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Doctor Chen, Don’t Be a Coward!

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【Ding! You have received malicious complaints from patients, and you will be rewarded with system compensation! 】

If you had a bad review compensation system, what kind of person would you choose to be? !

Chen Nan chose to be a good person.

A man who dares to tell the truth.

An upright person.

A man who is not afraid of power.

A man who never compromises.

A person who will never admit to being intimidated in the face of this group of demons and dances!

Those who hold salaries for everyone, can’t let them freeze to death in the wind and snow!

Those who control the water for the common people should not let them indulge in lakes and seas!

For the current struggler, don’t let it drown in the dust!

For the founders of the future, don’t let it go from wide to narrow!

Sad and sighing, if the good cannot end well, can the evil be even worse?

In a turbulent country, I, Chen Nan, would like to observe medical ethics, be clear about right and wrong, and be honest, so that the tragedy will never end!

If I were a doctor, I would be that upright, uncompromising, and upright doctor!

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Short Title:DCDBC
Alternate Title:陈医生,别怂!
Author:hand inch ruler
Weekly Rank:#3411
Monthly Rank:#3073
All Time Rank:#7036
Tags:Doctors, Male Protagonist, System,
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11 Comments on “Doctor Chen, Don’t Be a Coward!
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  1. was funny and interesting at first, except the ridiculous mc backstory. in later chapters it just goes supernatural without logic. mc can cure like absolutely everything( and most of the time he is only massaging everyone; one year old,or elderly with soft bone ) story become devoid of logic and desperate at later chapters.

  2. Chapter 53. Wow, this novel even goes further than any other Chinese novel and directly quotes Marx's statement. I got the feeling the author of this novel embraced communism and strong nationalistic ideal deeply, his hidden preference was even reflected in his novel. Well, since he quotes Marx, he forgets one quotation from his own comrade(fellow Chinese) "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". That is what communism really is, absolute power, no one can challenge the leader's idea or decision. If the leader sends you to die, you just follow the order to your death, can't complain or question. Any question would lead to your early grave. By the way this statement I got from a Taiwanese novel writer in his famous work, A Step Into The Past.

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