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System: Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Divine Star System!

Teenager: Don’t make trouble! Exam too!

A teenager, a system, a strong combination, there is no better story than this.

- Description from Qidian


Short Title:DSS
Alternate Title:神级明星系统
Author:Flower Cat Sheriff
Weekly Rank:#4536
Monthly Rank:#2793
All Time Rank:#1333
Tags:Alternate World, Celebrities, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Multiple POV, Showbiz, System Administrator, Transmigration,
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31 Comments on “Divine Star System
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  1. I feel like the timeline is pretty messy in the novel, from reading 208 chapters it looks like the winter vacation is at least 2 months.

  2. The fact that the mc met a random "goddess" on the train and is now doing sh*t left and right for her just to annoy her companion is irritating. I doubt it but from the looks of it, it looks like the mc is gathering a harem made of "goddesses".

  3. The mc chooses to plagiarize songs and says that even if he is given a year he can't write one himself, but here come my question, since can by skills in the system, why doesn't he buy composition and song writing skills?

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