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Novel Summary

Zong Shou is a player of the historical VRMMORPG “God Emperor,” and him being one of the “Seven Emperors” within the game.

For unknown reasons, Zong Shou finds himself transmigrated into the past, a period just before the “God Emperor” game history started! Possessing the weak body of a monster princeling in the process.

Zong Shou adventure describes his struggles to stay afloat in a merciless environment, and rising up despite all adversities, of course, surrounded by beauties along the way.

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Short Title:DB
Original Title:神煌
Author:Kai Huang
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Adventure, Harem, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#1925
Monthly Rank:#1363
All Time Rank:#1387
Tags:Absent Parents, Arranged Marriage, Beast Companions, Beastkin, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Charismatic Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Family Conflict, Fantasy World, Handsome Male Lead, Kingdom Building, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Race Change, Royalty, Sword Wielder, Transmigration, Underestimated Protagonist, Unique Cultivation Technique, Weak to Strong,

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