"So, are you going to solve that silently?"

Carl twitched the corner of his mouth, playing with the thousand-year-old step he had just acquired. In the few days at Slytherin's house, he had already become acquainted with this old monster of the future.

Then, poor Raphael and Uriel were poisoned by their two senior dark wizards. After a battle with the two cardinals who ran out of cards and escaped silently, under their two powerful forces, they played GG with almost no resistance. Only Michael was unwilling. Go away.

So Carl achieved the two thousand-year goals in one step, and was only two minutes away from the goal.

He somewhat doubted whether the four people in front of him were crazy. Isn't it good to be alive? I'm going to provoke the kind of natural disaster that silently walks, and death is not the way to do it.

"Those **** of the Holy See are hateful, but I have to say that they still have two brushes. Anyhow, they stood up silently and raged for the first time. Although they were half dead and fled in embarrassment, they at least weakened a lot of their battles. force.

And this is a great opportunity! Otherwise, when it recovers, I don't know how many people will suffer! "

It was Rowena Ravenclaw who was talking, wearing a dark blue pleated off-the-shoulder dress of the same style as Saran, with a certain smile on her delicate face.

"The opening of Hogwarts needs some fame. If we can do it, we will have a lot less pressure.

The Holy See killed six cardinals in the next instant, and the pope who was far away in the Vatican couldn't transfer a few in a short time. The red shirt is not a Chinese cabbage. There is only one Michael left alone and he was seriously injured. Sooner or later I will have to do him~..."

Slytherin sneered gloomily, his eyes flashed brightly, as if he had seen the day when the Holy See was completely annihilated.

Several of them had this idea as early as two years ago, but they have not put it into action because of lack of opportunity. Thanks to the Holy See for creating an opportunity for them.

Hearing these words, Carl also fell silent, indeed, there is no better chance than now. During the half-month at the Slytherin family, he also expelled a lot of the power of time and space remaining in his body, at least he could have a little fighting power, and if he was added, there would still be a good chance of success.

"This matter started because of me, and I will end it anyway, even if it is to sacrifice my life..."

Gryffindor also expressed his stance at this moment, and no one would try to persuade him to come back once he knew something with his temper.

"I never understand the value of life after I die~..."

Seeing Gryffindor who was stubborn like a donkey in front of him, Carl shrugged and whispered helplessly.

"Okay, okay. I have a thing here. If you use it well, you can kill the silent one, but it's a bit of a high risk factor, and it belongs to the kind that doesn't distinguish between the enemy and the enemy..."

Looking at the four teammates in front of him who were just as hard-hearted as they had eaten the weight, what can he do? He is also very desperate. It is impossible to watch them give the heads together, right?

Then he took out the gunpowder keg of Colonel Crazy Ivan, a big killer elaborately developed by the Delos Empire. If this thing is exploded, it will be terrible. Carl thinks that the power can be as horrible as the disillusionment of the meteorite released by Sharan before. It shouldn't be a problem to create a silent person who does not have wisdom and acts only on instinct.

In this era, as long as a wizard is a wizard, he will apparate, and if it detonates, he will leave it silently or not.

The reason why the cardinals went to hunt down so many people with the wizard was to close the space, because the magic of Phantom Shift is really too abnormal, as long as they want to escape, they can't prevent it.

"So what is this?"

Gryffindor saw the gunpowder keg that Carl had taken out and stabbed it with his fingers curiously, so that he hurriedly put it back in shock. If this thing blows up here, Slytherin's lair is probably over.

"Fuck! Your heart is really big, I tell you, if this thing blows up here, you have one of them, don't even think about running away, I guess there will be no ashes left in the end!"

Carl gave him a bad look, and then told him how perverted this strategic deterrent weapon is. The Delos Empire, which is fighting everywhere on the continent of Arad, also has unique insights in technology, otherwise it would not be able to create a terrifying monster like the mechanical bull king.

"Such a thing can blow Hogwarts to the sky, are you bluffing me?"

After listening to Carl's description, Gryffindor immediately jumped up with a bluff. It is hard for him to imagine that a small bucket that is not as heavy as a chair can have such a power.

"Cut, no one believes that the resurrection is said, but doesn't it still exist? You have personally experienced it..." Karl raised his eyebrows and directly returned to the past.

"Goddy, we should give our companions enough trust. UU reading www.uukanshu.com If this um...powder keg is really so powerful, then our chances of success in this operation can indeed increase a lot. ."

Helga Hufflepuff, who quietly listened to several people's arguing, spoke gently. The pale yellow dress was elegant and dignified on her, gentle and amiable, it also revealed her identity as a powerful wizard. .

The wizards walking in this era are not weak chickens. The profound light of ancient magic shines brightly at the tip of their wands, and they can burst out endless power at any time.

After finalizing the exact plan, several people began to discuss the details again. After all, the enemy this time is really no small thing. The two groups, which were originally incomparably tyrannical, have merged together in silence. Coupled with their original suppression of magic, the degree of danger need not be said to be extremely difficult to deal with.

After all, Gryffindor had already proved the fate of the head with a life.

After several people discussed the details, everyone finally showed a winning smile. After all, that group silently, no matter how violent and lacking intellect, can only rely on instinct to act, and the joint efforts of a few of them can definitely exert the power of ancient profound meaning to the extreme.

Coupled with Carl's weird dimensional magic and that crazy Ivan Colonel's powder keg, the chance of success has been increased to the highest.

Thinking of the pain that Gryffindor said that the brothers endured before they became silent, Hufflepuff couldn't help his face darkened. The kind-hearted woman gently flicked a few tears across the corner of her eyes, and once again strengthened the idea in her heart-as long as she is still alive, she must make sure that every child who has the qualifications of a wizard receives a good magic education.

Never become a silent monster again...

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