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(The new book is set sail, you can read the old book “Auto Chess in the Operating Room”, the amount is large and the amount is full)

Qin Lang has obtained the life simulator system. As long as he obtains simulation points, he can simulate the career of a doctor and obtain various rewards:

[At the age of 24, through your own efforts, you have obtained the qualification to go to the first city hospital for further training from the community hospital. 】

[You entered the Burn Plastic Surgery Department of the First Hospital of the City. Due to the accumulation of your previous life, you performed well in the first round of wards. You overcame the eight-year doctoral students in the same group, and obtained the tube bed one week later. qualifications. 】

[Six months later, you performed the first operation, and the superior doctor was shocked. 】

[At the age of twenty-five, you have obtained the establishment of the first city hospital…]

[At the age of twenty-seven, your paper was published in The Lancet…]

[At the age of sixty, you retired from the hospital and ended your career as a doctor]

[The simulation is over, the doctor’s career evaluation, the national famous doctor is 95. 】

【You can keep one of the following abilities】

[1. Sixty-year-old doctor skills]

[2. Sixty-year-old clinical experience]

[3. The wisdom of practicing medicine at the age of sixty]

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Short Title:DLS
Alternate Title:医生的人生模拟器
Author:Don't do justice
Weekly Rank:#1910
Monthly Rank:#1571
All Time Rank:#4097
Tags:Doctors, Male Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, System,
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  1. my expectations are quite big as the picture isn't the trashy picture of some randomly stolen art and puctured as the picture to bait kids with how cool the guy in the picture

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