@@「Dean Han, come, let me toast you.」

   "Haha, Mr. Zhu is welcome, come on, do it!"

  In a box of a high-end private chef, several people are having dinner here.

  Zhu Yunsong raised his wine glass and toasted Han Mingliang.

   Han Mingliang was very forthright, and drank the 53-degree liquor in one gulp without the slightest pause.

   "Hehe, Dean Han, you can drink a lot!" Zhu Yunsong said politely.

   And the few staff on the side also laughed: "Yes, Dean Han is famous in the circle for his boldness!"

  Han Mingliang is indeed well-known in the circle, and the outside world has a good evaluation of him. He is righteous and informal, a typical northern man.

  In fact, Han Mingliang is thick on the outside and delicate on the inside, with a very high emotional intelligence. He knows who can hand in, how to hand in, and who can't hand in.

   This table of wine was arranged by Zhu Yunsong, mainly at the end of the year, and I have an explanation with the heads of various hospitals!

  Although Han Mingliang is only the vice president, anyone with a discerning eye knows who is in charge of this hospital.

  Han Mingliang is not a broad-minded person. Outsiders say he dares to love and hate, but he is actually a real iron-blooded faction. The hospital managed by Han Mingliang can be regarded as an iron bucket.

  「I saw it this year, your hospital’s sales are the highest in the whole province!」

  「I made a special trip to thank Dean Han!」

  Zhu Yunsong smiled and picked up the wine glass again.

  As the general manager of Xinke Pharmaceutical Company, Zhu Yunsong gave Han Mingliang enough face.

  However, it is a cooperative relationship in itself, and it cannot be said that whoever asks whoever, it can only be said that everyone gets what they get.

   The cost of Chinese patent medicines has a large proportion in the intermediate links.

  Since Xinke Pharmaceutical Company has so many types of finished Chinese patent medicines, it naturally needs a partner. The managers of several sales departments flattered Han Mingliang one after another!

   "Dean Han, we have heard that Yuancheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has strict discipline, and Dean Han, as the dean, can be said to have contributed a lot!"

  Han Mingliang smiled slightly: "What the **** dean, it's just a **** deputy dean, only for doing odd jobs, only for taking the blame, ha ha."

  Although he said so, but...Han Mingliang is actually very clear in his heart, but...he has not been promoted to dean, which has become a concern in Han Mingliang's heart.

   "I have to say something fair, Dean Han, you are not the dean, it is really a pity! You are blind, what kind of thing did you send?"

  「Yes, I think this makes sense. You go to the hospital to inquire. Who doesn’t support Dean Han as the dean?

  Don’t talk about other things, but just talk about income. In the past few years, Dean Han has been in office, has Yuancheng Traditional Chinese Medicine got rid of the title of poor household?”

  「Dean Han, I respect you!」

  Several sales representatives, all of them were old fritters from the winery. After a while, the dishes were not ready, so they first poured Han Mingliang with all kinds of meat and eight vegetables.

  Han Mingliang also gradually became a little out of tune. Hearing this, he smiled: "Damn it, you don't know!"

  「When I was the vice president, the hospital was still in debt!」

  “There are a lot of gaps in the business, and we can’t rely on the government’s subsidies. At that time, the doctors complained to leave every day.”

  「What about now? Why are you making trouble? Everyone’s income has increased, and doctors are human too!」


  「Damn it, the doctor doesn’t need to repay the mortgage?」


  “Food is the paramount necessity of the people. As doctors, we can’t save people from hunger, right?”

   "I, Han Mingliang, patted my chest and said, if anyone in Yuancheng Traditional Chinese Medicine scolds me Han Mingliang, then he has no conscience!"

  Han Mingliang's swearing is not uncommon. People of his age are different from now. At that time, Han Mingliang liked to advocate swearing.

   I even feel down-to-earth and emotional. Not only is it not disgusting, but it has a sense of intimacy.

   After all, which leader have you seen swearing every day?

  Who doesn't open his mouth, Comrade, shut up hello.

   This is also Han Mingliang's weapon! It is also a disguise.

  If you make a mistake, Han Mingliang will say, I am a rough person, why are you competing with me?

  After this sentence, if you get angry, people will say that you have no structure.

  Of course, you don’t care, what he said means a lot to others after hearing it!

  Han Mingliang is very transparent!

  Zhu Yunsong smiled: "Dean Han, but you should restrain your temper."

  「I heard that a director went to the Health Commission to respond to your problem!」

  When Han Mingliang heard this, he slapped the table angrily: "Grass!"

  「Damn it, what’s wrong with scolding them for doing something wrong? Do you have to get used to it?」

  「Sue? Fuck it!」

   "Where is the report, my old Han is also making decisions for the patients and serving the hospital."

  「Nowadays, he is the only hypocritical person!」

  Han Mingliang stared and raised his eyebrows, looking very fierce.

  Those who didn’t know thought it was someone from the society!

  Zhu Yunsong also knew that there was someone behind Han Mingliang, otherwise...he wouldn't be so secure. It's just... this person has retired, so it is difficult for Han Mingliang to take a step forward.

  The wine has three rounds, and the food has five flavors.

   Enthusiasm has passed.

   Zhu Yunsong suddenly thought of something, and asked Han Mingliang: "By the way, Dean Han."

  「Recently, this incident has caused quite a stir!」

  “The family members of this abortion patient went to the government gate to sue, and even went to the TV station!”

   "It is said that reporters are also paying attention to this matter now."

  「Are you sure there is nothing wrong?」

  Han Mingliang's originally cloudy eyes, which seemed to be soaked by alcohol, instantly cleared up a bit, and then flashed by again immediately, and said in a pretentious way:

  「Hey, let me tell you! In this world, you can’t be too kind to others!」

  「The patient, I have been treating it for more than six months!」

  「No matter how well it was cured before, people didn’t say a word. When you cure it badly, then damn...everything will happen!」

  「Sometimes, I am hard-spoken but soft-hearted!」

   "You said, no one was willing to treat it at that time, and I kindly helped to cure it. The child grew bigger day by day, and the condition of the fetus was getting better day by day."

  「The words on the lips, I praise you every day!」

  「But what? If anything goes wrong, it’s all on you!」

  「Hey, I’m biting Lu Dongbin like a dog, I don’t know good people!」

   "Forget it, forget it, this incident will make me lose my excellent dean at the end of the year!" "I'm so mad!"

   After listening, several people hurriedly echoed for a long time.

  Han Mingliang had a drink with several people without saying a word.

  Actually, can he not be worried?

   This is definitely something to worry about!

  Patients spent more than 60,000 yuan on miscarriage insurance here and there, and the outpatient service cost 60,000 yuan!

  Less than twenty-five weeks, the weekly medical fee is more than 2,000 yuan.

  He is also worried about whether it is his own problem!

  However, he looked back and forth at the prescription, but he couldn’t find his problem!?

  At this time, Han Mingliang pretended to be drunk, and said with a smile: "My medicine is prescribed very conservatively!"

  「How can it be my problem?」

  「Could it be...the problem with Xinke Naoxintong Capsules?」

  As soon as these words came out, Zhu Yunsong immediately laughed: "Are you kidding me!"

   "This drug, our clinical trials, market response... for many years, how could something go wrong!"

   "This drug is based on the experience of Mr. Li Hanqing from Jin Province. It took a lot of effort to get it at that time."

  「Dean Han, this joke is not funny!」

  Han Mingliang also wanted to drag people into the water, meaning to tell Zhu Yunsong, I know you have a channel, use it quickly, don't really have a problem at that time, your medicine is also responsible.

   This is Han Mingliang's brilliance. After the dinner was over, when going out, Zhu Yunsong personally sent Han Mingliang to the car, and then when helping him, he stuffed a bank card into the other's suit pocket, and patted him.

   said with a smile: "Dean Han, the reception is not good today."

  Han Mingliang understood and said with a smile: "President Zhu, you are welcome, do we still need to talk so much?"

  Zhu Yunsong: "How about I get someone to take you back? How about calling a driver?"

  Han Mingliang waved his hand: "No, my wife will come pick me up later!"

  Zhu Yunsong immediately gave a thumbs up: "Tsk tsk, I have a good wife!"

  「Dean Han, you are blessed!」

   After everyone left, Han Mingliang called his wife and asked him to pick him up.

  He didn't ask for a substitute driver.

   This is enough to see that he is cautious.

  After his wife came, Han Mingliang handed the card to the other party, and after some inquiries.

  The wife looked at the number in surprise, a little unbelievable: "10 million!"

  「There are so many!」

  Han Mingliang sneered: "Many?"

  「Damn it, didn’t you see how much I paid for his part-time job?」

   "In the hospital this year, the sales of Xinke Pharmaceutical's drugs reached 100 million."

  「Give me ten million, I deserve it!」

   "Let's go, go home, sleep." The wife was still trembling, but she started the car and left slowly.

  In the car, the wife couldn't help asking: "Husband, this... this time, is it all right?"

  「Reporters have come to the door today.」

  Han Mingliang smiled: "What's the matter?"

  「Alright, tomorrow, I will meet the reporter in person!」

   At this time, on this side, the staff has already contacted the patient's family members, as well as Dong Qingmei, the person concerned.

  At this time, Dong Qingmei has not yet come out of the shadow of miscarriage.

  Whether it is physically or psychologically, Dong Qingmei is a double blow at this time!

  The sudden miscarriage of the child plunged the family into chaos.

  The family was happily preparing for the arrival of the child!

  However, the sudden blow now brought the whole family close to collapse.

   You must know that Dong Qingmei had two miscarriages before, this time, she finally got pregnant, and the child has been six months old and will be born soon.

   This sudden change directly stimulated everyone's nerves.

  Dong Qingmei shed tears every day.

  The mother-in-law and husband even went to the TV station to ask for justice!

  Dong Qingmei did not participate because of her health, but... she felt very uncomfortable in her heart.

  She has a strong sense of inferiority in her heart! If she has a miscarriage this time, can she still get pregnant in the future?

  In the medical field, there is a type of patients with habitual abortion, who are very prone to miscarriage.

  Dong Qingmei felt that she might be like this...

  As for Han Mingliang, to be honest, she didn't complain too much, after all...he really helped her to heal her illness.

  However, the husband and his family did not understand, or did not want to understand.

   From pregnancy to miscarriage, they spent 60,000 to 70,000 yuan. It is hard for an ordinary family to accept such a desperate thing after investing a lot of disappointment!

  This is why they made such a fuss.

   And here, after the staff checked, a report was handed over to Tao Gongshu.

  Tao Gongshu looked at the test results, and his face completely fell down!

  Because...the results show

   indicates that the patient really has a loose uterus, accompanied by aggravated cervical relaxation.

  In this case, in the third trimester of pregnancy, fetal miscarriage is prone to occur.

   This is exactly the same as Chen Nan's deduction!

   All of a sudden, the truth emerged instantly.

   And Tao Gongshu was much more shocked by Chen Nan.

  This is too awesome!

  Through the treatment process, Chen Nan really found out the reason for the patient's miscarriage.

  Dong Qingmei's in-law's family are all from the village. Her husband is a well-known mason in ten miles and eight townships. He repairs houses in the village. He does a lot of work and brings a bunch of people along.

  However, no matter how prestige they are in the village, at this moment, the whole family has to be ashamed!

  Because...they had been arguing for a long time since they came to the source city.

   But there is not a single clue to support them.

  At first, they found Han Mingliang because they couldn't bear the resentment in their hearts, but Han Mingliang pointed their noses and said they had no conscience, and were driven away by the security guards.

   This made the family suddenly angry and began to sue.

   Now... Three days have passed, and there is no news. At this time, my husband is sitting in the corner of the ward in a daze, his eyes full of frustration.

  He felt a sense of smallness and helplessness!

  This huge city is out of tune with me, and here I am, it is so difficult to seek justice!

  Mother has fallen asleep crying.

  In the quiet room, the doctors and nurses were a little displeased with them.

   After all, most doctors and nurses don't like these troubled patients very much.


   At this time, a weak voice came from beside him, and Wang Lei just raised his head and glanced.

  The wife was staring at him with water all over her face, her eyes filled with self-blame.

  「Sorry, Lei Gang...」

  「I’m useless!」

   "I can't give you a baby."

  「I’m a useless person...」

   "I'm sorry..." Dong Qingmei cried and sat on the ground in a daze. Wang Lei just saw this and felt very distressed. His nose was red and his nose was sore. He picked up his wife and carefully put her on the bed: "Qingmei...don't say that..."

   "You...Although you have a miscarriage, my mother said you have to confine yourself."

   "My mother is like that, with a knife mouth and a bean curd heart. In the past few days, I bought you a lot of local eggs and a few old hens. Go back and make up for it."

  「Sorry for you!」

  「It’s useless to be a husband...even...not even a fair...」

  Wang Leigang's eyes flickered as he spoke, and Dou Da's tears rolled down hot.

  The mother who was sleeping on the chair beside her was already awake at this time, but she didn't turn around, but... the slightly trembling body and the tears that were suppressed from crying couldn't stop flowing down.

"going home tommorow!"

   "We're not going to fight anymore."

  「Let people see a joke.」

  「Big deal...big deal...we want another child, what can we do?」

  「Don’t be afraid!」

  「I wasted money, my husband can earn it with his strength!」

   "Zhang's family is building a new house, I have to go back."

   "Han Mingliang is the dean, we can't fight... this world is like this... black and white, people have the final say!"

   While speaking, he clenched his fists tightly, holding his wife's hands trembling all over, he hated his incompetence, his uselessness, and why he was so useless!

  During the conversation, the husband and wife hugged each other, their bodies trembling and their tears glistening. At this time, Chen Nan and Tao Gongshu were standing at the door, just in time to see this scene...

   Tao Gongshu couldn't help but sighed.

  He knew why he sighed.

  Because of what the other party said, he felt a kind of helplessness and pain.

  Life is never facing the sea, spring is warm and flowers are blooming.

  All the beauty you see, but because you have not experienced the pain and suffering of despair.

   At the same time, I also feel the weight of responsibility.

  Myself, as the president of the Association of Chinese Physicians, this is definitely not just an honor, but a mission.

  At this time, Chen Nan also felt uncomfortable.

  He looked at Tao Gongshu and said seriously: "Maybe... this is the mission of our work."

   Tao Gongshu nodded: "Yes!"

"you're right!"

  「To be honest, I even have a feeling of dread, if we don't have the truth...」

  「Then, what will the ending be like?」

  Chen Nan was silent for a long time, and said:

  “A person with good intentions may change his mind.”

  「I don’t know if Han Mingliang did it on purpose, or if it was an accidental mistake, but... Anyway, we should let the truth out!」

  「A chance to make mistakes!」

  「Let justice never be late!」 Justice that arrives late, what kind of justice is it called? That's bullshit!

  Chen Nan took a deep breath, opened the door and entered.

  Seeing the two people who came in suddenly, Dong Qingmei and his wife were startled, and quickly stood up.

  「You... who are you looking for?」

  Tao Gongshu took the initiative to introduce: "I am Tao Gongshu, the president of the Association of Chinese Physicians."

   "This is the vice president, Chen Nan!"

   "Come today, we want to tell you one thing."

   "Dong Qingmei, your miscarriage is not a habitual miscarriage, but a miscarriage caused by drugs that caused your cervix to relax."

  「This is the inspection result and report!」

   "Don't worry, we will help you and seek justice."

  Hearing this, Dong Qingmei and Wang Leigang froze in place!

   They didn't expect... just when they were facing despair, hope would come again.

  At this time, a sudden plop sounded.

   I saw a woman accidentally fell to the ground when she turned over and got out of bed.

  「Mom, are you okay?!」

  The old lady ran over excitedly, with tears in her eyes, and looked at the two excitedly:

  「I’ll just say it!」

  「I’ll just say it’s not our fault!」

  「I didn’t want to make trouble!」「I just want justice!」

  「I just want to know why my daughter-in-law had a miscarriage.」

  「I have served many people in confinement, and I have also been a stable woman for others. I take care of them carefully. Can I not know what's going on?」

   "It's Han Mingliang who bullies people!"

  「Good man!」

"thank you all!"

  「We are really not bad people, nor are we extorting money.」

  「I...I just want justice, why is it so difficult?」


  The old lady began to cry as she spoke.

the next day.

  The Physician Association has collected all the evidence and is preparing to negotiate with the Medical Investigation Committee to announce the results of the matter.

   At this moment, Han Mingliang suddenly accepted an interview.

   Facing the reporter, Han Mingliang speaks righteously!

  「I, Han Mingliang, patted my conscience and said, I am not wrong!」

   "If the patient Huo Qingmei is willing to confront me face to face, I think that I, Han Mingliang, have been a doctor for so many years, and I have some medical ethics!"

  「Yes, it’s right, and wrong is wrong!」「If I’m wrong, it’s because I trust patients too much!」

  “Indeed, patients have spent a lot of money in order to treat the disease and protect the pregnancy.”

   "However, this is the cost of the medicine. I, Han Mingliang, have not received a penny apart from this!"

  「Could it be that this

   Is it wrong?"

  「Is the true heart always wrong?」

  「I don’t think so!」

  「I believe in authority, I believe in organizations, and I believe that everyone with good intentions will give me justice!」

  “In the past few days, I have been under too much pressure from public opinion, and the cyberbullying has made me feel tired and sleepy.”

  「I’m scared!」

  「I’m really scared!」

  「Sorry, I was wrong!」

  「I erred in kindness and kindness!」

  The announcement of this video made Chen Nan almost smash his phone in anger.

   What's more, Huo Qingmei's family was bruised and bruised in the hospital!

  People who walked over were pointing at them.

   Even, in the eyes of everyone, they have become like bad guys who blackmail people.

  However, they did not refute this time, because they believed that Chen Nan would give them justice.

  Chen Nan quickly contacted the medical investigation committee and informed the other party of the audit results. but!

   Wait until noon, but the result has not been announced yet.

   This made Chen Nan curious, and he went directly to Tao Gongshu's office:

  「Dean Tao, what’s going on?」

  「Why hasn’t it been announced yet?」

  Chen Nan's voice was anxious, and Tao Gongshu was also dumbfounded.

  Yes! Why?

   Soon, Tao Gongshu received a call: "Xiao Chen, wait, I'll answer the call first."

   Tao Gongshu answered the call, it was an unfamiliar number.

  But... I don't know much about my own phone number.

   "Hi, hello, I'm Tao Gongshu."

   "Hehe, Dean Tao, hello! I am Qiao Denghua."

  Tao Gongshu was stunned when he heard the sound: "Ah? Old leader, hello, hello!"

   Qiao Denghua used to be the leader of the health system, but he retired a long time ago.

  However, he has another identity, that is, Han Mingliang's father-in-law.

  「Old leader, hehe, why did you think of calling me?」

  Qiao Denghua said with a smile: "This... Gongshu, I came to you to discuss something with you." "I just got the news that your review result is... Mingming's medical negligence, right?"

   Tao Gongshu frowned when he heard this, he knew the reason for the call!

  However, he did not speak. After Qiao Denghua finished speaking, he said: "Then what do you mean..."

  The other party sighed!


   This matter has also been discussed.

   It can only be said to be a coincidence!

   After all, no drug is a panacea. "

   "This can't be considered medical negligence, right? It's such a big deal, isn't it inappropriate for Dean Han?"

  「Besides, I also discussed it with Chinese medicine practitioners. It is true that there was no medical negligence. It can only be called an accident, right?」

  「You and I have done medical behaviors, and we should understand that there are too many uncontrollable things.」

  “Maybe twenty years later, the current treatment will be illegal, but… this is the limitation.”

  Chen Nan was right next to him, and after hearing these words, he was trembling with anger!

  What is limitation?

  If Han Mingliang didn’t prescribe so many Chinese patent medicines, would there be so many problems?

  You are well, in a word, on the unavoidable surprises and limitations.

  Tao Gongshu's face was also a little ugly.

  He said directly: "Leader, this is against the rules, right is right, wrong is wrong."

   Qiao Denghua chuckled: "Well, I know!"

  「Han Mingliang is responsible!」

  「This cannot be rejected.」

  「But… this responsibility is shared, right?」

   "I'm not trying to excuse Han Mingliang."

  「I mean, can we deal with it in private?」

  「After all, it’s too much trouble, and it’s not good for the medical system!」

   "Of course, those who should be compensated should also be compensated. Let's follow the process to meet the needs of the family members. What do you think?"

  Tao Gongshu sighed when he heard this, he had to discuss it with his family.

  See if the other party agrees.

   At this time, Chen Nan suddenly said: "There is no room for negotiation on this matter!"

"no matter who!"

  "Since Han Mingliang was able to say those words righteously in front of the media."

  「Then why should patients and their families bear the pressure of the media and public opinion?」

  「It’s black, it’s black!」

  「White, why can’t it become white?」

  「So, whoever you are, whatever you can do.」

  「I promise here that there is no room for this matter!」

   "Dean Tao, I respect you and call you Dean Tao, but if you don't follow the procedure to handle this matter, you won't announce the truth of the matter!"

   "I, Chen Nan, can't finish!" After finishing speaking, Chen Nan waved his hands and was about to leave.

  Tao Gongshu was dumbfounded!

  Here...Xiao Chen, what are you doing?

  It's on the phone.

  「Xiao Chen, what are you in a hurry for?」

  「Who said I agreed!」

  Tao Gongshu quickly said to Qiao Denghua: "I'm sorry, leader, you heard it too!"

   "This is Chen Nan, vice president of the Association of Chinese Medicine Physicians."

   "This matter was also discovered by others."

  “Moreover, the pressure of public opinion on this matter is gradually escalating.”

  “Our physician association must give a fair result.”


  After speaking, Tao Gongshu hung up the phone directly.

  He looked at Chen Nan dumbfounded: "Why are you so anxious!"

  Chen Nan put away his anger and said, "Dean Tao, I know, you are under a lot of pressure."

  「However, my bare feet are not afraid of wearing shoes.」

  「I have to tell the other party, this matter, don’t come to you, come to me!」

  「I am in charge!」

  Indeed, after Chen Nan became the vice president, as he said, this is what he is in charge of.

  Tao Gongshu directly called the medical investigation committee, announced the results, and informed the family members to notify Han Mingliang.

   And now!

  A high-end community.

  Han Mingliang saw the father-in-law hang up the phone angrily, and immediately knew that something was wrong.

   Start with a lot of Chinese patent medicines.

   This is obviously not a problem of Han Mingliang alone.

   is a common phenomenon in the medical system.

   Moreover, Western medicine doctors in Western hospitals prescribe far more Chinese patent medicines than traditional Chinese medicine hospitals!


  One word, Lee!

  「Dad...how is it?」

  Han Mingliang couldn't help asking.

   Qiao Denghua didn't say a word.

  Suddenly, he knew that the matter was not easy to solve.

  Chen Nan!

  When Han Mingliang thought of Chen Nan's name, his teeth itched with anger.

   At this time, Chen Nan also received two fresh negative reviews.

  【Ding! Congratulations, you have received a negative review from Qiao Denghua, the negative review level: intermediate!】

  【Ding! Congratulations, you have received a negative review from Han Mingliang. The rating of the negative review is: Advanced!】 Seeing the negative review, Chen Nan didn't take it seriously.


   Be angry!

   Slowly get used to it.


  It's two o'clock in the afternoon!

  Results announced!

  「Han Mingliang is writing a prescription

   At that time, there were a large number of Chinese patent medicines, and the content of Eucommia exceeded the standard, which caused the patient's uterus to relax, forming a syndrome of cervical relaxation, which led to miscarriage!"

  The announcement of this result directly confused the public opinion and everyone who paid attention to this matter.

  This morning, Han Mingliang yelled kindness to the camera, flaunted himself, and avenged grievances!

   Now is good!

  Results are announced directly.

   The evidence is overwhelming, where do you go to twist the facts?


  In the ward, Huo Qingmei's family, who were about to be discharged from the hospital, saw the news, and burst into tears with excitement!

  Truth! Fairness!

  They only seek justice!

   And now, it's done. The old lady wept with joy and kowtowed to the TV: "Thank you!"

"thank you all!"

  「You are good people!」

"thank you all!"

  The old lady is really happy.

  During this period, they encountered too many supercilious looks and suffered too much unfair treatment.

  And today, all injustices will be finally judged!

   This time, justice is not late!

  He came just in time.

  After the medical investigation committee gives the results, the next step is to be handled by both parties.

   is private!

   Or appeal, everything is ok!

  Chen Nan doesn't need to participate in the next work.

   But Chen Nan's name suddenly became famous in the circle of Jin Provincial Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians!

   This is his first fire after taking office as a new official!

  Let Han Mingliang be scorched on the outside and tender on the inside.

   To be honest, this will not have any serious impact on Han Mingliang. He can do what he wants and continue to work.

   After all, this is not an exaggeration of medical negligence.

  However... If the results were not announced, what would happen to the patient's family and their hearts?

   Dedicated to goodness, but bumped into walls everywhere!

  Why should I put down the butcher knife and hatred?

  Why should I become a Buddha?

  One thought can affect thousands of people.

  Healing is not only the disease, but also the human heart.

   Isn’t this my responsibility and mission?-

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