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Divine-grade Evolution: God! My Gold Fish Is A Dragon!

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My name is Ye Haoran, and I am a student.

I thought I would become a street slut after graduation, but unexpectedly awakened the super evolutionary system!

Others need to practice hard, but I just need to lie down and do things to become stronger?

Outrageous options struck one after another, and Ye Haoran couldn’t control his excited heart and trembling hands.

[Option 1: Go to school? What school do you want to go directly to hunting god-level beasts! Reward: Urn]

[Option 2: Just find a reason to save the world and leave the classroom! Reward: The evolution chance of the contracted spirit increases by 1]

[Option 3: Go directly to date the goddess! Reward: Goddess’ favorability for you increases by 50%]

To die of laughter, Ye Haoran is such an excellent student who respects his teachers, so he is naturally——

Leave the classroom! Strength is the first!

Straight man? What it is?

Woman, it affects my speed of drawing the knife!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MGFID
Alternate Title:神级进化:夭寿!我的金鱼是条龙
Author:Thousands of dreams
Weekly Rank:#4244
Monthly Rank:#3990
All Time Rank:#5685
Tags:Alchemy, Beast Companions, Comedic Undertone, Dragons, Evolution, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, System, Weak to Strong,
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19 Comments on “Divine-grade Evolution: God! My Gold Fish Is A Dragon!
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  1. Great start, there are lots of comedic elements in each chapter which makes it fun at first but over time it gets numb and boring (well, forget about the dark side of the story). But still recommended for fans of fantasy, magic beast, magic and comedy .

  2. esta novela es . . . solo puedo decir que su humor y tanto la conveniencia delo que pasa es desagradable.el unico motivo por que funciona es por que tiene el plotarmor al 10 000%! no la recomiendo si quieres que tenga almenos un 1% de seriedad

  3. But there has been a recent crackdown on Chinese Sites lately, it's quite scary and we know too little. Appreciate sites like this or save your novels. Even Qidian chapters are getting harder to find now!

  4. Not sure why the rating is so low. It streets ahead of anything on here for a while. Story is entertaining with some really good points of humour. Definitely worth the read if u have nothing else to read.

  5. 3.8 is considered average in this website. So yea, I guess it is low. Perhaps many people are just tired of reading novels like this, which there are quite an abundance of.

  6. It's those people who only read yaoi novels they keep scoring other novels low so this site will only upload or upload more yaoi novels.

  7. If that'a true, then what they did is a complete waste of time. Yaoi novel release quota is limited to just one novel each week. The rest are filled with other novel.

  8. Not true. If you look in the comments of yoai books you will see its often non yoai reader that rate yoai books low. Honestly why would they bother? I read both don’t just toss the blame to yoai readers. Most likely it is as another commenter mentioned and it is how over saturated this type is. This subject is popular in both genres.

  9. Not true. I read both genres, if you were to look into the comment section of yoai books you will see that it’s the opposite. Non yoai readers rating yoai books low. Honestly, most wouldn’t even bother and it is often actually pointed out in the comment section. Really quite funny for someone to think this is true. I have to wonder why anyone would even think it is true. Just because you like one over the other doesn’t mean you need to rate it as low. Most know to read the tags and just skip on the ones they don’t like. I tend to have to be in a certain mood and switch between genres.

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