Chapter 276 Accidentally pretended to be next door!

   It's a joke, but everyone still looked at Chen Nan curiously, their eyes full of curiosity.

  After all... Chen Nan suddenly took medicine, why?

  Li Guangming couldn't help but glanced at Chen Nan curiously, smiled and said to Yuan Chuanxin and Tao Gongshu beside him:

   "I remember that there was a record in this medical record before, saying that when you go to a doctor for a disease, you should first get the medicine, smell it to know its properties, taste it to know its taste, taste it to know its depth, and taste it to know its effect."

   "Hehe, to be honest, the ancients' grasp of the properties of medicine is really amazing!"

   "On the contrary, now, medicine is separated, and doctors don't know medicine. It's like cutting off an arm. It's really ugly!"

  Yuan Chuanxin nodded with deep feeling: "Indeed, people of our generation can still recognize a lot of Chinese medicine."

   "However, the next generation... is hard to say!"

   "Let's not talk about it, my student is 35 years old this year, but... some common medicines can't be named or recognized, which makes me feel a little chilled!"

   "To know medicine, a doctor should not only know its properties, but also its pharmacology, taste, and smell!"

   "I remember, when I was studying traditional Chinese medicine, I studied pharmacy with the old man of the Zhao family for a while. At that time, to be honest... In order to understand the medicine, my tongue was difficult for half a year. It was like being poisoned!"

   "The old man of the Zhao family told me that if you want to be a famous doctor, a great doctor, or go to a doctor, you must have a personal understanding of medicine."

   "Unfortunately, it's just a fur!"

   "It is said that the old man of the Zhao family, after drinking the decoction, can make a good guess about the medicinal ingredients in the decoction."


   Tao Gongshu also nodded helplessly: "This is also a problem of the times."

  "In ancient times, there was no ten or eight-year apprenticeship in Chinese medicine. You couldn't become a teacher. You had to learn about collecting, processing, grasping medicine, seeing a doctor, feeling the pulse, and knowing the prescriptions..."

"Now, the division of labor is clear, scientific and reasonable, and the focus is on a specialization. It's good to be able to get started for five years in college, and then three years as a graduate student. If you're lucky, you'll need another three years to get a doctorate. It's going well. Over the years, let me tell you the truth, those who can really understand the essence of traditional Chinese medicine are one out of ten!"

   "This is also a question of the times."

   "On the contrary, some rural doctors in the folk, their level, although they are not as skilled as those from a professional background, but... the strange thing is that they have a unique skill!"

"At our last meeting, old Mr. Zhang Bolin said that this is called a side door. If you get a side door, you can get a side talent and earn money. This is a serious compliment, because the side door is also really capable. , a set of plans summed up through a lot of clinical experience."

   Several people are chatting in a decent way.

   At this time, Chen Nan's identification card has already started to play a role.

【Ding! The identification card is in use...]

  【Formulation ingredients: Scutellaria baicalensis (honey-roasted), Atractylodes macrocephala, fried Eucommia, **** pinellia, asparagus, Ophiopogon japonicus, white peony root, tortoise shell, oyster, capillary root...】

  【Specific dosage ratio:...】

[Treatment: Whole blood high-shear viscosity, low-shear viscosity, reduced viscosity, and platelet adhesion rate can all be significantly reduced; it can inhibit ADP-induced platelet aggregation; it can significantly inhibit thrombosis, with a certain dose-effect relationship; Blood…】

  【The specific production process: the preparation method is to crush the skullcap and extract it with ethanol, then recover the ethanol and concentrate it to make a dry cream powder, crush the Eucommia ulmoides, extract it with lye, collect the precipitate, and dry it to make a powder...】


【Adverse reactions:…】

  According to the use of the identification card, a complete manual began to appear in Chen Nan's mind.

  The specific composition of the drug, as well as the ratio of the drug, the dosage of the drug, adverse reactions, etc...

  When all the ingredients and specific dosage of the medicine appeared, Chen Nan read it carefully, but didn't feel anything unusual.

  Thinking about it!

  Chen Nan took out a pen and paper and began to write on it.

  However, Chen Nan did not indicate the dosage.

  The people who were discussing at the side were stunned when they saw Chen Nan's operation!

  Because... Chen Nan actually wrote out more ingredients than the formula!

   All of a sudden, the people on the side were a little surprised!

  Yuan Chuanxin quickly asked: "Xiao Chen, have you...completed the medicine formula?"

  After this question was asked, even Li Guangming and Tao Gongshu couldn't sit still.

   Hurriedly came over and looked at it seriously!

  The more I look at this, the more confused I feel.

  Seeing Chen Nan completely stop the pen in his hand, 31 traditional Chinese medicines were written on the paper on the table!

  In the recipe list, there are only 17 flavors!

   That is to say, Chen Nan wrote 14 more traditional Chinese medicines!

   "Was it made up?"

  At this moment, only this idea is in the minds of a few people.

   Everyone felt that Chen Nan's operation was a bit incomprehensible.

   Could it be that Chen Nan tasted the taste of this traditional Chinese medicine through the medicine capsule?

   Isn't that realistic?

  Thinking of this, several people's scalps are a little numb.

  However, at this moment, Chen Nan stared at Fang Zi seriously, and did not speak for a long time...

  Because he discovered that his [Medicine Confusion] skill was unable to detect abnormalities from this prescription.

   This means that this prescription is definitely an expert-level prescription!

  Chen Nan couldn't help sighing after a long time:

   "This is a good recipe!"

  As soon as these words came out, the three of them were speechless and looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

   Tao Gongshu hurriedly asked: "Xiao Chen, are you sure about your prescription?"

  Chen Nan nodded seriously: "Well, I can taste the composition of the medicine."

   "However, there is no way to taste the specific drug content!"

   "This recipe is definitely a classic recipe!"

  Accompanied by Chen Nan's words, the three bigwigs in the field of traditional Chinese medicine in Jin Province all stared wide-eyed and couldn't say a word for a long time, but... obviously everyone was a little dubious.

  As for Chen Nan, there is also a reason for saying this. Some masters can taste some of these traditional Chinese medicines.

  But... If you write down the grams of the specific medicine in the prescription, this is definitely a fantasy thing.

  Besides, I can indeed taste the specific composition of the medicine through consumption of bad reviews, which can stand the test.

   After finishing speaking, he looked at the few people who were silent and staring at him, and couldn't help asking:

   "You...what are you looking at me for?"

   "Also, Dean Yuan, what kind of eyes are you looking at?"

  Yuan Chuanxin slapped his thigh: "You boy!"

   "Be honest, did you make it up?"

   "Can you really taste what's in it?"

  Chen Nan nodded as a matter of course: "Of course."

"is it hard?"

   After saying this, the three of them were unhappy, and they all stood up and stared at Chen Nan with stern and solemn expressions!

   Clearly...they felt offended.

  What is difficult?

   This is clearly... just a... a unique technique, okay?

  Nowadays, how many people can do it?

   No, is anyone able to do this?

  Back then, Mr. Zhao, one of the four major medical families in Jin Province, who specialized in the research of traditional Chinese medicine, could only taste the taste.

   This is because people have been immersed in this way for more than ten years.

  You kid, you are so crazy!

   "You can't talk nonsense about this!" Li Guangming was the first to disbelieve. He directly took out a box of new medicine from his pocket, unpacked it, and handed it to Chen Nan.

   "I don't believe it, come on, try it, try this drug, if you make a mistake, don't blame us..."

  Li Guangming looked at Chen Nan in disbelief.

   This drug is Li Guangming's patent, and it is an in-hospital preparation of the Affiliated Hospital of Jin Province University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

   is a drug for the treatment of palpitations, called Wenxin Granules.

   Seeing this, Yuan Chuanxin and Tao Gongshu became interested, and directly brought a cup and boiling water to make a cup for Chen Nan.

   "This drink a bag, it won't affect much."

   "However, since you only need to taste it to try it out, there is no need for you to drink it up!"

  Seeing this, Chen Nan couldn't help laughing, looked at Li Guangming with a smile, and said jokingly:

   "This... Dean Li, are you sure?"

  Li Guangming nodded: "Of course I'm sure!"

   "If you taste it, no... I will give you three wrong options, no, five!"

   "If you can guess more than 60% correctly, I..."

   "I... I will help you apply for a license for preparation in the hospital!"

  When Tao Gongshu heard this, he also became interested: "I will also participate!"

  Yuan Chuanxin nodded: "Count me in!"

  When Chen Nan heard this, he immediately became interested.

  In-hospital preparations belong to the prescription preparations of hospitals. They do not need to obtain drug batch numbers from the State Food and Drug Administration and related complicated procedures. They can be used and sold in hospitals, but cannot be sold on the market.

   It belongs to a kind of medicine exclusive to the hospital!

  Chen Nan didn't expect to get such an opportunity.

   You must know that Chen Nan has some good experience, but it is difficult for these experience to obtain drug batch numbers, and the procedures such as energy and time required to enter the market are too cumbersome.

  However, the hospital preparations are different.

  In-hospital preparations are relatively simpler.

  However, even so, it is by no means an easy task to obtain permission for in-hospital preparations.

   If this license can be obtained, it will definitely be a good thing for the development of TCM in Yuancheng People's Hospital.

  Actually, the cost of traditional Chinese medicine preparations is not high, and the profit is still very large.

  As the patent owner, Chen Nan can get a lot of sales revenue.

  Under the steady flow of water, even if Chen Nan left Yuancheng People's Hospital, this would still be a stable income.

   There is no such thing as a company going bankrupt!

   Moreover, with the development of Yuancheng People's Hospital getting better and better, his income will also get higher and higher!

  Just imagine, the annual sales of preparations in Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine reached 1.92 billion.

  As for in-hospital preparations, there are no middlemen to make the difference. The hospital’s own system eliminates the process from the pharmaceutical factory to the agent and then to the hospital to the pharmacy, which reduces the cost of sales and promotion, and the profit is very high!

  In the pharmaceutical industry, the cost is not high, mainly because the intermediate links spend money.

   Even if Chen Nan only got 20% of the sales share, that would be a terrifying figure!

  He looked at Li Guangming and the others, and said with a smile on his face, "I'm serious!"

   "You are not joking!"

  Tao Gongshu slapped the table: "Of course it's not a joke!"

   "If you're going to lose, you'll give the Sha disease specialist a team in our hospital!"

  Yuan Chuanxin and Li Guangming looked at each other and nodded immediately: "I agree!"

   Obviously, they didn't believe that Chen Nan could do such a shocking thing.

   Chen Nan smiled.

  He didn't expect, accidentally, to get such an opportunity.

   Immediately, without hesitation, he picked up the medicine in the cup and took a sip directly, accompanied by a strong smell of Chinese medicine that stimulated his taste buds.

【Ding! Consume 50,000 low-level bad reviews to get specific formulas. 】

  Chen Nan was stunned for a moment, this... fifty thousand! ?

  Do you want to...

  Damn it, the cost is a bit high.

   Without this bet, it would be absolutely impossible for Chen Nan to spend 50,000 yuan just to act aggressively and avoid bad reviews.

   Simulate once, only 3000!

  The cost of pretending to be coercive can only be said to be a blood loss.

  But... Thinking about the preparations in the hospital, Chen Nan became energetic.

  Li Guangming said with a smile: "Xiao Chen,'s okay to admit defeat!"

  Chen Nan smiled: "Dean Li, I'm afraid you won't admit it if you lose!"

  Li Guangming stared at Chen Nan angrily: "You boy!"

   "I, Li Guangming, still have to face!"

   "Isn't it the hospital preparation?"

   "The few of us are the reviewers, what do you think?"

  As soon as Chen Nan heard it, he immediately took another mouthful. Now, it's easy to say!

   No wonder people say that good medicine tastes bitter and is good for the disease. Damn it... I drank this 22-year-old traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating palpitation and insomnia.

  Afterwards, 50,000 bad reviews were directly used.

  As a burst of information came to mind, Chen Nan put down the cup.

   "Dean Li, should I just say it or write it down?"

  When Li Guangming heard this, he also laughed immediately: "You boy, you still play the trick of mentally threatening!"

   "Cut, tell me!"

   "I'm listening!"

  Chen Nan smiled slightly: "Aren't you afraid that... your patented secret formula will be leaked?"

  As soon as this remark came out, Li Guangming couldn't help laughing: "Hurry up, there's a lot of serious business!"

  Chen Nan simply said directly: "Okay, then I'll say it!"

   "Astragalus, Radix Paeoniae Rubra, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Angelica, Rhizoma Chuanxiong..."

   Accompanied by Chen Nan's few medicines.

  Yuan Chuanxin, who was waiting to laugh, said, "It's in the manual!"

  Li Guangming didn't take it seriously either.


  Tao Gongshu frowned, because...Chen Nan never looked at the packaging, let alone the so-called composition of the medicine!

   All of a sudden, Tao Gongshu's expression turned serious.

  This...couldn't be true?


   What really changed Li Guangming's face was Chen Nan's next words.

   "Peach kernel, safflower, frankincense (made), myrrh (made), Milletah..."

  After hearing these medicines, Li Guangming's face changed instantly!

This this…

  This kid, how do you know? !

  At this time, Yuan Chuanxin on the side smiled and said: "Old Li, how are you? How many are you right?"


  At this time, Li Guangming did not reply, but stared straight at Chen Nan, and even... even his hands became tense involuntarily.

  Chen Nan smiled and continued:

   "Achyranthes bidentata, Guizhi, mulberry..."


   "Dean Li, do you need me to say more?"

  At this moment, Li Guangming was sweating from his temples.




   Unheard of!

  All kinds of emotions hit Li Guangming's heart.

  He never imagined that what Chen Nan said was included!

   At this time, there are only a few medicines left.

   Could it be that Chen Nan really has the ability to smell fragrances and recognize medicines?

   This is recorded in ancient books, but few people can do it!

  How old is Chen Nan?

26 years old!

  How many drugs has he seen?

   Those who have this skill, didn’t they grow up soaked in medicine jars?

  As a family of Chinese medicine practitioners, Li Guangming thinks that small things matter more than small things, and he has seen many strange people and strange things.

  But, this time!

  He was really here with Chen Nan, completely stunned.

   This **** is a monster!

  Yuan Chuanxin took a look at Li Guangming, and when he saw the other party's state at this time, he suddenly felt a thump in his heart. This...this kid...could really be right?


  Yuan Chuanxin looked at Chen Nan solemnly, then glanced at Li Guangming again: "Old Li... how many... are you right?"

  Tao Gongshu also stood aside with a meticulous expression on his face.

   Chen Nan said with a smile: "Do you want to continue?"

  Li Guangming gritted his teeth: "Say it!"

  Chen Nan coughed: "Are you sure?"

  Li Guangming suddenly withered.

   Sure ass!

  This is my own patent, my own formula, and it will be used for the elderly in the future!

  But...he was not sure whether Chen Nan was bluffing himself.

  Chen Nan smiled, and said two more words: "Earth Dragon, Full Scorpion..."

   "Dean Li, if I go on, the recipe will come out!"

  As soon as these words came out, Li Guangming's heart skipped a beat.

  He hurriedly said: "Okay, okay!"

   "That's it!"

  He really panicked!

  Chen Nan left five medicines for him, and three of them were Jiangzaogan.

  Damn it!

  This **** did it on purpose.

   Tell yourself five chances to be wrong.

  Chen Nan deliberately left five without saying anything.

  But among these five, Chen Nan deliberately didn't mention ginger, jujube and licorice.



   Completely convinced!

  Li Guangming couldn't help but raised his hand to Chen Nan and bowed his hand, doing a quack salute.


   "You boy!"

   "I'm convinced today!"

   "I have opened my eyes too!"

   "You boy... so **** evil!"


   "I, Li Guangming, haven't served many people, and you are definitely one!"

"so amazing!"

   "I dare say that at the age of 26, you can have such attainments. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine, five hundred years ago and five hundred years later, there is absolutely no one who can be around you!"


  Seeing Li Guangming's posture, Yuan Chuanxin and Tao Gongshu were completely dumbfounded.

  Tao Gongshu couldn't help but glanced at Li Guangming: "How many mistakes?!"

  Yuan Chuanxin also nodded and asked.

  Li Guangming smiled wryly: "I want to is not wrong, do you believe it?"

  As soon as these words came out, the room fell silent.

   Even the sound of breathing is a bit harsh.


  The shock in everyone's heart is far from the calm on the surface, which can be compared.

   One by one, their hearts are overwhelmed!

  Chen Nan smiled, breaking the tranquility and embarrassment of this moment: "This... Deans, don't you... Are you going to go back on your word?"

   Li Guangming, Tao Gongshu and the others looked at each other, and their faces turned red!

  This... is a bit embarrassing!

   To be honest, they are a bit reckless. It is not easy to get the right to prepare medicines in the hospital...

  Chen Nan sighed slowly at this time: "Hey!"

   "That's all, that's all!"

   "It seems that I have to spend some money to buy the preparations in your hospital next to each other to try."

   "See if you can taste the recipe!"

  As soon as these words came out, the pupils of the three suddenly shrank, and their eyes were full of fear!

  The bastard!

   What a naked threat!

  Chen Nan said with a smile: "If I write it out, I will definitely send it to the deans to help me revise it."

  Suddenly, the faces of several people were somewhat embarrassed.

  Li Guangming took the lead and said: "Ahem, this... We are people who don't count!"


  Yuan Chuanxin and Tao Gongshu nodded repeatedly: "That's right, we are people who keep our word!"


   "Xiao Chen, don't worry, leave this matter to us!"

   "Make sure to complete the task!"

  Chen Nan smiled slightly: "Hehe, how embarrassing this is..."

   "Oh, then... Thank you, leaders!"

   "After the matter is completed, I will treat you to dinner!"

   "You are friends of our Yuancheng People's Hospital!"

   A few people cough and cough, and don’t invite us to dinner, you... just don’t take our medicine.

  Damn it!

  Tao Gongshu couldn't help tightening his clothes, and glanced at Li Guangming: "Why do I feel so cold in this room?"

  Li Guangming nodded and shivered: "Yes! It's like not wearing any clothes."

  Yuan Chuanxin sighed: "This **** sense of security is gone!"

   Several people suddenly couldn't help laughing hahaha.

  However, soon, Tao Gongshu looked at Chen Nan with a smile: "By the way, Xiao Chen, this prescription has been written, do you see any problems?"

  Chen Nan shook his head: "No!"

   "This recipe as a whole, the monarch and his ministers assist the envoy, the nature and flavor belong to the meridian, and the warm and cold are very delicate!"

   "This is definitely a classic recipe."

  Li Guangming said at this time: "Hey, there must be no problem with the prescription. Do you know whose prescription this prescription belongs to?"

   Several people shook their heads: "Whose?"

  Li Guangming said slowly: "The four famous doctors in modern times, the first doctor in Jin Province, Mr. Li Hanqing and Mr. Li!"

  As soon as these words came out, several people immediately looked enlightened.

   No wonder!

  Chen Nan couldn't help but nodded.

  Of course there is no problem with the recipe carefully crafted by Mr. Li Hanqing.

  At this time, Chen Nan took out another medicine, put it in his mouth, and tasted it carefully.

   Seeing this, several people asked curiously, "Why are you taking medicine?"

  Chen Nan frowned slightly, and he said, "I was thinking, since there is no problem with the formula, could it be because of the problem with the medicine?"

   After speaking, he carefully recalled the specific dosage of the medicine.

  The more he thought about it, the more Chen Nan felt something was wrong.

   "By the way, have you found the cause of the patient's miscarriage?"

  Li Guangming shook his head: "No, the specific reason has not been found yet."

   "If the cause of the miscarriage can be found, maybe everything will be fine."

   After Chen Nan finished speaking, he looked at the specific [Appraisal Results] and suddenly thought of a reason.

  Patients are mainly for miscarriage protection, miscarriage prevention, plus treatment of pregnancy-induced hypertension.

   Pregnancy hypertension!

   Which drug caused it?

   Chen Nan looked at the specific drug information and began to investigate.

  Asparagus, Ophiopogon japonicus?


   Turtle shell?


  In ancient times, both the upper and lower armor were used, and tortoise shells were first used in Rihua, and later generations took over.

  Tortoise shell and tortoise shell, taste salty and flat, the main leakage is red and white, broken symptoms, nuclear malaria, five hemorrhoids, yin erosion, damp numbness, weakness of limbs...a name of Shenwu, born Chize.

   Neither should!

  Who is it?

  Chen Nan was very patient and checked one by one.

  If it is finally determined that there is no problem, then... Han Mingliang will undoubtedly be correct.

   And the patient's miscarriage, they can only be determined by other factors.

   Therefore, Chen Nan must be serious.

  From a certain point of view, the conclusion he gave will affect the judgment this time.

  Victory, who will it belong to? !

  Chen Nan hopes to give an accurate judgment.

   This is his responsibility.

  Unfortunately, every minute and every second, time goes by, and everyone is helpless.

   At this time, Chen Nan suddenly looked at Du Zhong.

   Could it be Eucommia?

   Eucommia shouldn't either?

   Eucommia is a tocolytic drug!

   So what's going on?

  Suddenly, Chen Nan thought of something!


  He has received the standard of traditional Chinese medicine drug processing rewarded by the system.

   It seems that there is indeed an introduction of Eucommia in it.

  Chen Nan looked over.

  The processing of traditional Chinese medicine is definitely a very cumbersome process.

Just talking about repairing, the methods include picking, picking, kneading, rubbing, grinding, brushing, scraping, pounding, planing, peeling, cutting, pounding, knocking, grinding, winnowing, basket, sieving, chopping, sawing, pricking, squeezing. Dozens of processes and projects.

  Experimental results of various processing methods show that the efficacy of drugs not only depends on the drug itself, but also has a lot to do with the quality of processing.

  As Chen Jiamo said in the Ming Dynasty: "Pharmaceuticals are expensive, if they are not enough, the efficacy will be difficult to find, and if they are too much, the smell will be lost."

  The processing of traditional Chinese medicine includes the standard of medication of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Chen Nan vaguely remembered that the specific ingredients of Eucommia had other standards besides the current mainstream international standards.

  Eucommia ulmoides contains active ingredients such as geniposide, chlorogenic acid, and geniposide.

  Geniposidic acid and geniposide belong to iridoids, which have antitumor activity; chlorogenic acid is a phenylpropanoid, which has antibacterial activity.

   This is the main current international standard for Eucommia.

   Japanese scholars found that geniposide has antihypertensive effect and is one of the main components of Eucommia eucommia antihypertensive.

  Raw eucommia contains more eucommia gum, which hinders the dissolution of active ingredients in eucommia, and can be destroyed by processing to ensure that the active ingredients in eucommia can be well extracted and play a role in lowering blood pressure.

  This is also the main reason why Eucommia is used to lower blood pressure and treat pregnancy-induced hypertension.

  However, after Chen Nan checked the standards he had obtained, his face suddenly changed!


  The truth, right here!

  Standard inside display!

  When large doses of Eucommia are used, it can also inhibit the central nervous system in mice. Eucommia can inhibit the excitatory effect caused by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland in the isolated uterus of rats and rabbits, and make the uterus relax.

   The uterus relaxes!

  Uterine relaxants!

  In general, uterotolics are the opposite of uterotonics.

   Uterotonic agents can excite the uterus and strengthen uterine contractions, which is the main component of oxytocin.


   Uterine relaxants, but they can also cause miscarriage.

  For example, causing cervical relaxation, cervical relaxation may cause miscarriage, cervical opening relaxation, will lead to cervical insufficiency, especially in the second and third trimesters, premature rupture of membranes may occur and lead to miscarriage.

   And the patient's miscarriage happened in the third trimester of pregnancy!

   Chen Nan suddenly became short of breath.

  He felt that he was getting closer and closer to the truth.

  Chen Nan continued to analyze!

  He quickly picked up the prescription written by the patient and began to read it.

  The more he looked, Chen Nanyue felt that the core of the problem lay in the "Eucommia".

   The dosage of Eucommia is obviously much larger!

  The patient, because of pregnancy-induced hypertension, has been taking the drug "Xinke Naoxintong" of Xinke Pharmaceutical Company for a long time.

   The patient has been taking this drug for 6 months!

  Plus Eucommia ulmoides in the traditional Chinese medicine anti-abortion.


   Eucommia is already a large dose.

   At this time, the uterine relaxant reacted, causing the patient's cervix to relax, resulting in a miscarriage.

  Thinking of this, Chen Nan suddenly patted the table!

"I see!"

  As soon as these words came out, several people around immediately looked over, each with solemn expressions.

  Tao Gongshu hurriedly asked: "Xiao Chen, have you found out the reason?"

  Chen Nan nodded: "Yes!"

   Several people looked at each other and asked excitedly, "Oh?"

"what is the problem?"

  Chen Nan pointed to the traditional Chinese medicine on the prescription and said, "Here!"

  Li Guangming was stunned for a moment: "Eucommia?!"

   "Can Eucommia cause miscarriage?"

  Chen Nan smiled: "Eucommia, it is indeed an anti-abortion drug to some extent!"

   Tao Gongshu frowned: "Yes, anti-abortion medicine!"

   "Modern research shows that it is also a tocolytic drug!"

   "Moreover, if you look at the medical records, the patient took Han Mingliang's prescription and medicine before, and did not have any adverse reactions."

   "The drop in blood pressure is also within the normal range!"

   "There was no hypotension, let alone other adverse reactions."

   "The condition of the uterus is also very good!"

   "To be honest, I thought before that it might be the patient's fault."

   "Look, there is a data here, which is after every previous record. During the patient's hospitalization, all the indicators of the patient's fetus are very good!"

  Chen Nan shook his head: "Yes, indeed, after using Han Mingliang's medicine in the early stage, there will be no adverse reactions."

   "Even, it can treat the patient's pregnancy-induced hypertension, and it can also effectively protect the fetus."

   "However, this does not mean that Han Mingliang's treatment method and medication can be applied to any stage of abortion!"

   "When Eucommia is used in large doses, it can inhibit the excitatory effect caused by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland and relax the uterus."


   "Have you thought about it?"

   "If the patient is beyond the second and third trimesters of pregnancy."

   "If you use Eucommia in large doses again, what will be the consequences?!"

  As soon as these words came out, everyone's expressions changed.

   Everyone is an expert, even a leader in the medical field of Jin Province. Although it cannot be said that they have learned both Chinese and Western, they still understand common sense!


  Yuan Chuanxin blurted out:

   "You mean..."

   "After the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus increases, and appropriate uterine contractions are required at this time."

   "However, the patient's uterus was relaxed due to the large dose of Eucommia, and the cervix was unable to push, which led to a miscarriage?!"

  As soon as these words came out, everyone at the scene immediately calmed down.

   This clue!

  It's so critical!

  Chen Nan nodded: "That's right!"

   "That's what I think."

   "I think there are two things that need to be done now!"

   "First, go and check the patient's uterus and cervix immediately for relaxation."

   "Second, check the information and find out the theory that Eucommia causes uterine relaxation!"

   Following Chen Nan's words, the atmosphere of the scene changed immediately.

  Tao Gongshu slapped the table and looked at Chen Nan excitedly: "Good job!"

   "President Chen!"

  Chen Nan smiled slightly: "It's too early to say this now."

   "This is just an inference."

   "I think we should check it out."

   "The truth is more important than anything else!"

  As soon as these words came out, Tao Gongshu nodded quickly: "I'll start making arrangements now!"

   Chen Nan was not too excited when he heard the sound.

  He picked up Xinke Naoxintong Capsules from Xinke Pharmaceutical Company and looked at it.

  The instructions above read: "Suitable for pregnancy-induced hypertension, miscarriage protection..."


  In the contraindications and adverse reactions, there is no sign of [use with caution for pregnant women].

   But why!

  In my own identification results, there is a sign of [Pregnant women should use with caution].

   The identification card is just to help oneself find clues, but it cannot directly find the cause.

   Need your own efforts.

   Now, Chen Nan has reason to suspect that Xinke Pharmaceutical Company has some problems with the drug "Xinke Naoxintong Capsules"!

   Hehe, Pero.

   Xinke Pharmaceutical Company!

  It seems that the opportunity presented itself...


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  【Monthly Pass Gate】

  (end of this chapter)