"Are you...returning the spirit beast home again?"

Looking at Xiaozhaiyan following Feng Yuan, Qi Chen frowned slightly. This guy can really take care of so many spirit beasts home? The little ice cream was on Feng Yuan’s head and looked at Xiaozhaiyan curiously. When Feng Yuan left, it didn’t keep up. Instead, he and the big cat were enjoying the cool under the big banyan tree by the river. He didn’t expect Feng Yuan to look again. Get a spirit beast back?

"how is this possible."

Rolling his eyes, Feng Yuan said silently, Dou Yanlan walked over with the cotton that had just dried his paws and saw Xiao Zhaiyan behind Feng Yuan, a little surprised.

"There is Xiaozhaiyan here? But that's right..."

Sweeping around the ancient buildings, Dou Yanlan was not too surprised. Although Xiaozhaiyan is relatively rare, it is not a particularly rare beast. Moreover, not many people would choose to sign a contract with Xiaozhaiyan. After all, their growth depends entirely on the environment in which they live, and they are simply not suitable for taking them away.

"He is unlikely to take Xiaozhaiyan away."

Looking at Feng Yuan, Dou Yanlan said calmly. Seeing that Qi Chen didn't seem to understand, Dou Yanlan smiled and said

"Have you forgotten the characteristics of Xiaozhaiyan?"

"It seems that the evolutionary conditions are completely dependent on the environment of life? Without ancient buildings, there is almost no way to evolve, but he should have a way?"

Scratching his head, Qi Chen said uncertainly, and said with a chuckle, Dou Yanlan

"Xiao Zhaiyan seldom leaves the environment in which he lives, even he, it is not so easy to take it away."

Unless it is forcibly abducted or the like, it is Xiaozhaiyan's own will that few people are willing to leave with others. For them, the environment in which they were born is their warmest home, and they will never leave unless necessary.

Looking at Xiaozhaiyan curiously following him behind him, Feng Yuan said a little funny

"I didn't intend to take it away. For it, this is the best living environment, but it shouldn't be a problem to take it for fun during Shuiqiao Town?"

"This problem shouldn't be a big deal. If it wants to, if you take it away, it doesn't seem to matter."

Looking at Xiao Zhaiyan holding snacks, Dou Yanlan said with a chuckle. After all, it depends on the spirit beasts' own wishes, especially the wild spirit beasts. If they are willing to change their habits, no one will say anything. .

"Why didn't you just go...Xiaozhaiyan?! There are also here?"

At this moment, Zhong Liuyan and Pei Yu came over and noticed Xiaozhaiyan behind him as soon as they were about to say something to Feng Yuan. They stared at Feng Yuan with a strange expression for a long time. Zhong Liuyan sighed.

"You are really...Xiaozhaiyan such a rare beast can be found by you."

"Don't tell me, I'm as good as the villain..."

Glancing at Zhong Liuyan, Feng Yuan said silently, he was just looking for Heishiyan Zhailing, only to see a Xiaozhaiyan, he was still disappointed, but she said that he was looking for it specially The same as Xiaozhaiyan.

"But what do you plan to do when you find Xiaozhaiyan? The really strong one should be the Heishiyan Zhailing who started from the legendary stage."

For this rare spirit beast, Zhong Liuyan naturally pays more attention to it than Dou Yanlan. It is not that he has any special ideas. It is just that the family asks for it. After all, it is impossible to get the favor of the beast. These special If you don't know the rare spirit beast with special abilities and offend it at will, the problem will probably become more serious.

Thinking of something, Feng Yuan looked at Zhong Liuyan and said

"Do you know where Heishiyan Village Spirit is?"

"Of course I know that the known Heishiyan Zhailing spirits are basically in the old towns of several major ancient cities, and some seem to have turned into an urban area. You don't want to do anything, right? That's the belief of the locals. , Chaos can easily cause trouble."

Casually speaking, Zhong Liuyan suddenly reacted to Feng Yuan and said that she was not sure what Feng Yuan wanted to do with Heishiyan Village Spirits, but most of those Heishiyan Village Spirits were local treasures, just like Yuxian's. If Feng Yuan wants to mess around, it is easy to cause trouble.

Even if Feng Yuan succeeds in attracting the spirits of Heishiyan Village, in the eyes of others, it is very likely to use some special means to really cause disputes. Judging from the situation of Feng Yuan following two sacred beasts, it will easily cause Chaos.

"What am I messing with... I just want to ask them for a favor."

Shrugging, Feng Yuan said helplessly, is it because he usually plays too much, even Zhong Liuyan thinks of himself like that? Are you the kind of person who makes trouble at will?

"Can they help you?"

Zhong Liuyan looked at the two sacred beasts next to Feng Yuan strangely. If they were ordinary people, it would be fine. Feng Yuan was followed by two sacred beasts, and the two sacred beasts had such a good relationship with him that they could not even help. Only the legendary Heishiyanzhailing can really help?

"Yes indeed."

After sighing, Feng Yuan glanced at the direction where Chen Xin was and explained

"Actually... this is nothing, mainly Chen Xin. You also know what she wants to do. I think you also understand that without the help of external forces, the probability of her success is not high, but..."

"You can't make a direct shot? It stands to reason that for your face, they will definitely consider your opinion. Even if she wins the bet, it is not a big problem."

Looking at Feng Yuan puzzledly, Zhong Liuyan felt that something was wrong. For Feng Yuan, it was just a matter of contacting the other party several times. Why did it bother him? The spirit of Heishiyan Village is not a common spirit beast. Rather than trying to find a way from this aspect, it is better to find the door directly.

And... Could it be... he looked at Feng Yuan with weird eyes, Zhong Liuyan seemed to have thought of something, Dou Yanlan said in surprise

"You...like her? But why?"

"Like? It may not be counted, you see, you have all misunderstood, how dare I help her directly, what if she misunderstands? I am not the right choice for her."

After looking at Dou Yanlan and then at Zhong Liuyan, Feng Yuan sighed and said, as if he was a little proud, he seemed to feel that he was very attractive, but Agunas and Veronia understood Feng Yuan. His concerns were silent, and in a sense, he was indeed inappropriate.

"It's hard to say, how do you know if you don't try? Would you like me to ask what she likes?"

Zhong Liuyan said with a smile on his face, Dou Yanlan looked at Feng Yuan, but the other party shook his head and refused. Seeing this, the two did not reluctantly, maybe he is really not suitable for her? But, in this case...

"If you go directly to Heishiyan Village Spirit, she can't tell that you did it?"

Looking at Feng Yuan suspiciously, Zhong Liuyan said uncertainly, Chen Xin is not a silly ghost, she would not have guessed how such an obvious move was possible?

"Just don't find it directly, and don't talk nonsense."

Feng Yuan could not help but warned, Qi Chen looked at Feng Yuan and said

"If you really miss it, will you really be unwilling?"

He would not worry about what dangerous things Feng Yuan would do if he regrets it in the future. Based on his understanding of Feng Yuan, even if he really regrets it in the future, he will probably only bury it in his heart silently, instead of doing it. Something bad happened, but it might not be good for him.

"I'll talk about the future later, who can see so far?"

Shaking his head, Feng Yuan didn't seem to want to get too entangled in this matter, stared at Feng Yuan for a while, and Zhong Liuyan sighed.

"You...you are really...go back and I will help you find it. I remember there are many records of Heishiyan Village spirits in the clan. I will help you organize a copy and send it to you. You are just going to travel? Give it a chance to travel? I hope you won’t regret it..."

Thinking of Pei Yu, Zhong Liuyan didn't know how to persuade him, why, they were all... so...

Dou Yanlan glanced at Feng Yuan and then at Pei Yu, hesitated and asked in a low voice in Qi Chen's ear

"Achen... will you be like them?"

Looking at Dou Yanlan suspiciously, Qi Chen scratched his head and didn't quite understand what she meant. Seeing that Qi Chen did not react, Dou Yanlan was silent for a long time and sighed.

"Forget it..."

Holding Xiaoji, Feng Yuan didn’t know what to say, his situation was a bit special, but he didn’t want to tell them about it, so he looked at each other for a while, and Zhong Liuyan chuckled.

"Puff, we are here to play, please be happy, everyone, these unhappy things, wait for later consideration~"

Looking at Zhong Liuyan's back, Pei Yu said in a voice that only he could hear

"Sorry... but I... really don't know what to do..."

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