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Don’t Think About Hindering My Study

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When a schoolboy girl dressed as a white lotus girl who can only babble, Ning Yi found that it was much more difficult to pretend to be pitiful and find a heroine than to take the first test.​​
Do you know the pain of a student who sees May 3 but can’t answer the questions?
Do you know the despair of not being able to fill in the answer sheet even though you know the answer?
Why do you want to be jealous and chasing men when you have a good time? !

Ning Yi handed out the cake indifferently in her heart: “Brother Nan, I made this myself~ Can you give me a lecture after eating?”
Lu Xunan frowned and looked at the annoying spirit in front of him: “Don’t eat, don’t talk, get out!”
After finishing the plot, Ning Yixin scolded a stinky chicken, turned around and left.
Lu Xunan, who has mind-reading skills: ? ? ? What’s going on, Brother Nan, what’s all right, stinky chicken, graduated with a face-changing major?

One day, Ning Yi found that Lu Xunan, who had disliked her for more than ten years, suddenly changed her personality.

Ning Yi understood it after thinking about it for a while, and slapped away the candy handed over by the other party, and Ning Yi sneered: “Oh! I can’t stop me from studying!”
[The male protagonist’s mind reading technique has side effects, which can be relieved by touching the female protagonist]
[Highlight]: The male and female protagonists are childhood sweethearts and are definitely not related by blood!

Content tags: rich and powerful family female match wear book campus
Search keywords: Protagonist: Ning Yi ┃ Supporting role: pre-received “Vicious Female Supporting Actor, I Only Want Salted Fish”, “Mind-Reading Technique Failed” for collection ┃ Others:

One-sentence introduction: Learning is so fun, you don’t need a boyfriend.

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Short Title:DTAHMSB
Alternate Title:休想妨碍我学习[穿书]
Author:pond with more fish
Weekly Rank:#1366
Monthly Rank:#991
All Time Rank:#7568
Tags:Childhood Friends, Female Protagonist, Modern Day, Transmigration, Tsundere,
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  1. This short story just nice to read for two days. Both of them is just a code program that was write by system in each novel . But their love is too strong that they got their own consciousness especially the male lead. He become the so called 'bug' by the system. He even create firewall for himself so that he will not forget our female lead.

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