In the hotel's floor-to-ceiling windows, Wen Wen sat in an easy chair to bask in the sun.

After the fog was extinguished, the sun in Nimes was very abundant, and it was warm to the people.

Tao Qingqing was sitting on the pony. She was like Wen Xiaowen's legs, while the four cubs rubbed Wen Wen's shoulders and sent the peeled nuts into Wen Wen's mouth.

As for the three cubs ...

Three cubs are of course opening nuts with a snake body, and then handing the nuts to the four cubs, the husks eat them ...

This is not a persecution, but the three cubs are used to it.

Habits are really terrible things.

Suddenly Wen Wen's room door was pushed open, Qiao Feiya leaned in, seeing Wen Wen's landlord looks like a wealthy man, could not help rolling his eyes.

"Come out, meet at the top of the hotel, we're going to Hunter Island."

Wenwen sat up and shook her shoulder: "Hunter Island ... I hope to give me some surprises."

Before he left, Wen Wen looked at the four cubs, wondering if he would find another female monster in the asylum to be a tool man for himself.

After rubbing his shoulders and delivering food to his mouth, after all, the pretty girl did it pleasingly.

However, Wen Wen looked at the silver crescent in the palm of his hand and dispelled this idea. It is not too luxurious to have Wen Wen monitoring Wen Wen.

After going upstairs with Qiao Feiya, Wen Wen found that hundreds of demon hunters had gathered here, making the hotel's roof very crowded.

In addition to one true sequence and ten sequence sequences in each district, there are also special personnel such as Song Ling and Tao Wen, as well as some demon hunters who show products at exchange meetings.

Yes, the Demon Hunter Exchange is actually a commodity exhibition.

能 At this time, the skilled craftsmen in each region will come up with some of their own research results or props useful for hunting demons. If they are placed in orders by other regions, they can be mass-produced and earn profits for the region.

For example, the United States and Canada like to display some high-tech products, such as the plane Wen Wen wants to buy ...

George Joel was waiting for Hunter Island to pick up with 荀 清 and others.

Then he saw Qiao Feiya and Wen Wen talking and laughing together, and exhaled a warm smile.

"Qiao Feiya is still so beautiful, she finally made friends, this is a historic breakthrough."

But George immediately frowned, because he recognized Wen Wen as the superpower who had provoked Elijah and the leader successively. At first glance, he was a guy who was good at making troubles. Will this guy affect his sister?

So George's brain worked immediately, and on the premise of Wen Wen's association with Jophia, he calculated the future.

The more Xun continued to calculate, the colder he became.

In his eyes, it seems that Wen Wen was caught by a group of scheming monsters. Qiao Feiya tried to save Wen Wen, fight with the monsters, and finally died on the hill-like body ...

Suddenly, George's gaze toward Wen Wen suddenly became sharp. The momentum of the real order realm made Wen Wen suddenly feel great pressure. It was not fun to be targeted by the strong true order.

"What's the situation, that George is jealous of my ability?" Wen Wen took the hilt of the Blood River Sword and was ready to draw a sword at any time.

Qiao Feiya looked at the two men with their swords stretched out, covered his forehead and sighed.

Then he walked angrily to George's side and stepped on George's foot, making George jump on one foot for a while.

Then she educated George for a while, then George became normal and became less hostile to Wen Wen.

She walked back to Wen Wen and said apologetically: "I'm sorry just now, my elder brother's mind is not very good, and sometimes strange ideas suddenly appear. Don't give him general knowledge."

Wenwen looked at Qiao Feiya with compassion, and had a brother with a bad brain. It was really hard work.

However, George ’s hostility to him before was really just a bad brain. Wen Wen believed in Qiao Feiya ’s words, but he could n’t help but take precautions. Fortunately, now that the fog is there, Wen Wen can be considered to have protected himself in the true order. Power.

In fact, Qiao Feiya really did not lie, the people in the Joel family are more or less problematic.

It looks like Qiao Feiya has a hard time making friends, her father often feels like a bug, and her grandpa has a transvestite ...

乔治 George ... is a serious sister-in-law plus a sister's paranoia!

Yes, George's delusional picture of Geoffrey's tragic death before!

In fact, Qiao Feiya has never made friends in the Golden Eagle Region. He had to go to Washington DC to develop. There are also reasons why George made trouble.

Wen Wen nodded doubtfully, no matter if there was any problem in George's mind, it would be very dangerous to be followed by a true order strongman.

After waiting for a while, Wen Wen suddenly felt a depression, as if there was something huge above his head.

He looked up, but only felt vague, but could not see the doorway.

Wen Wen then closed her right eye, only exposed her left eye, and then she lost her chin.

In the sky above Nimes, there is a floating island ... No, it is not an island, but a huge whale!

Compared with this whale, the true-order misty hundred-meter big fish that Wen Wen has seen before is like a small tadpole ...

A monster of this size is definitely not a true order creature, it should be a cataclysmic one!

Between the gods and gods ~ ~ More than a dozen big winged fishes flew down, all of them have six yellow orange eyes, each of which is more than ten meters long and placed on it The seat.

Wu Qing shouted, "Everyone, please put on the fish. In addition to the members of the Hunter Island headquarters, the demon hunters in other branches need to take six-eyed flying fish to enter the Hunter Island."

Wenwen jumped on the back of the flying fish, and found that the back of the fish was very dry, and there was a breeze blowing on the back of the fish. This fish should fly like this.

Twenty six-eyed flying fishes took everyone into the sky and flew out of the clouds. At this time, Wen Wen finally saw the whole picture of the huge whale and an island with mountains, water and forests above the whale.

The super-mighty people gave out a marvellous sound. This kind of horrifying creatures, which are doubtful of reality, no matter how many times they see them, it is enough to raise awe.

Because Wen Wen had already glimpsed the tip of this huge whale on the ground before, he looked slightly calmer than others.

The flying fish went straight to the back of the giant whale, and stopped on a mountain square. Wen Wen landed on the fish's back and stepped on it gently twice, without feeling any difference from the ground.

Then the giant whale shook and began to fly into the sea at a very fast speed.

Such a huge thing flew by, and it is said that it would have a great impact on the places passing by, but the citizens of Nimes did not notice anything wrong during the whole process, at most they just felt the breeze blowing.

It seems that this giant whale is not just big.

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