Zhuang Zimo and An Yizhen didn't communicate verbally. After hearing the beep, the two tacitly moved the contents of the parcel box into the storage ring, looked at each other and nodded, and without hesitation, they both chose to return immediately. Reality.

When he first entered the otherworld trial field, the Quinn Manor was still under the control of the Shelfis Group. Zhuang Zimo might hesitate to return, but now that the Dragon Kingdom has completely controlled the Quinn Manor, he no longer has any concerns. .

An Yi sincerely said that the dungeons that he had experienced before, no matter how peaceful the beginning was, became a horror movie in the end, or it was a primitive jungle, where the power was cut off, where is the real world better? Is this still a choice, it must be an immediate return.

She even has a momentary expectation, will she be able to return to Earth, even if it is going through the end of the world, there is nothing to be afraid of with her current strength. Maybe if there is a little deviation again, can she go back to before the end of the world began? When she first traveled to LL star, it was also suddenly, and this time, if she can wear it back again, she will be complete.

Of course, after the white light flashed, An Yizhen's sweet dream completely dissipated.

She opened her eyes and looked around, the scene was very familiar. She was so impressed that when she was hungry, she was taken to the meeting room of this street office and had a lot of food. Sitting across from her now is still the street worker, a kind-faced middle-aged woman.

Slightly fat, gray curly hair, not fashionable, but clean and tidy, she reminded An Yizhen of her mother. Although they don't have any similarities in appearance, the loving and gentle temperament of each other, and the expectant eyes, are like a mother waiting for her children to return home.

It was caring from the heart, not because she was already superhuman, but because she had left here.

An Yizhen had all kinds of snacks and fruits in front of her, all of which she liked to eat that day. Some people remembered it, and it was so good to be thinking about it.

The staff also seemed to know her preferences very well, and there was no nonsense to ask her if she was too cold. As soon as she came up, she asked her what meal she would like to have for a while. There are dishes from all over the world.

An Yizhen said in surprise: "Why, the street office has changed to a restaurant?"

The staff explained with a smile: "Now we are no longer an ordinary street office. Except for this conference room, the outside has completely changed. Would you like to visit?"

An Yizhen wondered: "Is it possible? Aren't you afraid that I will carry a virus from another world?"

So the staff member said with a smile: "Please come with me, there is a whole set of disinfection facilities outside. We have to go through there. This room is generally used to receive materials that are embodied in reality. We have not changed the decoration, just because we are afraid After a little adjustment, it becomes inconvenient to receive."

The equipment and layout of the comprehensive killing here are similar to the post-apocalyptic base in the live broadcast, which seems to have learned a lot of experience.

After walking out, it was completely different from the office building she entered.

In the past, only the first floor of the entire building was a street office, and the top floor was full of residential buildings. Now it looks as if it was completely shielded and sealed by a huge shed, and there is no direct communication with the outside world.

"This is also for fear of any pollution problems. Now the area we are in is a completely closed first-level alert area." The staff introduced enthusiastically,

"The staff working here are all volunteers, testing the materials and collating basic data. The original residents of this building have all moved out, and they have moved to other places to replace their residences with government subsidies. It has become a scientific research and testing department. This building is a canteen, this building is an isolation dormitory, there is also a multi-purpose hall, and there are dance parties on weekends...

Outside the first-level security zone, it has actually changed a lot. Our city is originally a tourism-oriented city, and the economy is obviously affected by the low and high seasons of tourism. Since the material has been realized, many technology companies have set up laboratories and factories here, and a huge high-tech industrial park has been formed with this as the core. Well-known domestic universities are all applying for the joint laboratory here as a training base for students. We have attracted a lot of investment and outstanding scientific and technological talents, and even graduates from top universities abroad are the first choice to come to us to work..."

Looking at the smiles on the staff's faces, An Yi was really relieved.

The government of Longguo made full use of the materials embodied in the other world, not only engaged in scientific research, but also organized and planned to drive the upstream and downstream industries to establish a virtuous economic cycle. Even if those materials may not actually be used temporarily, the long-term research and the gathering of talents will always be able to develop some products that benefit the country and the people and improve people's lives.

After a brief introduction, the staff took An Yizhen to the isolation dormitory and warned: "I live next door to you. Before, I was a volunteer who stayed in the internal service, so I also needed to be isolated for 7 days before leaving here. Yes. Contact me via video call, or dial the 24-hour campus service number XXXX. If there is an online conference, you will be notified in advance, and you can participate in the conference from the computer in your dormitory.”

After thanking An Yizhen, she entered the dormitory and felt an unprecedented relaxation.

I still remember in the apocalypse dungeon that she lamented that the isolation dormitory prepared for Ella players in the base was in good condition, and now the small suite she lives in is more comfortable than that one. In addition to the regular daily necessities in the bedroom and living room, there are also advanced fitness equipment. The configuration of the computer is top-notch, the Internet is convenient, and even the entertainment module is thoughtfully installed, and the popular dramas and movies on the market can be watched for free.

Forgive her for her lack of knowledge and never lived in a big villa. Now this kind of small suite dormitory can make her very satisfied. No different from the comfort and convenience of living spaces that she envisioned in her private realm, fully up to her aesthetic standards. Except for the lack of photo albums of my parents, it's a little regretful... In addition, it would be perfect if there was a kitchen and ingredients. The cooking skills acquired in the Otherworld Proving Grounds are her favorite. Compared with running around and fighting monsters, she has always longed for a carefree day without worrying about ingredients.

Thinking of what to eat, An Yizhen had to face another serious problem.

In the apocalypse dungeon, even if the Devouring System picks up again, it will still be able to eat a C-level energy body every three to five. In the real world, the Devouring System searched for a long time and couldn't sense that there were any energy bodies of D-level or above in the surrounding area.

After the evolution of the system, the energy requirements are greater than before. Inhaling like this, An Yi really felt that sooner or later she would become a human.

An Yizhen also thought of this question when she chose to return to reality immediately. With the current scientific research strength of the Dragon Kingdom, it may be possible to create some high-level energy bodies to meet her dietary needs. Now the industrial park where she is located is said to be the existence of Long Kingdom specializing in the research of otherworldly technology, and the hope in her heart is a little more unavoidable.

It should not be difficult to create a high-level energy body that can split, reproduce and control. That flying beast that lays eggs, the meat itself is not bad, and the eggs should taste good too.

For the first delicious meal after the return, An Yizhen chose all the high-sugar and high-calorie foods. In addition to the main meal, she also requested to send her some snacks and drinks. With these things in place, she can cope for a while during the isolation period. Lie in the dormitory honestly, if you can sit and never stand, if you can lie down, never sit, just consume less energy.

During the period, she called to inquire about Zhuang Zimo's situation, and got a reply that Zhuang Zimo had returned to the Quinn Manor and was sleeping and resting in the isolation dormitory.

Different from An Yizhen, Zhuang Zimo chose to sleep first and then eat, which An Yizhen completely understands. Whether it is the dragon country in the copy or the real dragon country, Zhuang Zimo treats it more carefully than her, and he puts in far more energy than her. Now that he can finally relax, he must first relax and sleep.

An Yizhen looked at the storage ring, the mysterious gift box was inside. There is no parcel bar now, and the materials such as Jinchuang medicine obtained from the other world have not disappeared in the storage ring, only the food and drink materials that were originally conceived are gone. When she first came back to reality, she was wearing the clothes she used to wander in the end of the earth.

Several sets of clothes were prepared for her in the dormitory, which were of the right size and comfortable to the body. Casual clothes for home, sportswear for exercise, and formal clothes for meeting services were all available. She washed and changed clothes, habitually hoarded some supplies in the storage ring, and then started to eat today's delicious meal with peace of mind.

Two hours later, Zhuang Zimo connected the video call with her.

The time difference between Quinn Manor and the mainland of Longguo is nearly 24 hours, but both of them are in a fully enclosed isolation dormitory, and there is basically no difference between morning and evening. After a short rest, they all looked very energetic.

An Yizhen was the first to ask: "How is your situation? There is no abnormality near Quinn Manor for the time being, and there are no monsters."

"I don't have any monsters in the Dragon Kingdom control area for now. I have enough food, and the dormitory is much more comfortable than when I lived in a single cell here." Zhuang Zimo smiled slightly and looked bright.

"What do you want to do after the quarantine period expires?" An Yizhen asked estrangedly and politely. If everything was normal in the real world, they might never meet again. After all, Zhuang Zimo's life experience and ability are there, he will most likely choose to inherit his father's business, and maybe he will secretly go to those suspicious areas in the United States and benefit the land to investigate, and it is simply inconvenient to contact him again.

And she was only worried about the food source of the system. She thought that there might be monsters on Mei Jianli's side, but now it seems to be normal, and it is not as bad as in the apocalypse dungeon.

Zhuang Zimo replied, "My grandfather contacted me. He wants me to join the Ministry of State Security and continue the work that my father didn't finish."

An Yizhen was not surprised at all, and joked: "Congratulations on finding your family and serving your iron rice bowl."

Zhuang Zimo could only probe further: "Do you still want to go to the state-run slaughterhouse? Do they still not know your origin?"

An Yizhen was also curious why no one asked her to investigate her original origin, or even checked her ID. She has been in another world for so long, and in the real world, she may have been in a state of no such person. In the barrage, there were people talking about it at first, and then gradually there was no mention of it.

Is it because Long Guo gave up the investigation long ago, waiting for her to be in a better mood, is it up to her to say? Or it doesn't matter who she was originally, and now she is strong enough, they just need to confirm that she will not do anything bad for the country.

"Where are you from? It feels more mysterious than me, and you never want to mention it. My grandfather thought I knew, but I was speechless and despised by grandfather for a long time." Zhuang Zimo pretended to be aggrieved.

"If your grandfather wanted to know, why didn't he ask me directly? Wouldn't he really think that there is anything else between you and me other than pure fighting friendship?"

Zhuang Zimo's eyes dimmed, he suppressed his mental thoughts, and said solemnly, "It's probably just a casual question. He asked me to perform some special tasks here at Mei Jianli after my quarantine period expired. I probably won't be very Go back to the Dragon Country soon, and you will no longer be in contact with outsiders during the mission. You still have a few days to think about it. Would you like me to entrust you with a relationship and introduce you to a job that is more suitable for you?"

"Don't be stinky." An Yizhen smiled, "With my strong skills, many bosses outside begged me to work in their company. During the previous live broadcast, young and promising talents had already made a deal for me. Less slaughterhouse, just wait for me to pick a place and go to work..."

Zhuang Zimo's face was indeed more ugly than before.

An Yizhen secretly intoxicated herself for a while. It seems that in addition to her magical ability to kill monsters, she still has a little charm that can make Zhuang Zimo think about her. Looking at the mention of so many people providing her with jobs, Zhuang Zimo was immediately anxious, right?

Zhuang Zimo could see the little smugness on An Yizhen's face. After spending so long together, he could basically guess what she was thinking at this time. This person wouldn't really think that he just wanted to introduce her to her job. Is he being too subtle?

"Do you still need monsters to replenish energy?" Zhuang Zimo asked more bluntly this time.

An Yizhen nodded: "Indeed, and it needs high-level ones, at least the kind that can drop C-level treasure chests, low-level zombies are useless."

"What if the energy can't be replenished?"

"I may die." An Yizhen replied nonchalantly, "So I don't really want to work in my lifetime, I just want to enjoy life."

No wonder An Yizhen deliberately avoided more emotional ties with him, and never responded to his pursuit. It turned out that she was really different, a unique existence in this world. Zhuang Zimo knew that An Yizhen didn't need comfort, and he didn't know what to say, so he avoided this topic and continued to talk about work,

"At least traces of zombie viruses and chimera monsters have been found here. Do you want to come and find prey? When the Shelfis Group evacuated Quinn Manor, the Meiji government thought about getting some benefits first. They dug three feet into the ground. I found some clues and information for research, and I developed the test myself in the military laboratory, which is much worse than Shelfis's security. Now, the leak has been covered up."

An Yizhen's eyes lit up: "Are there really monsters in the land of the United States and Benefit? Then I will go to the United States and Benefit after the quarantine period expires. Should I be able to apply for a visa?"

"It seems that it is not very easy for you to get a visa for the United States now. If you follow my path, you should be able to come to Quinn Manor. As for going to other places in the United States, you still have to apply for the corresponding passport and visa according to the normal process. So if you have any secrets, do you think you can get legal documents?" The more Zhuang Zimo said, the more he felt that he would definitely be able to help An Yizhen.

An Yizhen's pride just now disappeared instantly. Indeed, she has no identity in this world at all, and she doesn't know where to start making up the supplement. Telling a lie requires more lies to cover up. Living like that is too tiring. Besides, people with both beauty and profit would probably never allow a dangerous player like her to step into their country.

She hesitated and answered truthfully: "Although you haven't asked, and no one here has asked, but you must have studied about me. I'll tell you with reluctance."

Zhuang Zimo reminded: "Our call is monitored by the Ministry of State Security, do you mind?"

"Hey, it's not the same as what I told you, you will definitely report it to the country. Let's just say it, and make sure no enemy agents know about it." An Yizhen also thought about it now, except for the devouring system that defies the sky. Apart from her existence for the time being, she honestly explained that she came from the earth, her motherland is very similar to the dragon country here, even the language and characters are exactly the same, so that she can integrate here without any obstacles. In fact, it's pretty surreal.

"You were uneasy and insisted on choosing to return to reality immediately, because you were afraid that the dragon country in the real world would encounter a situation similar to that of your motherland?" Zhuang Zimo said with emotion, "You are kinder and more rational than I imagined. Thank you for being willing to share such a secret with me."

"Then what about you, did you notice anything unusual?"

Zhuang Zimo nodded: "The domestic situation should be fine at the moment, but the spread of the virus is already a reality here in the United States and its allies. The alien virus that manifested in the Muyi Empire is similar to that created by the military laboratory here in the United States and Benefit. The viruses that come out are different. If they cross-exist or mutate, the disaster will not only be a danger to their own country. Although Mu Yili seems to be closed to the country on the surface, he actually has more frequent exchanges with the United States and Benefit, especially the main players of the United States and Benefit. Failed to return, their military accelerated the development of virus weapons. This is very worrying.”

"Did they just create monsters with viruses?"

"No, they are still trying to artificially catalyze the power user. Remember the stolen statue in the Sacred Tree Mountain? Our country has sufficient evidence, and those things have flowed into the United States and profit a few years ago. And the Shelfis Group gave up The third industrial park, which is closer to Quinn Manor, secretly transferred a batch of property to a private island. The private island is not far from the Muyi Empire, in the middle of the ocean."

Suddenly, the alarm sounded in the room where Zhuang Zimo was.

Zhuang Zimo said: "It's the first-level disaster warning of the base. Maybe there are unknown pollutants approaching. I'll go out and take a look. You apply for a satellite phone with the highest security level. My number is XXXX, and we will keep in touch. If something happens here It is very tricky, we may give priority to withdrawing scientific researchers and scientific research results to the mainland of Longguo.”

The video call came to an abrupt end.

An Yizhen hurriedly contacted the staff next door and submitted an application for a satellite phone. At this time, the computer screen in her room automatically turned on, and the text scrolled on the blue background and white text to notify: The Ministry of State Security has an emergency online video conference, and Miss An will be invited to the conference in 10 minutes.

The meeting that followed was short and efficient. The host of the meeting was Li Gaocan, and the top decision maker was Zhuang Jianghai. Different from the dungeon of the end times, Zhuang Jianghai in the real world is lying on a hospital bed, with a bad complexion and more gray hair. It seems that he is still working despite his illness.

They already know the emergency situation at Quinn Manor, and will mobilize relevant sea, land and air equipment to respond and organize evacuation.

An Yizhen didn't ask much. She had been in contact with these two many times in the apocalypse dungeon, and knew that they and the team behind them were quite professional. All their judgments and trade-offs are based on the overall situation.

It's just that the situation at Quinn Manor was worse than they thought. Zhuang Jianghai asked An Yizhen to go to the Quinn Manor with the first batch of planes for support.

The satellite phone was delivered half an hour later, along with the combat uniform and follow-up mission arrangements.

An Yizhen quickly changed her clothes, added another batch of weapons and equipment to her storage ring, and boarded the armed transport plane to the Meijian Liqun Manor without stopping.

The three airports in the entire Dragon Country sent armed transport planes and passenger planes to go to the Quinn Manor. There are also ship reinforcements on the sea. An Yizhen can see through the plane window. The ships flying the flag of the Dragon Country have quickly assembled at sea and headed for the other side of the ocean.

It seems that these many ships and such a large scale are not just to pick up the evacuees from Quinn Manor, is it about to start evacuating overseas Chinese in the land of beauty and profit...

An Yizhen is very grateful to James Bond at this time. If he hadn't mobilized the enemy's special bomber in the apocalypse dungeon, let the real world fully understand the strength of her and Zhuang Zimo. Aerial interception by other hostile forces. Now that everyone knows her superhuman attributes, she won't waste missiles doing air attacks at all.

After the plane took off, An Yizhen called Zhuang Zimo several times, but no one answered. She had to ask the secret service personnel in the plane, and the answer was that the signal at Quinn Manor was very unstable, there was a strange magnetic field on the ground, and communication had been impossible. However, within an hour, the ground secret service personnel in other areas over there should urgently go to Quinn Manor from the surrounding area for support, and there should be no problem in restoring communication.

After another half hour, An Yizhen got bad news.

The President of the United States and Benefit issued a local disaster warning through all media channels. He claimed that the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had confirmed that a new virus had been introduced into the United States and Benefit from the Muyi Empire. The virus was a variant of the Muyi Zombie virus. The symptoms of the infected person are more severe than those of the Muyi infected person, and there will be non-stop manic attacks on others, and those who are attacked will immediately become ill. There is no possibility of a cure after the virus is infected, and the president called on the people to take up arms to defend themselves, and shooting the infected will no longer bear legal responsibility.

"When the President of the United States and Benefit delivered this speech, people were already on Air Force One. He ran fast and left a mess. Encourage the people to defend themselves, make full use of civilian weapons, and allow killing in high-sounding manner. I don't know. How many innocent people will be hurt. Fortunately, we knew some news in advance, when we set off, the United States and Li have launched an emergency plan for large-scale evacuation of overseas Chinese." The special service on the crew sighed with emotion.

Moments later, the Prime Minister of the Muyi Empire also issued a similar announcement, but the reason he stated was that immigrants from the United States and Liberia carried a variant virus, which led to the deterioration of the virus epidemic in Muyi, and called on the public to continue to isolate at home to avoid cross-infection.

The Muyi Empire and the Dragon Kingdom face each other across the sea. Although the two countries have already stopped sailing, the air and ocean currents are connected. If the Muyi Empire had already lied down and did not resist, the virus would spread to neighboring countries sooner or later, and zombies would not obey the law.

Among the apocalyptic dungeons, there is a precedent for the zombies of the Muyi Empire to walk from the bottom of the sea to the coast of the Dragon Kingdom.

An Yizhen suddenly remembered that Mei Jianli had already built a cross-sea tunnel in order to revive the main players. This tunnel connects Continent A and Continent Y. If it is not closed in time, there may already be infected people with both the United States and the United States running to Continent A through the tunnel. Although it is the territory of the bear country, the border defense is sparse. This time, the main players of the bear country have not been able to return to reality, and the situation is in jeopardy...

"Is the border between us and the Bear Country reliable?" An Yizhen asked worriedly.

"There is a large frozen wasteland. There are also deployments on the border. When Mei and Li built the cross-sea tunnel, we sent a technical support team for free and left a back door. If there is danger, we can remotely control it to blow up. Tunnel. But the strait is actually very narrow over there, and zombies can walk in sooner or later."

An Yizhen frowned: "It seems that this global catastrophe cannot be avoided."

If it was just a few monsters, An Yizhen and Zhuang Zimo were confident they could deal with it in time. The most terrifying thing is the virus pandemic. The Muyi Empire and the United States and the United States have never given up on the research and application of viruses, which eventually led to a catastrophe.

Zhuang Zimo's phone call finally came back: "An Yizhen, you will jump into the sea near the coordinate point XXX in a while, which is the new headquarters of Shelfis' isolated island. I will rush over after I assist the scientific researchers to evacuate safely."

"What's new there?"

Zhuang Zimo replied in a deep voice: "The immortal **** really exists. It's on that island. I hope you can stop Shelfis' alienation and transformation of the **** in time."