The young master of Qiyao Pavilion, Shan Jue, heard that Fang Fan still wanted to ask him for any mental damages, and suddenly his mentality exploded...

Can it work?

I'm the victim, OK? The most wronged is the victim, OK? When is it your turn to be wronged here?

The master of Qiyao Pavilion Shan Jue took a deep breath, clenched his fists silently, all kinds of thoughts gathered in his mind, and blue veins burst on his forehead...

Fang Fan curled his lips. At this moment, he was really afraid that this guy would burst and die without thinking about it for a while...

"Shut up!"

"stop fighting!"

The red-clothed Archbishop Murongyu of the first-class Guangming Alliance Temple exclaimed coldly, with a somewhat disappointed expression on his face.

I thought I had grasped Fang Fan's little handle, and then he could rectify a wave of Fang Fan.

But now it looks like a super dude second generation wants to do things, but because of his strength, he is beaten back...

Although Fang Fan's shot was heavy, he couldn't say that there was something wrong with it...

Everything seemed very casual and indifferent, without any other mistakes.

Murongyu, the archbishop of the first-class bright alliance temple, frowned silently, all kinds of thoughts gathered in his mind, and then he silently exhaled a sigh of breath...

At this moment, the feeling in my heart is vividly displayed!

"You deliberately asked for trouble! What can be wronged by being counterattacked at this moment?"

"Does the adult family still have to wait for you to attack?"

"But this time you are doing things that really disrupted the order within the battleship. Each time you fined and confiscated 10 million low-grade star cores, this matter is over!"

Murong Yu waved his hand, looking very tired.

In fact, Murong Yu is still very fair.

Fang Fan curled his lips, feeling unhappy secretly...

What's so special, you have to explain it every minute? What is going on here?

Fang Fan glanced at Murong Yu's plump body. If it weren't for the fact that this woman would become his slave girl within a month, he would definitely refute a wave...

But now... even the second female slave who supported her in advance?

"That's it?"


The master of Qiyao Pavilion Shan Jue's eyes widened, feeling unbelievable right now...

His ultimate goal is to kill Fang Fan!

Where is this? Thousands of low-grade star cores have been fined?

The key is that both of them were fined...

How can this make him acceptable!

The master of Qiyao Pavilion, Shan Jue, trembles with his lips, looking particularly dissatisfied.

"Master Murong!"


"I have suffered so many injuries, that Fang Fan is the one who hurt, so let him go, I don't accept it! I don't accept it!"

"He must be killed!"

"Only in this way can I be convinced!"

"Master Murong, my father is the pavilion master of the Seven Lights Pavilion! My father is a powerful saint realm!"

The Master of the Seven Lights Pavilion, Shan Jue, was talking, and then concealed and threatened.

Originally, Murong Yu really didn't care what the Qi Yao Pavilion young pavilion master Shan Jue said, and he was already ready to leave directly, but at this moment, hearing this wave of threatening words, Murong Yu's eyes were instantly filled with coldness.


"Are you going to let your father of the Holy Venerable Realm come over to this seat to seek justice?"

"You can go to your father! I want to see! Pavilion Master Qi Yao has the courage!"

Murong Yu shouted domineering coldly.

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