath the desks…

Following the clingy little bastard’s sudden change in personality, the initially shocked Gu Kaifeng gradually became smitten. Every day he would chase Lin Feiran to flirt with him, make crazy confessions, and even routinely push him against the wall and kiss him…

Gu Kaifeng: “Don’t you like me? I like you, so let’s be together.”

Lin Feiran: “I don’t like you! Don’t come over!”

Gu Kaifeng: “……”

Five minutes later, to avoid seeing ghosts, Lin Feiran sneakily came to touch Gu Kaifeng.

Gu Kaifeng turned around, stopping his hand: “After you just rejected me, you come back to flirt with me!?”

Lin Feiran: “Who’s flirting with you! I was careless and touched you; don’t imagine that I like you back.”

Oh, that’s it.

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Short Title:DYLM
Alternate Title:你是不是喜欢我
Author:Lu Tianyi
Weekly Rank:#5793
Monthly Rank:#6069
All Time Rank:#5888
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Comedic Undertone, Dense Protagonist, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Enemies Become Lovers, Fellatio, First-time Intercourse, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Heartwarming, Hiding True Abilities, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Naive Protagonist, Popular Love Interests, Roommates, Seeing Things Other Humans Can't, Shameless Protagonist, Spirits, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. So what did that sign the monk drew on mc's hand mean? I finished reading and it's a great story... I still wanted more though, especially about the reactions of the school founder and ml's anscestors. The anscestors, for some reason, just stopped appearing after the ml sees them. Good story though!☺☺☺

  2. Muy linda la historia, super recomendada. Aunque es corta, vale cada capitulo escrito. fue divertido leerla, podría volver a hacerlo xd Muy interesante y hermosa uwu Mis palabras para definir la novela: ¿Fin? ¿Que es eso? <3<3<3

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