England, London, Wu style orphanage

Karl Harris was lying on the grass in front of the house, holding his small head in his hands in a daze, it seemed to be troubled.

His pale blonde hair shone slightly under the flash of sunlight.

Died long ago, and such a good thing will actually fall on me!

Is well-known to the world's three major occupations: the celestial traverser, the Japanese high school student, the American tramp, and each occupation may be the most capable person on earth.

Because of the orphanage's careful care, he grew up healthy to eight years old, and his past life memories have been asleep, and finally successfully awakened his memory after a night of sleep.

Recalling the tragic suicide of his previous life, Carl's expression was a bit bleak, but he quickly became excited. This is now the United Kingdom in the 1990s. Knowing the future development direction, he can completely rise up in the world, and no matter how bad it is, with the many fantasy novels he read in his previous life, he can also go to China to become a copywriter.

After a long daze, Karl stood up, his face full of expectations for the future. He took out a small mirror and took a photo. This was a small gift from the aunt in the orphanage. The little boy in the mirror was blond, his facial features were extremely delicate, his eyelashes were long, his skin was fair, and there were two small dimples when he smiled. Like a little angel.

Karl is very satisfied with his appearance after crossing, he dares to bet a hundred pounds, to play soy sauce according to his present value, as long as selling a cute, the cashier lady will definitely send him a few more candy plus a sweet Kiss.

Name: Carl Harris

Identity: Orphan

Hobby: female, gourmet

Yan value: I feel very high

Location: Europe, England, London, Wu style orphanage

Confirmed his current identity in his mind. After the establishment of Karl, he was extremely satisfied. His black face in the previous life was almost comparable to that of the African chieftain. In his life, his face was so white, maybe he could be a European emperor? So he just started thinking wildly. I imagine that I will become the richest man in the world and become a Hollywood superstar. After all, we have passed through. I am still excited to understand.

His previous life was not so miserable.

Ningchuan collapsed on the rooftop 15 times,

Jumped 120 times on the right eyelid,

Was desperate 99 times,

Cried for three hours,

Just wanted to know how he lost his fifty cents.

Cough, sorry, I got the wrong script, yes, Ningchuan is Karl's previous life. The truth is that he was only 21 years old when he was young. Because he often stayed up late to play games, he basically hung up from the terminal illness due to takeaway. Based on the principle of not dragging on his family and his own unbearable pain, he chose to be on the rooftop After breaking, and then came to this world.

As a child,

Jumping from the steps can get happiness,

And when you grow up, you need to go from the top of the building.

As for what games can be so crazy, can directly squeeze people out? The well-known poisonous milk powder occupies the top three.

There are only three kinds of people with high fighting power: Ouhuang, Gandi, and local tyrants.

Ning Chuan, the chieftain of the Black Africa, said that he was only a poor student, not a local tyrant, so there was only one way, liver!

Usually eats only by take-out, staying up late every day until three o'clock in the morning, he has a hard liver countless times after graduating.

It's awkward, the liver is directly damaged, liver cancer, find out.

"The dean treated me so well. After I developed, I must renovate this Wu-style orphanage." Carl thought secretly.

"Hmm? Wait, Wu-style orphanage, how the name of this orphanage is so familiar, as if it has been heard somewhere." Karl thought of it and realized that something was wrong.

"England, London, nineties, Wu-style orphanage ..." Karl thought about the names together.

"Lying trough, long life! Isn't this the orphanage in Harry Potter that Lord Voldemort had been to last ?!"

Judging from the current situation, he is a full-fledged Muggle. Even if the world does not have extraordinary power, it is enough to spend a lifetime in a luxurious way with the knowledge and experience of the previous life.

However, there seems to be magic in this world. After watching eight Harry Potter movies and seven novels in high school, he knows how magical the magic world is, and knows that they ca n’t be them. too painful!

Like Firch at Hogwarts and Mrs. Feige, Harry Potter's neighbor, although he knows magic, he is a dumb cannon, and no magic can be used. How tragic.

"Autumn bean sacks, since they are all worn now, and they are still wearing a wizarding world, according to the general rules of the celestial traversers, then I should have a system or a grandfather of gold fingers or something." Carl thought with his small head.

After all, according to Emperor Xiao Yan, Chao Ning Master Ji Ning, Ye Tiandi, and Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, and Zhao Ritian, these can all be regarded as the predecessors of the conscientious super industry. And the autobiography of "Break Through the Sky", "Reckless", "Covering the Sky" that they left behind. Although the Harry Potter world has a gap of 100 million points compared to the world they wear, this world also has its own characteristics. Ah, for example, it involves the deep magic of time.

And he is also a traverser, and the start is still in the orphanage, UU reading www.uukansshu. Com is called the dean of the orphanage dominated by the giants in all the worlds, not all of them will carefully arrange the future path for each orphan. , Kicking Gao Fushuai, then successfully marrying Bai Fumei, embarking on the pinnacle of life, and publishing an autobiography for future generations to look forward to.

Even if there is no dean, it is not that one who is known as the president of the Crosswalkers Association. It is said that since he established the Crosswalkers Association, he has been trying to develop various crossings with the purpose of providing perfect services for the crosswalkers wholeheartedly. Essential equipment.

Otherwise, how could he be a Muggle in the magic world?

But Karl's dream is good, but the reality is very skinny.

He has tried many methods of calling system including but not limited to cross-legged meditation, inner calling, five-hearted method to the sky and a series of methods such as the traversal calling system or grandfather grandfather, but has not received a little response. Still only the laughter of other children.

Karl: "..."

Could it be said that different world time flow rates are different, which leads to the gold finger still in express?

So he raised his head, looked at the sky at a 45 ° angle, and tried not to let tears flow down. He sadly thought that the dean wanted me, and the president also forgot me.

Then he watched a colorful light cut across the sky, getting closer and closer to him, closer and closer ...

"Meteor? No, where is this meteor in the daytime, this is a meteorite! Or not, how is the tail of the meteorite colorful?"

He just got up and wanted to avoid, the colorful light shot into his eyebrows at once.

"Ding! Your golden finger has arrived."

"Welcome to the DNF system."

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