Immediately, the master of Qiyao Pavilion, Shan Jue, quickly took out a white pill, and swallowed it with trembling lips. After a few seconds, the injury on his mouth improved slightly, and the tremor of the whole person became slightly smaller, and then deepened. Taking a breath, his eyes flickered.

"Murong...Master Murong..."

"It's him... that bastard! That **** named Fang Fan!"

"He is cruel! He trapped me like this!"

"Master Murong! must avenge me!"

"I... I just wanted to say hello to him in the past and make a friend. He cut off my hand and foot, and... and my tongue... My tongue was hardened by his subordinates. I used a dagger to smash it inside!"

"Master Murong! You must call the shots for me, kill...Kill Fang Fan! Revenge for me!"

"Master Murong, I am the Young Master of the Seven Lights Pavilion of the Seven Lights Sanctuary. You and my father have met before..."

The master of Qiyao Pavilion, Shan Jue, was talking, his nasal voice was very heavy.

Although the white pill that he swallowed just now temporarily restored his ability to speak, it clearly had some other sequelae.

The unique pair of blood eyes of this young pavilion master of the Seven Lights Pavilion stared at Fang Fan like this, wishing to pounce directly on Fang Fan's flesh and blood!

He has never been so wronged before he grew up so old, and the resentment in his heart at this moment is hard to contain!

The endless killing intent in my heart gathers, I can't wait to roar directly!

The master of Qiyao Pavilion, Shan Jue, was so excited that he grabbed his hands on Murong Yu's skirt while speaking, and the **** mark gradually appeared in Murong Yu's skirt.

The plump beautiful woman Murong Yu frowned and looked a little dissatisfied, and then took a few steps back.

"Fang Fan!"

"It's you who hurt him?"

"How do you explain?"

"To make trouble on my battleship, you really have the courage of the bear heart and leopard!"

The plump beautiful woman Murong smiled faintly, and while talking, she strode over, showing a different look on her face.

Fang Fan shrugged secretly, looking at this woman's expression, as if there was a feeling of trickery succeeding?

This woman seems to want to take this opportunity to fix him?

Fang Fan raised his eyebrows, and then stood up from the little slave Xue Ling, his face full of indifference.


"Master Murong, this matter has nothing to do with me..."

"He first came over to **** my seat. I had already let him go, but he had to come over to attack me and even want to take my little slave..."

"He did it first. I chose to fight back out of self-defense. Is it wrong?"

"If anything is wrong, then this guy's combat power is really too spicy..."

"Never mind the fighting strength, it's not his fault, but if you have to come out and pretend to be forceful, it's his fault..."

"I'm just teaching him a lesson for his father, and it will cause disaster after saving!"

"Speaking of, he first came to provoke me and wasted so much time. Should he compensate me for a bit of mental damage?"

Fang Fan raised his eyebrows and said sincerely, he really thinks this is very important, there are too many things to do...too many!


"you are lying!"

"Master Murong! He is talking nonsense!"

"He hurt me like this, just defying your authority!"

"He must be killed!"