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This is the world of spirit beasts. Humans can sign contracts with spirit beasts or command spirit beasts to fight, or borrow the power of spirit beasts to fight. Relying on the power of spirit beasts, countries are established on various continents, and one day becomes a mystery. Of teenagers broke into this world.

Spirit Beast Alliance: Why is there a new beast? fast! Quickly send someone to sign a contract with it.

Divine Beast Hall: Lord Divine Beast, do you want to join our Divine Beast Hall? There are many of your companions here.

Feng Yuan, who was rubbing the head of the beast, smiled and said to the stunned crowd, “Excuse me, it has already signed a contract with me.”

I silently added a sentence “from when it was not a beast.”

Feng Yuan “Hmph~No matter what pet it is, it can evolve into a beast if I want to~”

This is a story about pets, a story about a strong man who can cultivate a beast at will

- Description from MTL


Short Title:DBC
Alternate Title:神兽缔造师
Author:Salted fish on fishing rod
Weekly Rank:#7181
Monthly Rank:#7391
All Time Rank:#6007
Tags:Artifacts, Beast Companions, Beasts, Evil Organizations, Evolution, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Mutated Creatures, Mysterious Past, Past Plays a Big Role, Pets, Special Abilities,
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8 Comments on “Divine Beast Creator
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  1. I'm on chapter 50 and I dont understand what's going on. We have an MC with some strange abilities and high grade knowledge being chased by a cult. The purpose of the cult and why there are after the MC hasn't been mentioned at all. Also, this story is monster training/taming. But 50 chapters in and I still dont understand why people have monsters as pet. And there is either no information or vague information about the beast grading. In other stories like this (Monster Paradise, Monster Pet Evolution, Astral Pet Store, and Divine Beast Adventures) at this point we would know some of the beast grades and the purpose of taming them; usually to fight against wild monsters for survive and/or profit.

  2. Yeah this is so confusing ...like im at chapter 4...he is talking to his friend but out of nowhere its the next day: "Yes, that's why I don't take Xiao Ji back into the contract space. As for the cabin, do you think Xiao Ji is asleep and disturb it?" "Okay, you don't want to be troublesome." "Hmm! Xiaoji, don't make trouble." In a daze, Feng Yuan pushed away Xiao Ji, who was stuck on his face, rubbed his eyes and found that Xiao Ji was looking at him with great energy. "Hurry up and wash your face, class time is almost here, here you are, breakfast." Feng Yuan took the breakfast Qi Chen handed over and said in a daze "I remember I set the alarm clock, why didn't it ring?" "It rang, woke me up, turned off the alarm clock and you went back to sleep." "Have it?" Feng Yuan looked at Qi Chen in a daze, Qi Chen said helplessly Now the flow of the story is so messed up that i find t fking annoying to read

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