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Dr. Sun said: "Then I will tell you the truth! There are many people waiting for matching for bone marrow transplantation across the country, but there are few donors. Even if there are matching matches by chance, there are many regrets from donors. We Several patients in the hospital have waited the most for several years without any news. "

"Aren't there any people in the hospital who have successfully matched from the bone marrow bank?"

"It's true! But it depends on the relationship. If you can find someone you know in the bone marrow bank, you can actually jump in the queue, and if you are lucky, it may be a few months."

Zhang Hongcheng was a bit big when he heard that!

Zhang Hongde thought for a while and said, "Dr. Sun! We don't know anyone in the bone marrow bank. I don't know if you have any relationship there? You can rest assured! As long as you can help us find people, I will definitely thank you."

Dr. Sun shook his head and said: "Sorry! I don't know anyone. And our department is almost all such patients. Almost everyone is in normal queue to have a chance. I'm sorry! I still have patients over there, we have in the future Opportunity to talk again. "After that, he turned and walked away.

Zhang Hongcheng is dull!

Zhang Hongde hesitated and said, "Zhang Yu can't really fight for it anymore?"

Zhang Hongcheng was embarrassed when he heard that.

Yan Yuzhen stopped crying at this time and ran over to cry: "Zhang Hongcheng! Please, please beg Zhang Yu! Is he really patient, watching his brother die?"

Zhang Hongcheng was stunned, and he didn't know how to answer it.

Zhang Hongde said: "Shall I go to meet Zhang Yu! I believe it will be more convenient for us to talk."

Zhang Qingfang said: "I will go with you!"

Yan Yuzhen said: "I will go too!"

Several of Zhang's sisters were shocked!

Zhang Hongcheng hurriedly said: "Yu Zhen! Don't go."

"Why can't I go!"

Zhang Hongde said: "If you go, it may intensify the contradiction!"

Zhang Qingfang also said: "Yes, Yuzhen, it's really not good for you to go."

Yan Yuzhen said: "What's wrong with me! I don't beat him and scold him, I beg him. If he doesn't agree, I will kneel outside their school until he agrees."

Sister Zhang's head heard a little big head at this moment. In case Yan Yuzhen really went on like this, the other party would be more afraid to agree.

At this time, Zhang Hongcheng's phone rang. He picked it up and looked at it. It was an unfamiliar number and chose to connect.

"Hello! Which one?"

"It's me ... Zhang Yu!"

"Zhang Yu!" Zhang Hongcheng said it was a surprise.

Several people around were surprised when they heard this.

"You ..." Zhang Hongcheng didn't know what to say for a while.

"I have arrived in Fuxi City! Where are you?"

"I'm in the First People's Hospital! Am I going to pick you up?"

"No need! I'll take a taxi directly. Wait for me at the door!" After that, I hung up the phone.

Zhang Hongde saw Zhang Hongcheng hung up and hurriedly asked. "How did he say?"

"Others are already at the station! Come here now."

"Great," Yan Yuzhen heard that this was of course the happiest person, and hurriedly said: "Her husband, you said that Zhang Yu came this time, did he plan to donate bone marrow to Xiao Jun."

"This ..." Zhang Hongcheng didn't know what to say. Of course, in his heart, he hoped that the other party would agree, but he was not sure whether he could really agree.

Zhang Qingfang said: "I think Zhang Yu should have figured it out. How to say that he and Xiaojun are also brothers. Although they are half-sisters! But there is blood from a father anyway. You say yes!"

Zhang Hongde also nodded and said, "That's right! Although he has an opinion on Erhong, it has nothing to do with Xiaojun after all. You can't watch the only younger brother die!"

Zhang Hongcheng sighed and said, "Forget it! Don't talk about that. You are waiting here! I will pick him up at the gate."

Zhang Hongde said: "Let's go together! There are more people, and it seems to pay more attention to it."

Zhang Qingfang said: "That's right! I will go too."

Yan Yuzhen said: "I want to go together!"

Zhang Hongcheng didn't want Yan Yuzhen to come, but he finally thought about it and still didn't refuse.


Everyone came to the door of the first courtyard, and after a while, a taxi stopped.

After Zhang Yu got off the bus, it was not surprising to see that the Zhang family's brothers and sisters were all there. Now that he has come, it is natural to have all the preparations to meet the Zhang family.

"Zhang Yu, are you here! Tired or not? Would you like to find a place to rest first?" Zhang Hongcheng was of course extremely enthusiastic.

"Would you like to find a place to eat some food!" Zhang Hongde also hurriedly said.

Zhang Qingfang and Yan Yuzhen are both nervous!

Zhang Yu looked at a few people and said, "I'm not here to eat!" Speaking of which, he turned to Zhang Hongcheng and said, "Your son! If convenient, can I see him now."

"Okay! I will take you now."

Several people were speechless all the way, walked into the hospital, and came to the exclusive inpatient department of hematology.

A single room!

A ten-year-old boy was lying on the bed, wearing a mask, and staring out the window.

Hearing that someone had entered the house, he hurriedly turned his head, and after seeing a group of people, a smile appeared on the pale face.

"Mom and Dad! Why did you come back?"

Yan Yuzhen hurried over and took the son's hand: "What's wrong, Xiaojun! Is it uncomfortable?"

"Okay! Mom, it's too boring here, I want to go out for a walk."

"No! Have you forgotten what the doctor said! You need to take care of your rest when you are sick, and you can only go out when you are sick."

"When will my illness get better! I haven't been to school for more than a month, and I want to go to school."

"Don't worry! When you are ill, you can go to school. Then persevere! You did not promise your mother, you want to be like a man."

"Then ... that's okay! Then I'll hold on again." Zhang Junfu finished, and turned to look at the next born Zhang Yu, said: "Mom! Who is this uncle? He is tall. ! "

Yan Yuzhen said: "He is not an uncle! He is your elder brother. Call him elder brother!"

"Big Brother!" Zhang Junfu hurriedly greeted.

Zhang Yu felt strange in his heart, but nodded.

Zhang Junfu said: "Mom, who is this big brother from?"

"He is ..." Yan Yuzhen suddenly didn't know how to explain.

Zhang Hongcheng said: "Xiaojun! Don't ask questions. Just remember, he is your elder brother."

"Oh!" Although Zhang Junfu didn't quite understand it, it could only be so.

Zhang Yu walked over, squatted down, and pulled up Zhang Junfu's hand. The opponent's hand was very cold.

"Brother! Your hands are so cold!" Zhang Junfu also felt the coolness from Zhang Yu's hands and wanted to draw his hands back.