An Yizhen has seen the official information compiled by Long Kingdom.

The earliest virus in the Muyi Empire, most humans will appear in a coma and fever state after infection. The coma lasts for a few hours, and waking up is similar to the tendency of zombies, but it is not as serious as the dungeon.

These zombified infected are sluggish, not too aggressive, and will respond to fresh flesh, but accept non-human flesh. Scientists at the Wood One Empire had tried to develop a reversal drug in the hope of curing these patients. Later, drugs were developed, but the effect was not satisfactory, and the virus could not be removed from the human body. People who continue to take the medicine do not restore human sanity, but as long as they do not come into contact with bleeding people or animals, they will just stay quiet like a corpse, and will not produce strong aggression.

Since the return of Yumi Mitsuyoshi, a player of the Wood One Empire, the medical research work on alien viruses has suddenly gone to the other extreme. Her point is very clear, if a cure is far away, then develop the virus into a weapon, train the infected into a tool, and make the best use of it.

Since then, with the gradual intervention of the United States and the United States of America and the Sheriff's Group, the original virus version has been artificially "optimized" for many generations.

Some are used to create monsters, and some are used to catalyze ordinary people to become superhumans. Of course, in the process, semi-finished and failed products such as zombie soldiers, human chimeras, uncontrollable zombies with super attack power, etc. are produced. Unable to stop the forcible advancement of this research.

Comparing with the information collected so far, detecting and observing the infected people on the ship, it will be found that although the virus is mutated, it belongs to a category of mild mutation. It is different from the disease of the zombie virus infected people in the Muyi Empire and the United States and the United States. It seems to be some kind of non-artificial evolution of the original virus in nature, an expression of the virus trying to coexist with humans.

These zombied patients will wake up from coma, almost completely retaining human memory, reason and cognition. However, their appearance and eating habits have become zombies. They need fresh blood, more like the vampires recorded in ancient Western classics. They dread sunlight, silverware, and hate the smell of garlic. Their own metabolism is so slow that even ordinary people can't hear their heartbeats. But they can think, know how to restrain, and can be in a coma for a long time through drug administration, and there is no strong aggression for the time being.

The ship quickly dealt with this batch of zombies, and ushered in a wave of zombie fish attacks in the sea.

Worse than humans, many species in the ocean are infected with this virus, and they do not know how to isolate, and the infection rate is extremely high. If one is infected, the whole group will not be spared. The small fish and shrimp that originally ate the plants in the sea feed on the same kind, and the big fish that originally ate these small fish and shrimp became more bloodthirsty after infection.

There is not enough food, cannibalism, from small fish swarms, to whole groups of zombie fish infested, they leap out of the sea, attacking birds at sea, and even large sturdy ships. He banged his head against the iron plate, his head was bleeding and he still had no hesitation.

Watching the blue sea water gradually become turbid, and smelling the **** smell, An Yizhen and Zhuang Zimo felt as if they had returned to the apocalypse dungeon once again.

At present, the metal shell of the ship can temporarily support such a collision, but they all know that there are many strange fish with teeth or huge bodies in the deep sea. Those strange fish will be infected sooner or later, and those who do not change zombies will also change into a more destructive monster.

As ocean currents flow, viruses and these infected creatures will spread across the globe, and the oceans will become more terrifying than the land. In LL star, most life was born in the ocean, and has always lived in the ocean. Oceans occupy more than 70% of the planet's surface area. This catastrophe will affect not only the human world.

"The captain has just received a notice from the central government. Not only our ships, but also to the United States and benefit, our country has launched a global evacuation operation. As long as the nationality of Longguo or the expatriates are willing to return to China, we will strive to take them back in the shortest time possible. Domestically. At present, our group of ships needs to move forward at full speed to the United States and the coast of Y Continent to complete the task of evacuating overseas Chinese as soon as possible." Zhuang Zimo said to An Yizhen, "The matter on that island can only be put on hold for the time being."

An Yizhen said: "I understand, it's just three days to reply to Xuanyuan Mi, haven't the leaders made a decision yet?"

"They said that this is something Xuanyuan Mi begged you to do alone, you can decide. But there is a consensus on the secret freezing and detaining of Shelfis. As for whether he will be sent to space in the future, we will need to study and deduce it. After all, the global catastrophe is inseparable from this guy. If we want to punish him, I am afraid it is not our own business. The political balance is not something we can decide unilaterally."

An Yizhen suddenly asked: "Is there any movement in Java and Ela? The sea change must have a great impact on Java, and Karan alone may not be able to support it. After returning to reality, I will go to Jinguo Country to see the situation of the mine, and I don’t know if there is any news.”

Zhuang Zimo immediately got in touch with the corresponding official department to learn about the situation, and frowned slightly: "Mielle lost contact with the relevant department yesterday. Various monsters have appeared in the waters around Java, and Karan is really overwhelmed, know that It’s not the way to hold on, because he understands the final outcome of the small island country under the siege of the sea monsters. So on behalf of Java, he begged us to help.”

An Yizhen sighed: "Help them find a new home, or just temporarily block a few waves of sea monsters?"

Zhuang Zimo said in a deep voice: "At the Quinn Manor, our researchers have developed a pheromone shielding device, which has a certain effect on some mutant creatures on land. Whether it works in the ocean requires more experimental data. Our sea frontier is very large and the coastline is also very broad. The state has come to help Java and also set up experiments and observation stations there. It is a reciprocal cooperation, and there may be some talks.

"What about Michel? How about I send Xuanyuan Mi away first, and then rush over to Jinguo Country to see what Michel is doing? You go to support Karan and assist in the evacuation of overseas Chinese from Continent Y?" An Although Yizhen didn't want to be separated from Zhuang Zimo, but now that so many things are spread all over the world, it would be more efficient for the two of them to deal with it separately.

Zhuang Zimo was also reluctant to part with An Yizhen, but seeing her wholeheartedly planning for the country's affairs, she suddenly realized that her mentality was a bit wrong.

From the first moment he woke up at Quinn Manor, he wanted to meet her, and he secretly complained about how the 7-day quarantine period was so long? When he was notified of the task, he was able to end the quarantine ahead of schedule, and to see An Yizhen earlier, he was inexplicably happy, and he was extremely motivated to do anything. Obviously in the apocalypse dungeon, they seem to see each other every day and fight side by side at all times.

Yes, it must have been fighting side by side for too long, forming a habit. Once you get used to it, you are reluctant to separate.

"Well, I'll take a look at the task schedule again. The military also has some plans. Let's make arrangements. Sometimes it's not necessarily efficient to separate." Zhuang Zimo didn't know what nonsense he was talking about. Still thinking in her mind, An Yizhen is not a LL star, and maybe everything at LL star is just her experience. Will she suddenly disappear one day?

This kind of unease made him think about it all the time, he didn't want her to leave his sight, and he was afraid that after parting with her, he would never be able to see each other again.

"I like you and don't want to be separated from you." Zhuang Zimo said shyly in a voice so small that he couldn't even hear himself when An Yizhen turned to leave.

An Yizhen's figure was obviously stagnant for a moment, but he did not look back, but disappeared faster.

She should have heard it, but she pretended not to hear it, and she ran even faster. There was an indescribable sadness in Zhuang Zimo's heart, and he was very aggrieved. Has he always been unable to bear it, always wanting to develop a relationship that crosses the line? They were originally from two worlds, and she knew they would be separated sooner or later, right?

So she never responds to any of his out-of-bounds requests.

Yes, she has always been stronger than his phenomena, including emotionally.

In that nightmare copy, Zhuang Zimo never told her about the inner demon's test in detail, and it was actually hard to tell. That time was not just a competition of force values, but also an emotional test. In those short hours, the magic of the heart turned into An Yizhen's appearance, and he spied on what he wanted most in his subconscious. He liked her and wanted to get her response.

Although he clearly knew that it was a demon, he still tried to prolong the time he spent with "her" like a lover. Sweet talk, holding hands, rubbing each other's ears. "She" allowed him to hug her and stop her waist. They rolled on the grass together and played in the pool... Every second, the demon's power became stronger. However, he drank poison to quench his thirst, and he was unwilling to give up when he reached the limit.

When the demons took off each other's clothes and were about to kiss him, he knew that he had to make a move.

If he really kissed and communicated more deeply, he was afraid that he would be swallowed by the inner demon and would never wake up from this sweet dream again.

So that time it took a long time, and it cost a lot of money to get rid of the inner demon. When the heart demon died, he still maintained An Yizhen's appearance, but the whole process was full of ambiguousness and finally his murderous killing was so heartbreaking, how could he dare to say it to An Yizhen? ?

He didn't want to, in the real world, the mirror flower water moon is still empty in the end. But if he doesn't know what to say, will she keep pretending that she doesn't know his intentions? Even if you will leave in the end, you have to try to ask for what you once had, can't you?

An Yi really ran fast, because the fever on his face didn't want Zhuang Zimo to notice. Is that his active confession to her? Why does he like her? Or, after getting along for a long time, he has become accustomed to her existence and has blurred the boundaries between fighting friendship and love?

He already knew that she was from the earth, and the earth is probably not in this cosmic plane. Maybe one day she will suddenly disappear, and he still confessed to her.

What does he like about her?

Do you like to eat her cooking?

When An Yi was really confused, she didn't think much about the blame. Riding the waves away, the sea monsters who dared to appear around her, those who could not step on their feet, and those who dared to stand in her way, were forcibly pulled away by her. Although her strength at this time is far inferior to Zhuang Zimo, she is no longer an ordinary human being. Just pick it up, if the monster's energy level is high enough to kill on the spot, the low level is naturally stunned and dropped back into the sea, swallowed by the same kind.

So before she ran to the isolated island, the surrounding sea monsters already knew about her existence as a "monster", and they avoided a path to ensure that they were not within her attack range.

After returning to his senses, An Yizhen still wondered why there were fewer and fewer sea monsters? Could it be that there are other special devices on the island that can prevent sea monsters from approaching? It seemed that before killing Xuanyuan Mi this time, it would be enough to use the clichés.

However, the entire island in front of him seemed to be shaking.

This was an anomaly that occurred after An Yizhen approached. When they left before, Zhuang Zimo used a bone armor-piercing knife to manually cut a hole in the sky device. The place was still there, but the sky was cracked several times. With the shaking, the phantom shattered, and the sky gradually collapsed.

Is it an earthquake or an underwater volcanic eruption?

The sea water revolves strangely around the entire island, like a floor drain. Whether it is the sea water or the islands on it, they are pulled down by a magical force and are unable to break free.

An Yizhen drove at full speed and jumped onto the hole in the sky that was about to collapse.

There were also cracks in the huge underground space at this time, and the flowing spiritual energy gradually dimmed. Could it be that the magic circle is about to collapse, and even the entire building here will collapse?

A golden door opened in front of her, and Xuanyuan Mi in white walked out. He frowned and looked around, surprised: "It's not my magic circle, it's the magic circle that collapsed in the inner world. Could it be that a demon broke through the barrier over there and tried to run to the ground?"

Of course this cannot be allowed. An Yizhen has seen the monsters in the magic mountain, and the parasitic monsters are the most terrifying. If you think about the destructive power of the alien monsters, if you miss one or a half, ordinary people in the real world can't deal with them.

"Is there a way to seal the inner world again?" An Yizhen asked anxiously.

Xuanyuan Mi said, "It's impossible for me to be alone. Back then, when we left the inner world together, the five people on the surface united with the digital powers in the inner world to build a triple barrier. It was able to break through those barriers and trigger the ground. A demon that vibrates so violently is definitely not easy to deal with."

"Will it not be a demon? Is there any other great power in the inner world?" An Yizhen speculated on the good side, "Didn't you say that the inner world had become peaceful when you left? For thousands of years, it won't be so chaotic, right? Is there any way to communicate with them?"

"There is a set of ancient signals." Xuanyuan Mi took out his portable flute from Xumi's bag and played it.

With long hair and elegant white clothes, the handsome guy in ancient costume who has lived for thousands of years is playing the flute. An Yizhen listened attentively, but what did she hear? Extremely simple, similar to the melody of birdsong? Do I have to pay to listen to the Divine Comedy?

The simple melody was repeated many times, Xuanyuan Mi took the flute and listened carefully: "Did you hear it?"

"No." An Yizhen answered honestly.

Xuanyuan Mi's expression was not as serious as before, instead he showed a warm smile: "Don't worry, it's not the demon who ran out, but a friend of mine. I'll let him be quieter and use some skills."

friend? An Yi sincerely said that the person Xuanyuan Mi knew was also several thousand years older, right? It's okay to not cultivate immortals in the inner world, what are you doing on the surface?

But the shaking on the ground finally stopped. If it swayed a few more times like just now, the base would definitely collapse completely. It is now in a state of dilapidation, with various cracks all over it. Zhuang Zimo also covets the sturdiness of the repairs here, and plans to do research in vain, alas.

A plume of black smoke rose from below.

An Yi was really afraid of some mutant bugs or mutant creatures emerging from the ground, and hurriedly pulled Xuanyuan Mi up to the top half of the unfinished building.

But I saw that the smoke slowly condensed into a human shape, and the human shape gradually changed from a phantom to a real body, and it turned out to be a handsome young man.

The young man was full of joy, walked in the air, and went straight to An Yizhen.

An Yizhen handed Xuanyuan Mi out. It looks like this is his old friend, right?

Xuanyuan Mi smiled and said, "Heifeng, I didn't expect you to actually learn to transform into a human form?"

Black Phoenix? An Yi really thought about it.

Sure enough, the young man pulled Xuanyuan Mi away and rushed towards An Yizhen. But when he was about to touch the corner of An Yizhen's clothes, he saw a little black bird rising beside An Yizhen.

The Devouring System flapped its wings and said, "Host, is this the little black who was abandoned by you in the Demon Mountain? How could he choose such an ugly man's appearance?"

An Yizhen slandered in his heart: Sure enough, the aesthetics of the swallowing system is quite different from that of humans. The black-haired and black-clothed man in front of him looked a bit like Zhuang Zimo's stern taste, but his face was warmer and less pale, and his whole person was full of healthy vitality.

If this man is really Xiao Hei who has cultivated into an adult, it would be really gratifying to congratulate him.

Xiao Hei's expression suddenly became full of grievances, and he took a few steps back timidly. The owner has raised other black birds, no wonder he hasn't come to find him for thousands of years. This black bird looks like a crow, it is 10,000 times uglier than he was in the past, and he actually mocked him for becoming a human being. It looks ugly and looks bad!

An Yizhen pulled the Devouring System back to her body, and said to Xiao Hei gently, "Is it Xiao Hei? Is it really you? You want me to die!" With Xiao Hei there, those mutant bugs were finally solved.

Xiao Hei stared at the Devouring System with resentment in his eyes.

An Yizhen threatened the Devouring System in his mind and said, "Don't show up again!"

The grievance of the swallowing system: Xiao Hei has actually grown into an A-level energy body, the host...

An Yizhen said coldly: You don't have to worry about my little black.

Seeing the master's "new love" disappear, Xiao Hei's expression gradually relaxed.

An Yizhen struck while the iron was hot and explained, "That was just a gadget that I made when I missed you. Back then, Zimo and I had to leave. Now that you are safe and sound, you can still transform into a human form, and you are such a handsome young man, I really appreciate it. Very pleased."

It's like an old mother's relief when she sees her son finally grow up.

Xuanyuan Mi frowned and said, "So, the Yuanwu Continent you have been to is the Yuanwu Continent thousands of years ago? Isn't it another time and space plane?"

"Yeah, Xiao Hei is the best proof. He actually recognizes me. A spiritual creature like the phoenix can't recognize the wrong master, right?" Good, I didn't seem to be very smart when I was a child.

Xiao Hei replied solemnly: "I, I will not admit the wrong master. At that time, Fu Qiming took me out of the magic mountain, and I accompanied Yu Haoxuan to fight the monsters in the extreme north and Beilu Xianfu. At that time, I thought that The master only left temporarily. Later, the demons were almost eliminated by us, and I flew all over the inner world again, and I did not sense the master's breath. Until this time, there was actually the master's breath in the magic mountain. So excited to rush out."

An Yi sincerely said how great her taste is, can she pass through the heavy circles and the thick surface, and spread to the sky in the extreme north, and be smelled by Xiao Hei?

"Heifeng, it turns out that she is the sweetheart you are thinking of." Xuanyuan Mi forcibly pulled a red thread.

Xiao Hei Junxiu's face showed a nervous and embarrassed expression, and quibble: "No, she is my master."

"Since I miss her so much, why didn't you come to the surface with us?" Xuanyuan Mi sighed.

Xiao Hei said: "I dare not leave the Yuanwu Continent, for fear that I will not be there when she comes back, and I will miss it again. When you left, you said to help me find her. Since she is on the surface, why didn't anyone tell me? I have been living in the extreme Northland, waiting for your news."

Xuanyuan Mi said quietly, "I just met her a few days ago, and she hasn't been here all the time."

An Yizhen changed the subject and said, "Since you are here, and you are Xuanyuan Mi's friend, please help me persuade him. He wants me to kill him."

Xiao Hei suddenly shifted the focus to Xuanyuan Mi, and asked in doubt, "Xuanyuan Mi, why can't you think about it? Didn't you say that you are the king and the god?"

Xuanyuan Mi lowered his eyes and didn't answer, saying that Xiao Hei might not be able to understand it if it was complicated, and if it wasn't complicated, others wouldn't understand why he was boring. He suddenly envied Xiao Hei's simplicity. Thousands of years later, Xiao Hei's mind still seemed to be the same as before. Probably Xiao Hei has been fighting monsters in the extreme north, and has not lived in the bustling world for too long. Otherwise, it would be impossible to remain so ignorant.

If you have to say that Xiao Hei has made progress, it is probably from a boy to a teenager. He must not be fooled by the appearance of his illusioned youth. The mind of this black phoenix is ​​far less fast than the growth of its mana.

"There are many mutant bugs in the surface world, Xiao Hei, do you still like to eat those?" An Yizhen took the time to ask the business.

When he mentioned eating, Xiao Hei's eyes lit up, but he struggled for a while, then looked at Xuanyuan Mi again, and asked with a puzzled face, "Didn't you say that you are going to find Xuanyuan Du too, are you discouraged if you haven't found it? Look at me, after waiting for thousands of years, I will still meet my master. If you wait any longer, maybe Xuanyuandu will come back to find you."

"I didn't find him, maybe he went to another world? Or our world is just Xuanyuandu's otherworldly trial ground. I stay here, I can't find him at all, I should go somewhere else." Xuanyuan Mi With a sad expression, "Actually, I don't have any friends on Yuanwu Continent. I have no regrets to see you today."

"Really want to leave this world that much?" Xiao Hei still couldn't understand, complicated human beings.

Xuanyuan Mi said, "I've been thinking about it for nearly a thousand years, and I've made up my mind. It just so happens that you are here, Heifeng, so you can help me make a magic circle. After I die, I'll imprison my body in it and set it up where I'm going. The only way to go through the inner world. In this way, if Xuanyuandu comes back one day and enters and exits through the passage, maybe he will be able to see me. I failed to fulfill the responsibility he entrusted to me, after all, I took him."

There are so many people in this world who have the dream of immortality, but Xuanyuan Mi, the immortal person, hates living.

Is what you can't get the best?

An Yizhen suddenly came to a realization. Is it because she never responded to Zhuang Zimo, that's why he fell deeper and deeper and thought he was in love?

If she agrees, responds, and is with him, will the ending also be flat and then separate? But what is there to be afraid of? Life is short, why not seize the opportunity to experience more. It is precisely because of uncertainty that it is exciting, why worry too much!