Chapter 275 Take medicine if you disagree!

  Who would have thought that Chen Nanneng was successfully elected as the chairman with 32 votes, nearly 90% of the votes!

  Mr. Zhang Junxian, who had planned and prepared for a long time, only had 12 votes!

   Such a contrast shocked everyone present!

  Ye Guangwen looked at the above data, his scalp was numb, he couldn't believe it.

  It was hard for him to believe that Mr. Zhang had only 12 votes, 30% of the votes.

   Such a result...

   Lost too thoroughly!

  First, Ye Guangwen, who was the secretary-general, was PKed by Sun Zhongshu. It wasn't long before Zhang Junxian was completely overtaken by Chen Nan with such a big gap!

   This is a no suspense campaign.

   So much so that everyone in the audience couldn't help exclaiming after seeing such votes!

   "Chen...Chen Nan, no, President Chen is so powerful?!"

  An uninformed member couldn't help but widen his eyes. Looking at the voting results, he couldn't help asking.

   "That's right... I thought Mr. Zhang ran for office without any pressure!"

   "Who would have thought of such a solution!"

   "Old Zhang... is so respected and influential, how could this happen?"

   Facing some members who didn't know why, a director on the side looked serious, his eyes were full of deep meaning and excited applause.

  Half salary, he said lightly: "What the people want."

   "Mr. Zhang is indeed in terms of qualifications and influence, which Chen Nan cannot match."

   "But... have you thought about a question?"

   "Is Mr. Zhang capable of leading the Jin Provincial Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians forward?"

  As soon as these words came out, several people around were speechless.


  A person's qualifications and prestige can explain some issues, such as his past achievements.

   But, after all, nothing more.

  In this world, after all, we must look forward and develop forward.

  The wheel of history is ahead, and people will get on and get off.

   What the Jin Provincial Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians needs is someone who will lead them forward.

  Chen Nan obviously has this ability.

   This is something that all the directors who have participated in the national meeting know well.

   What they need is the future!

   Instead of being immersed in past glory and honor.

  No matter how glorious the past was, it was not a chapter of victory written by their generation. This era needs them!

   That's why I support Chen Nan.

   For a moment, the applause from the audience was like a tide, continuous and deafening!

  Some people are cheering, some are congratulating, some are celebrating.

  Yuancheng People's Hospital has five members, and among the five, Zhao Jianyong and Yang Hongnian were successfully elected as directors of the Jin Provincial Doctors Association.

  Both of them looked at the calm Chen Nan with excited faces, and patted him excitedly.

   "Chen Nan, look! Look, you were elected with 32 votes! You topped the audience!"

  Zhao Jianyong also nodded excitedly: "What the people want is the general trend!"

  Liu Quan on the side stood aside, watching the glorious scene, and suddenly realized... such joy does not belong to me!

  Obviously, I have more advantages than Yang Hongnian, Zhao Jianyong and the others!


   Now, Zhao Jianyong, who used to stand shoulder to shoulder with himself and even... made Chen Nan hate him even more, has transformed himself into a director of the Jin Provincial Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physicians.

  And he is still only the member responsible for applauding in the crowd, and he doesn't even have the right to vote...

  For a while, a feeling of sadness and regret welled up in my heart.

  If I can do it all over again...I also want to be a licking dog!

  Of course, Liu Quan knows that the gap between Zhao Jianyong and himself is no longer a star and a half. No matter in terms of clinical level or height of vision, he cannot compare with him!

  Thinking of this...Liu Quan suddenly felt that he was so ridiculous, and he also understood the words of the ancients:

   Those who know current affairs are brilliant!

  People's joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys have never been empathetic.

  Looking at the votes behind, watching the applause at the scene, listening to the voices of the people around...

  Zhang Junxian suddenly felt extremely mocked!

   It seemed that the hundreds of people in the audience were laughing at themselves!

  Laugh at yourself for being old and disrespectful, for being greedy for rights, for being overwhelmed...laughing for being too late!


   Really lost!

   Lost completely!

   Looking closely at the votes, Chen Nan had 32 votes, while he had only 12. This shows how big the gap is!

  I laughed at myself, thinking that I was stable before starting.

  How pitiful, how ridiculous!

   Moreover, even among the 12 people who supported me, how many people chose Chen Nan?

  Perhaps, the election cannot explain how strong a person is, is enough to explain how prestige this person has in the Chinese medicine circle of Jin Province!

  The contacts and reputation I have accumulated throughout my life are not comparable to a doll who debuted for only two or three years!

   What a joke!

  Zhang Junxian suddenly looked much older. Those hopes and fantasies in his eyes turned out to be like castles in the air!

  Could it be...was he being tricked by those people?

  Thinking of this, Zhang Junxian's face was full of unwillingness.

  It’s ridiculous that I still made promises at home before, and I also laughed at Chen Nan for not knowing the heights of heaven and earth, laughing at...

  Now, those ridicules seem to be on him.

   Now, how should it end?

  Congratulations Chen Nan?

  Sorry, Zhang Junxian doesn’t have such a heart and structure to admit defeat and congratulate such a person who doesn’t respect him!

  He really wanted to find a crack in the ground to sneak in, or... just fainted!


  When the applause extinguished, the new president, vice president and secretary-general came to the stage one by one, shook hands with the previous person in charge and congratulated, and handed over the work!

  However, among the people who were re-elected this time, only Chen Nan and Secretary-General Sun Zhongshu were newcomers.

  Chen Nan walked up to Zhang Junxian and shook hands with a smile.

   Zhang Junxian stood up, although he was full of reluctance, he still smiled and shook hands with Chen Nan.

  The re-election of this term also came to an end amidst the spotlight and the sound of cameras.

  Next, is the awareness of the new president's team speaking.

   After all, Tao Gongshu is currently the leader in the field of traditional Chinese medicine in Jin Province. His prestige is very high, so Chen Nanneng ignored his authority at the beginning.

   After Tao Gongshu, Li Guangming and Yuan Chuanxin delivered speeches in turn.

  Finally, here comes Chen Nan!

  Chen Nan walked onto the stage, dressed in a black suit, white shirt, tie, and shiny leather shoes.

  Standing on the stage, the sharp aura on his body was unstoppable, and he couldn't hide it!



   This is Chen Nan.

  Chen Nan stood on the stage, bowed to everyone, and said:

   "Thank you for your trust, let me become the vice president of the second Chinese Medicine Physician Association."

   "I am also very happy, because it means that everyone can accept a young man who is only 26 years old to be elected as the vice president!"

   "I'm so honored!"

   "At the same time, I feel pressure!"

   "Because this means that starting from today, I will lead our Jin Province TCM team forward!"

   "This responsibility is very important!"

   "I hope that my joining can bring some different blood to the traditional Chinese medicine team in Jin Province!"

   "I also hope that my joining will make the traditional Chinese medicine industry in Jin Province flourish and bring vitality."

   "Chinese medicine in Jin Province has been brilliant for decades, but... this is not the reason why we accept backwardness."

   "All the prosperity of the past must be discarded!"

   "We want to get out of the golden age of Chinese medicine in Jin Province."

   "Perhaps, everyone will think that I am bragging on stage, but... what I want to say is that I am not!"

   "This is what's on my mind."

   "The next thing I want to talk about is the specific work arrangement."

   "Or, after I am elected as the vice president, I will focus on two things!"

   "The first thing: the common people believe in us!"

   "The second thing: make the doctor trust me!"

  As soon as these words came out, the audience immediately fell silent, and even Tao Gongshu looked at Chen Nan with a surprised expression.

  He also didn't know why Chen Nan said this!

   Li Guangming and Yuan Chuanxin glanced at Chen Nan, nodded, and decided to let Chen Nan continue.

   And everyone in the audience didn't know what Chen Nan was going to do when he came up!

  Speaking of it, it is true that the Physician Association is not an official organization, but... it has the function of an official organization.


  The rights of the Physician Association are not small at all!

  First, the selection of rewards and punishments for industry professionals is given by the Physician Association entrusted by the government and the Health Commission.

  Second, the medical promotion work is also authorized by the government.

  Third, the legitimate rights and interests of doctors also depend on the medical association to realize, such as whether the treatment is in compliance with the regulations, etc...

   To put it bluntly, this association is to undertake related work entrusted by the health administrative department and matters related to the purpose of the association.

  His authority is great!

   Otherwise, why did Zhang Junxian not want to abdicate for so long?

   At this time, Chen Nan continued: "I may be scolded for the two jobs I do!"

   "But, I know, someone has to do this!"

   "The first thing is not to be pointed and scolded by the common people, but to make them trust us!"

   "As a physician association, our goal is to implement industry self-regulatory management and formulate physician practice standards."

   "The Physician Association will review and deal with the moths in the industry!"

  As soon as these words came out, there was an uproar at the scene.

  No one expected that after Chen Nan came up, the first thing he did was to shoot his own people!

  This is really hot...

  For a while, many people in the audience looked serious.

   At this time, Chen Nan continued:

   "The second thing is to make the doctor trust me."

   "I believe this is why everyone chooses me."

   "I will also do this well."

   "First of all: the Sha disease specialist has been recognized by the state. I will cooperate with hospitals in the province to set up Sha disease research groups in different hospitals."

   "Secondly, in terms of topics, I will do my best to divide the topics and drive the scientific research level of Brother Hospital."


   Chen Nan didn't say it for a long time, but it was all real stuff.

   If you are not in your position, you will not seek your own government!

  Since you are in position, act decisively!

   This is what Chen Nan will do.

  Tao Gongshu glanced at Chen Nan, and there was a little light in his eyes. This young man... really did what they wanted to do but didn't do, or dare not do...

  Hope, he can do what he says and do what he says!

  The traditional Chinese medicine in Jin Province needs to be cleaned up.

  Changing weather is not a bad thing.

  After Chen Nan finished speaking, he returned to his place.

  Suddenly, bursts of system prompts sounded.

  Chen Nan glanced at it, so many bad reviews?

  What did you do?

   I just said that the system of rewards and punishments must be strict, so I received bad reviews?

  Chen Nan's face was not happy because of receiving bad reviews and rewards, but a little silent.

  Because this means that many people don't want to see Chen Nan increase this matter.

  But, who is Chen Nan?

  The more you don't let him do it, the more you hate him, the more Chen Nan feels that he is doing the right thing!

   It seems that the team of traditional Chinese medicine in Jin Province also needs to be strengthened.

  Thinking of this, his eyes were full of sharpness.

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received a negative review reward from Ye Guangwen, negative review level: advanced, negative review reward: professional ointment reward. 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received a bad review reward from Zhang Junxian, bad review level: advanced! 】

  【Reminder: Since Zhang Junxian is a member of Xinglin Garden, it triggers a bad review reward upgrade! 】

【Ding! Congratulations, you have received a reward: the expert-level experience of "Thunder God's Medicinal Solution"! 】

  Looking at the system rewards, Chen Nan immediately looked happy!

  Here... Xinglin Garden gave me benefits again?

  Hehe, expert-level rewards.

Not bad!



  This year's annual meeting is unprecedentedly grand.

  A lot of experts were invited, and Chen Nan also invited several teachers to come over to sit in the town, so that this year's annual meeting was full of dry goods, and the academic level was also improved a lot.

   This really made many people at the scene happy.

   To attend the annual meeting, in addition to members of the Medical Association, there are also many students who come to attend.

   Everyone was attracted by this academic feast, and it was a rewarding experience!

  The annual meeting ended in a successful atmosphere!

   And Zhang Junxian did not participate in the follow-up meeting.

  At home at this time, Zhang Qiaoling, Chen Jinheng and other people in the room did not say a word!

  Zhang Qiaoling did not expect that her father would lose to Chen Nan.

  And...and she herself lost so completely!

  Qin Susu's illness has tended to improve now, which made Zhang Qiaoling unable to express her reluctance no matter how much she felt in her heart.

   Unconvinced, he could only hold back his stomach.

   It can be said that this year, this family is not happy.

As for Chen Ming, he didn't expect that the gap between himself and Chen Nan would be widened so much all of a sudden. He originally thought that Chen Nan was at best a sub-specialist, but... now he has transformed into the vice president of the Association of Chinese Medicine Physicians. , but it's big!

  Chen Ming was fascinated by his ears and eyes, so he naturally knew how influential the vice president of a provincial association is!

   Not to mention, this is the Physician Association.

   Naturally, he was not convinced.

   What a pity, so what?

  Chen Jingyi sat there smoking a cigarette, his complexion complex and uncertain.


   Lost again!

  Since Chen Jingting's generation, they have been losing all the time. They thought that the other party was lonely, but unexpectedly... Chen Nan suddenly rose strongly, even surpassing the influence of his son Chen Jinheng, even the old Zhang family.

  This is somewhat ironic.

  At this time, Ye Guangwen couldn't help but snorted coldly:

   "This Chen Nan is simply too much!"

   "This has just come to power, and this has rejected the commendation personnel we nominated last year and re-elected."

   "This is clearly ignoring us!"

   "Why, he is the most fair?"

   Zhang Junxian didn't say a word when he heard the sound.

  Indeed, the Physician Association is in charge of compiling. At the end of each year, physicians who have made outstanding contributions in medical treatment, prevention, and health care, as well as outstanding staff of the association, should be commended.

  The nominations of Zhang Junxian and Ye Guangwen were directly rejected, requiring re-examination!

  This commendation has gold content.

   This is included in the qualifications, which is a provincial honor judgment.

  Ye Guangwen looked at Zhang Junxian without saying a word, and couldn't help but said: "Mr. Zhang, this...won't you react?"

   "It is said that in the first punishment list, there is Director Han, the vice president of Yuancheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Han Mingliang is your student!"

   "Originally, we had already nominated him for the title of Outstanding Medical Worker of the Year, but... now Chen Nan wants to censor him suddenly!"

   "This kid is too arrogant!"

   "Old Zhang, you need to say a few words..."

  Zhang Junxian couldn't hold back at last, and angrily patted the table with his right hand, and said coldly: "A tree is as beautiful as a forest, and the wind will destroy it!"

   "I know Han Mingliang. Although his level is average, he is definitely not a person who likes to make mistakes."

   "Chen Nan can't explain this, I will definitely go to the top to find the leader!"

   "It's not Chen Nan's turn to intervene in the Chinese medicine circle in Jin Province!"



   At this time, Chen Nan came to the office of the Medical Association, which used to be the Yuancheng Cultural Center. After the relocation, this address was reserved for the Medical Association as its headquarters.

  The cultural center is located in the old city, but the building style is ancient style, the gates are all bronze, with blue bricks, red tiles and stone roads, and there is a pavilion in the courtyard.

  Working here is a joy!

  Unfortunately, Chen Nan only comes here occasionally when the association has something to do. After all, the association is only a non-governmental organization, and Chen Nan, the vice president, does not have real power. There is no place for him here.

  Come here today, naturally because of a matter from the Medical Research Commission.

  It's the end of the year, and the medical investigation committee is also busy.

  Many medical disputes need to be dealt with, and the medical association must cooperate to handle this work well.

   And today's matter is really not simple.

  It is about the medical dispute of Han Mingliang, the vice president of Yuancheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  The patient came from the countryside. The main reason was that he suspected that the medicine prescribed by Han Mingliang caused the miscarriage of his daughter-in-law.

   All of a sudden, the trouble came to the hospital, and the family members cried and screamed in the hospital for several days.

  This matter, after all, has a relatively large impact, so...the medical investigation committee also asked several people in charge of the association to help check it out.

  Chen Nan arrived at the door, patted the snow on his body, and said with a smile:

   "This year, there is more snow than before!"

   "It's said that the global climate is warming, and our source city is colder this year than before!"

   "It's approaching the end of the year, and it's snowing again!"

  Chen Nan walked into the room with a smile. The floor was made of blue bricks, very down-to-earth, and the room was very warm.

   Tao Gongshu nodded and smiled: "Global warming doesn't mean that everyone is getting warmer, but it means that some extreme climates will appear."

   "Some places are warm, and some places are cold."

   "You don't remember, it snowed in Yuancheng in May all year round, what a rare thing!"

   "At that time, the crops, vegetables and fruits of the common people in my hometown were all in vain, and the flowers of the fruit trees were all beaten by frost!"

   "It's a heavy loss all at once!"

  Li Guangming nodded: "Yeah, but this year is okay, this auspicious snow heralds a good year, hehe...Come on, I came early, made a pot of Pu'er, everyone warmed up."

  Yuan Chuanxin chuckled: "You Ruixue Zhaofeng year fart, your Li family's aristocratic family with hundreds of years, probably hasn't been farming since the time of Kangxi!"

   "You are not qualified to say that!"

   A group of people couldn't help laughing when they heard the sound.

  Everyone is not so formal when they get together.

  Li Guangming smiled: "Okay, I was wrong!"

   "I apologize to the organization."

  Tao Gongshu couldn't help sighing: "Hey, today's matter may be troublesome."

   "The patient's mother-in-law cried all night at the gate of the government, and was seen by the leader the next day, and asked the Health and Medical Commission and the Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to check the matter carefully and give the patient justice."

   Hearing this, everyone couldn't laugh anymore.

   After all, this matter is not a good thing.

  The medical investigation committee is responsible for reviewing doctor-patient disputes and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of doctors.

  So, most of the time, except for the obvious problem with the doctor, most of the time they will pay attention to it.

   After all, there are a lot of medical troubles now.

  Doctors are also cautious. In 2017, the number of applicants for medical schools in the province has been directly reduced by 30%!

  What a terrifying thing is this?

  In those years, there were so many medical troubles, and there were even medical trouble teams among the people.

  Hearing what Yuan Chuanxin said, everyone fell silent.

   "By the way, Dean Li, how is your investigation of Han Mingliang going?"

  Li Guangming took out all the materials from his bag: "It's all here!"

   "This Han Mingliang is not easy to deal with!"

   "The emperor of the Yuancheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the director has changed three times in five years, but... Han Mingliang sits with the deputy director, safe and sound, and he is also the one and only leader in the hospital."

   "I asked someone to make an unannounced visit this time. Apart from getting some news from the patients, I didn't get much news."

   "Overall, this person is quite domineering."

   "The time I asked people to go, this Han Mingliang was in the corridor, pointing at a department director and yelling at him."

   "Xiao Chen, Han Mingliang has been cancelled, maybe he has a grudge against you, hehe..."

  Chen Nan was helpless: "I didn't cancel it!"

   "President Tao canceled it?"

   "I'm lying down."

   A group of people couldn't help laughing.

  Li Guangming also deliberately teased Chen Nan.

  After this change of term, everyone knew about the feud between Chen Nan and Zhang Junxian. Therefore, after Han Mingliang was cancelled, they all said that it was Chen Nan's fault and wanted to suppress his opponent.

  Actually, Chen Nan is also inexplicably responsible.

   This matter really doesn't have much to do with him.

  However, some people wanted to pour dirty water on Chen Nan with this dung bucket.

   Chen Nan didn't mind this either.

  The reason why Tao Gongshu canceled Han Mingliang's evaluation is also because Han Mingliang is involved in this dispute, and he is a controversial figure. The leader's intention is to cancel it temporarily.

   That's why there is such a release!

   "Forget it, let's discuss the patient's treatment first." Chen Nan quickly changed the subject.

  At this time, everyone carefully looked at the case of the patient Guo Lianhua.

  Guo Lianhua's condition belongs to pregnancy-induced hypertension, and she has been taking antihypertensive treatment.

  Pregnancy-induced hypertension is not difficult to say, easy to say, but it is really not easy.

  At present, the results of Western medicine research are: the specific cause of this disease is still unclear, and it may be related to factors such as immunity, genetics, placental ischemia, oxidative stress, and nutritional deficiency.

However, if the cause cannot be found, treatment is still necessary. Early detection and intervention are needed to control blood pressure and keep the mother and child safe. It can even lead to maternal and fetal death.

   Therefore, for this disease, early intervention is necessary.

  The patient has been following Han Mingliang to see a doctor.

  Han Mingliang's level of Chinese medicine is actually quite good. As a director of the Jin Province Association of Chinese Medicine Physicians, he naturally knows how to treat it, so for pregnant patients, his prescriptions are also very conservative.

  Most of them are antihypertensive drugs while lowering blood pressure.

  Han Mingliang's diagnosis of the patient was caused by deficiency of kidney yin, deficiency of yin and hyperactivity of yang.

  Patients have dry mouth and throat, accompanied by five upset fever, sometimes night sweats or hot flashes, headache, accompanied by slight edema of the lower limbs, irritability, and difficulty in urinating in severe cases.

  The medicines prescribed are also very good at preventing miscarriage.

  Ucommia ulmoides, Dipsacus, Scutellaria baicalensis, Atractylodes macrocephala and other anti-tocotropic drugs are widely used.

  Eucommia is a good medicine for treating pregnancy-induced hypertension, because Eucommia has anti-fetal effects.

  Modern studies have shown that Eucommia extracts and decoctions have a lasting antihypertensive effect on animals.

   This is a drug with a relatively large overseas export volume, and its price has been soaring in recent years.

   Chen Nan also likes to use it when treating pregnancy-induced hypertension.

  Everyone looked at the case carefully without making a sound, just...

   After half a day, no one noticed the back and forth.

  Li Guangming frowned: "I think... there is nothing wrong with the medical records!"

   "Could it be... caused by the pregnant woman?"

  As soon as this remark came out, everyone fell silent.

  If this is the case, they can only be villains.

  At this time, Chen Nan looked at a drug and asked curiously, "Could it be the reason?"

  Li Guangming glanced at the name.

   "Xin Nao Jiao Shen Capsule"

   "This medicine is included in the complication, it seems that there is no such statement!"

   "It didn't say anything about miscarriage."

   "I took a look at the house, and it is mainly medicine for nourishing liver and kidney yin deficiency."


  Chen Nan said curiously: "Is there any medicine? Let me take a look."

  Li Guangming was well prepared, and took out a box of newly bought medicine: "Then, I also take this medicine myself."

   "This is a famous prescription, and it can be regarded as a relatively good drug sold by Xinke Pharmaceutical Company."

   After taking it, Chen Nan looked at the formula above and frowned: "It's not complete!"

  Yuan Chuanxin rolled his eyes: "Who would write down the complete recipe so stupidly?"

  Chen Nan didn't speak, just opened a box, took out a medicine, and put it in his mouth.

   Then, the identification card was used immediately!

  Seeing Chen Nan's posture, several people around were dumbfounded.


  What is this for?

   Take medicine if you disagree with each other?

   Isn’t it inappropriate!

  Yuan Chuanxin on the side smiled: "If you eat a little, can you know what's in it?"

  Tao Gongshu also couldn't laugh or cry: "Don't take medicine indiscriminately, Xiao Chen!"

  Chen Nan didn't say a word at this time, quietly waiting for the result.


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  (end of this chapter)

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